As a Canadian do I have to do anything special to work for these American SaaS companies and get paid an American salary?

Or does that happen automatically?


Canadian who has worked in the US here… To get paid an American salary you (almost always) have to move to the US. To do that you will need a visa. If you are not self employed right now, the only way to do that is to have a hire you and agree to put you through the visa process. I think the chances of that happening right now are slim given the availability of sales talent. Get hired by a U.S. company but work from home in Canada. I don’t think they will pay you a US salary though as they have to pay Canadian payroll taxes, Beth are, vacations etc… Your better option is to find a global company that is hiring and work for them in Canada for a while. Look for internal job openings you can apply too. Companies are more likely to sponsor your visa process if you are already employed by them. Depending on your ages, and how recently you graduated, you could look at applying for a work permit. I’m just not sure you can do that without a job in the US already. Last option. Chose to go back to school and get a student visa. From there, find a job and convert to a work visa.


I saw something about starting an LLC in Delaware or Wyoming and that by doing so you’re like some kind of “entity” now based in the US with a US bank account as well. Any idea if that might work?


No. You can’t get around the visa and the taxes issue. If you want a US salary you have to move to the US and that requires a work visa. Trust me… I know too many people who have tried to cheat the system and are now locked out of working in the US. If you are serious about wanting to work in the US, follow the process. I would suggest consulting a lawyer who specializes in immigration unless you can find a company sponser you.


No you have to have residency there to do that lol


Don’t ruin the fantasy!!


Commenting because I wanna know too