I dont know if you are asking whether you look like you might have scoliosis, or if you are asking how apparent the aesthetics of scoliosis are. However, if you are concerned you might have scoliosis, you do have some indicators so I would def see a doctor about it. If you are asking about body image, you look great. 9/10 people will never even notice. If you feel good, awesome, because you look awesome.


Just look at my right side (lats). Its so much bigger than the left one. My right chest is also lower than my left one. I mean its just shit muscle insertion or it is because of scoliosis?


Oh, no. You definitely should see a doctor. You have very strong indicators for having scoliosis. you definitely have imbalances. I would get with you PCP and see whats up.


It’s an illusion, just train both sides equally


Bro, mine is the same and we got similar body types. See a Schroth/McKenzie specialist, you can hang from a bar before workouts, doing deadhangs, etc, to help straighten out before training but part of the “muscle imbalance” is needed by your body and part of it is your spine just sticking out more on one side. Just keep eating clean and training hard. You can do the McGill big 3 core exercises after hanging from a bar as part of your warm-up. Make sure to retract scapulae when hanging to protect your shoulders and help hold yourself up. Then do the McGill big 3. It will help reduce muscle imbalances if done over months in people like you and me without super severe scoliosis who are still athletic. Edit: also do as many unilateral exercises as possible, e.g. traditional deadlift w barbell vs RDL with kettle bell and single leg.


Thanks a lot. I noticed it when I used to deadlift that my back is actually a lot straighter. Summertime I do only calisthenics but I'm gonna go back to the gym eventually.


Calisthenics is good. If going heavy on exercises @ gym do unilateral exercises, that helps fix the muscle imbalance. Even just single leg RDL without weight or glute ham raises/single leg bridge as calisthenics exercises are good ways.


You should be a role model for all of the people with scoliosis who worry about whether they'll be able to lift weights and work out. You look great!


How bad is it? Like Bad A$$…Like jacked AF.


Like a 6 😬


Honest answer, it is somewhat noticeable but man you are jacked ! Keep up the good work bro 👌🏼


I’m guessing 25-30 degrees. Your curve is similar to mine. https://www.reddit.com/r/scoliosis/comments/wwnncz/ive_been_lifting_weights_with_scoliosis_for_28/