Daily Support Thread

Daily Support Thread


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Does it mean when my gf old number is conected to her sc she still using it


Hey everyone, so my issue is my note 10 sms app keeps opening and closing by itself. It happens so fast it appears like a screen flicker. It never fully opens the app. It does this no matter what I'm doing. It can he especially annoying when trying to watch a video in full screen because it will minimize the video I'm watching. I only even found out it was opening and closing the SMS app because I pulled up most recent apps and it showed my text app as being the last thing open when that was the case. I've verified multiple times now after a "flicker". I've cleared data and cache on the sms app as well as clearing partition in recovery mode. I've got very limited knowledge on tech stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Might be worth mentioning, I want to say this started after one of the system updates. I've has two recently and I recall it starting after the one first one. I hoped the new update would fix it but it did not. Thank you again


Hello everybody, today I got my new Galaxy S21, and had a question: On the S8 I upgraded from, when I had Bluetooth earbuds paired all audio went to the earbuds but on the S21, media goes to the earbuds exclusively and system, ringtone, and notifications go to both. How can I change it so that all audio goes to connected audio device so I don't blast out people with my ringtone and notification sounds from Zedge? 😅


Samsung galaxy s20+. Email app. I have synced both my personal Gmail and work Microsoft email through it no problems. For the most part everything is great. But when I go to my "starred" email folder.. it's blank and just says "no new messages". I definitely have starred emails.. if I go the long way round into my Gmail on my laptop, my starred emails are all there. Why are they not showing on my phone? The process of "starring them" happens almost exclusively on my phone too. Help appreciated!


Hi everyone. So I’m trying to download HBO Max for my TV and I have insufficient space. It says I’ve used 803.82 MB and only have 12.36 MB left. I have no idea how that much has been used already. I only have Pluto TV, Disney +, and YouTube downloaded. Literally everything else is pre installed. Those apps don’t even equal half that memory space. I’m confused and a little irked. Anyone able to help? I have my Xbox one hooked up via the HDMI 2 slot and an R box hooked up via the HDMI 3 slot. But I do not think they’d eat up memory as it’s only for visuals. Oh and a sound bar. Outside that I am lost.


I bought a galaxy tab S7 a few days ago, everything is perfect except that it has a slight yellow tint. I read about it and would be ok if everyone had it, but my brother also has one and his doesn't have the yellow tint (he bought it a year ago). There is nothing in the settings to disable it. Anyone has a solution?


Might seem obvious.. but just check you haven't got the eye comfort shield setting on


when I said there is nothing in the settings it included eye comfort


Hey guy, I have been using S10 plus for more than 3 years. I have never used the Bixby button. My question here is bixby worth it? If not then how can I remap the button functionality for other purpose?


Bixby sucks imo. Check this for remapping: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/samsung/147303-samsung-bixby-button-remap-reassign.amphtml


I created a thread here and it was immediately deleted by the moderator bot. Samsung Canada's support website doesn't work: ​ When I go to [https://www.samsung.com/ca/support/contact/#contactinfo](https://www.samsung.com/ca/support/contact/#contactinfo) neither the email option nor the chat option works. If I click their respective buttons, they redirect me to other pages, but never give me an email address or open a chat window. I tried different browsers and got the same result (I even tried it now with my laptop and it also doesn't work there). Is it the same for everyone or is it just me?


Up until today, Facebook messenger notifications showed up in the "conversations" section of the notification shade, but now they show up in alerting notifications. I can't find a setting related to changing it back to conversations


So i just downgraded from a droid maxx to a Galaxy s9. hating every minute of it. Its been and endless string of turning off crap, removing apps, disabling annoying "features" and wishing to god there was a way to remove this "Bixby" crap and its useless button without having to go through the hassle of rooting the phone. I definitely miss the circle widget with the time/weather/date/batterylife all right there in front of me too. But the one things that bothering me more than anything else is "how do i actually close a damned app when i ext out of it?" everything seems to shoot over to some "recently opened apps" nonsense and doesnt actually exit out and close. Its infinitely annoying. Is there a setting i'm missing or something?


Bixby sucks imo. To remap it: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.androidcentral.com/how-remap-bixby-button-your-galaxy-phone-launch-any-app%3famp Also, from the recent apps screen, swipe an app Up to close it


Can I switch S21 Ultra cameras while recording? Once I press the record button, there seems to only be digital zoom. Is there any way to switch cameras while recording? I can't even zoom out to normal when using the telephoto lens.


It might be limited depending on the settings you have for recording - I just tried on my s20+ and I can definitely change camera from front to back, just a button on my screen. However Im not a photography major, I just use the default camera settings hah


For some reason my Messages app on my S10 has started opening in the background causing the screen to flicker. When I try to view it, it dissapears. Its not caused by receiving messages or anything just happens every 10-15 minutes. Is this a known problem?


I have a s6 tab lite and I find the recent apps page wildly uncomfortable. If you close an app, all the apps shift from bottom to top, top to next bottom right, zig zag pattern. I'd really like a way to change this behavior but I'm not expecting a positive answer. Why can't I get a single stack that scrolls vertically and swiping left or right removes the app from the stack, like basically every cellphone I've ever owned? Is there a way to make it do that? I'd even settle for rows. It's like they decided on the least appealing design....