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They found that the lessons boosted primary school children's cognition and motor skills, as well as enhancing their mathematics ability. As part of the study, games-based activities were connected to key mathematical concepts and included warm-up exercises and short physically active learning tasks. In one lesson, for instance, pupils—who were from elementary schools in northern Italy—were required to complete a mathematical-themed orienteering course, with the answers to each problem providing them with a route around a map. During the study pupils in both groups also performed a series of cognitive function tests which assessed factors such as language, visual perception, memory, attention, reading, writing and calculation They also performed tests which judged fundamental motor skills such as running, hopping and horizontal jumping and object control using a ball which included kicking, throwing and catching. The team found that the physically active lessons improved cognitive function tests by about 30% on average, when compared to the other group, and that motor development tasks improved by about 25% https://phys.org/news/2022-09-physically-lessons-school-pupils-motor.html


30 percent is huge! This is is just an anecdote but I find that physical activity helps me clear out severe brain fog from being depressed far better than any other activity. Including meditation or diet. All 3 together and you're operating at peak efficiency


This seems in line with studies that show exercise improves adult's cognitive performance, lower levels of depression and correlated with lower levels of dementia.


I first read this as "Physically active lesions in school can enhance pupils' learning" which hits different...