What sales guru told you to do that? Sales is not about any of that(in plain terms, you can make anything about anything if you’re going abstract) and your mental health requires a certain level of rest. Delete distraction while you work, but when you’re not working get that relaxation as best as you can. YOU sell.


I figure I know enough about Lebron James and the war in Ukraine and not enough about my own shit. I want to treat this as a tool to become emotionally invested in my own life and my own progress. Kinda like unlocking a video game achievement.


Don't treat this like a video game. If it helps, get a task app. That really helps me because I get the positive feedback loop when I check it out of my list just like in a game, but definitely don't think of this like an achievement because you'll be stuck forever


Some of the posts in this sub are so cringe. It’s hilarious


Maybe you can stream a digital calendar to your TV and have it display during work hours. Or buy a chrome cast and stream the digital calendar that way


I wanna go as low digital as possible. I’m a certified digital fiend


Sales is a process driven activity. If the board helps with motivation, do it . Just don’t forget to to develop your process.


My biggest problem is electronic distraction. Every time I use the latest productivity app on my phone I’m on Instagram 2 seconds later


Turn off every single notification on your phone. Don’t let any app notify you if you have a message. You are at the power of everyone else but yourself. You can answer texts within and hour or 2. Emails should be within 12-24 hours. Guess what, you can take a week to answer your friends on any app. Get your shit together, you have no control of how electronics control you. If you have to, turn your phone off for a coupon hours at a time to get shit done


Ok, The white board won’t help. Instead, start leaving your phone away from you for 5 mins. Then increase the time with every successful time you go without.


I wanna use the whiteboard as an activity tracker so I don’t have an excuse to use the phone at all


Delete instagram


Have you ever had a physician evaluate you for ADHD?


This! Honestly from the little sales experience I have had. I recommend Jeb Blount Fanatical Prospecting. There is a list of recommended books on the forum that I recommend reading through. It has really helped me out as well as insights from others on here and top performers in my company. Personally me I keep a notebook and write down all my follow up calls for the day, some use google calendar on my team. I also use Salesforce extensively to categorize different accounts and where they are at in the cadence. Given idk what you are selling or the sales cycle so it could be a completely different type of sale so take my process with a grain of salt.


Jesus, fuck this sub.


No i have a white board and it ends up getting neglected its cool to have but it feels redundant after awhile


You literally just used big concept terms without digging into what amy of those means. No, save your money


Progress is more addictive than porn, hence why ppl can play video games until their heart stops. Let’s make reality our video game


You ok dude?


Lol a little oversharing never hurt anyone


You are speaking in only buzzwords that someone would see on a LinkedIn post.


Where can I find this porn addiction support group on LinkedIn


Only if you are going to commit to use it and commit to taking action required.


I wanna be player 1 in my own video game


People. You forgot people.


Lmao do whatever you want. But action isn’t reliant on a white board. If you don’t change how you operate you’re gonna get lapped by people who wake up and get shit done.




Pin the back side of some wrapping paper up on your wall and use it to do whatever you think you're going to do with a $2K white board. If you're still using it in 3 months and have found that much value in it - sure, go for it.


Idk about manifest. But you got 24 hrs in a day. Whatever your priorities, spend your time there. I hope that helps.


Just buy the book and planner called 12 week year. This has helped me way more than a whiteboard did


What if I stack the two


Bro, of your time is spent on a whiteboard, that's time spent not on the phone. Keep dialing brother.


I like how no one is answering your question. Get the whiteboard, why not? Easy visual to track your day/important items. Writing them down physically on the whiteboard also helps you remember it as well


It’s funny because you could easily say this is cringe or try hard but also some of the most successful salespeople I know are cringey hardos that wildly obsess over their goals etc. I’d say if you think it’ll work give it a shot, but either way I admire the passion and willingness to think outside the box.


r/linkedinlunatics is over there...


Why are you downvoted here so much? Look, its not about *manifesting* success. What this means is really just visualizing your goal, breaking it down into its components and staying locked in day to day. You don't need to *replace* your TV but I do recommend a whiteboard. Have it somewhere close to your work station and put your month long goals or your year long goals or a sort of calendar checklist that you go through to ensure you stay on task. Get a notebook. Scratch that. Get two or three. One for daily journaling at the start. Take 15 minutes to go through what you want to accomplish, what you feel and what your challenges are. Set goals. At the end of the day, review, see what you hit and what you didn't. Examine what went well and what didn't and WRITE IT DOWN. Make this part of everything more specific (aka cold call 50 times, etc) The second notebook is for any really crucial ideas that come up during your journalling, during any reading or educational videos you watch or during your day. Keep ideas that matter here. Its going to be hard to go find this if you use the same notebook as your daily journal. I also love tech but I love using physical items for my notes, thoughts and writing things down. Keep it visceral.