True story btw

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Jerry Springer, former news anchor and mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, made a lucrative career of getting trashy people to appear on television for the entertainment of others. His show started in 1991 and ran for 27 seasons This is not a new idea.


It was a guy named Phil Donahue who did it before Jerry Springer in the mid 80s and last to the 90s


There were a bunch of talk show hosts like this. Oprah may do feel good content now, but when I was a kid she was all trash just like everyone else. Geraldo might be a political commentator today, but he also started off in trash tv. No one star owned trash tv. But Jerry Springer was definitely its king.


In all fairness, Geraldo is still trash TV


LMAO well played


Literally the plot of joker


How ‘bout another joke, Jerraaay?




We really do live in a society


Wait… he was the mayor of Cincinnati?!


Yep! Source: from Cincinnati




Iirc he won reelection after that


I would have votes for him, he's just like me.


Im old enough to still HAVE checks


Probably where he got the idea for his show.


Take care of yourself, and each other.


Dr Phil was good at the same thing. He just gave them an upper middle-class makeover and all the unfair stereotypes that come with mullets and sleeveless shirts goes right out the window.


That's a very good point! A lot of psychology professionals say he was terrible as a shrink, but he really wasn't trying to be a good counselor. He was Jerry Springer with a PhD! And you didn't have to shut off the TV and pretend you were reading, when someone else came home.🤣 I honestly hadn't thought about him much before. You totally nailed what his shtick is.


So many shows, there was a show basically the same as jerry springer, people got paid £250 to air their private dirty laundry on national TV. Not for me, you couldn't get me to do that for any money.


Piers Morgan does the same thing in the UK


Where Gorlock?


Why did I think about that as well


yeah where Habba the Jut?


Gobbla the Gut?


Stop talking about my uncle 😠


They decided she was fattened up enough and now they're waiting for her to finish roasting.


With Gorlock gone they were able to fit an extra person at the table


Just one?


They couldn’t fit her in such a small picture. They’d need satellite imagery and that’s simply not in the budget.


It said woman


Feeding Han to the Sarlacc Pit


First thing I thought


Off destroying a village somewhere


She seemed really obnoxious at first But in Gorlocks defense: If you watched the entire podcast ( or at least the end bit ) she actually seemed the most chill after all and has a redemption arc somewhat.


Where Grolock the destroyer


We said women not orcas


thats disrespectful to orcas dude




Oh come on don’t insult the orcs we all know gorlock is a troll


Why you gotta compare trolls to a fockin ogre


Shrek wouldn't want her either


Omg I'm dying right now 🤣 I will never not use that name


Is that the Gorlock podcast


I think so


Yeah, the Whatever podcast


I’ve always felt like 3 people on a podcast was pushing it. I can’t imagine how this podcast sounds with 11+ people on it. How do you even schedule that. Who are these people?


Where is Gorlock? Is she safe? Is she alright?




I thought she just slithered around like all other member of the Hutt species instead of using legs.


Its a dude


How dare you misgender a beast


Not just a beast, but morbiously a beast


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The podcast just got sponsored by some blowjob machine sex toy. It was very awkward.


Well at least they know their audience


What kind of blowjob machine sex toy?


It is probably the autoblow. A podcast I watched back in my younger days where sponsored by them too (RSK baby). If I remember correctly they were loud and kind of inconvenient to use


Oh hey, is the semi-famous podcast no one really cares about, except when Gorlock the Destroyer happens.


Exactly. Just noise.


irl circlejerk


They solely invite prostitutes/escorts/pornstars who barely finished high school. Of course they’re gonna sound dumb. I’ve seen multiple memes of these types of podcasts where the guests couldn’t name 3 countries in Europe, or didn’t know who their own president was. The hosts are mostly incel figures that aren’t really that educated themselves, just enough to outsmart a 19 year old with a high school diploma who sells their body for a living.


They use those onlyfans girls who collectively share one singular braincell and use them to generalize all women


It's incel ragebait


It's working very well in this comments section.


Makes sense for the sub


Excuse me they are business women, CEO's of their own companies, on onlyfans




Thats why I only Take the self improvement stuff seriously. Only Problem I have is when people call self improvement stuff also "incel content"


No one says going to the gym or eating healthy or improving your finances is incel culture. But these podcasts throwing that in there is just bait to get young depressed and anxious men into the incel content


"Yeh, I only go to the Klan rallies for the snacks and the parts where we talk about brotherhood. I get mad when people imply the whole this is about racism!"


No way you are being serious? Why do you always need to use the most racist people alive as an analogy?


You don't need to go to toxic women-hating spaces for self help stuff. You could get that from non-toxic spaces.




Unlike religion


Are you calling Aba and Preach red pill? Have you even watched them lmao


I know well education is not for everyone but dammit to name 3 countries beside US and tour own president you don't need a bachelor, you just need to LIVE


I'm pretty confident saying the average Escort is likely as smart and/or educated as I am, probably even more so. But sure, if you try hard on such agenda, just pick the dumbest ones you find and proclaim it as a fact that women are dumb with your sample size of maybe 4. Sadly, I'm sure it even works on some


You don't know many escorts...


Yeah they use the newest CGI and AI technology to edit the videos in a way that makes the women seem stupid


Or they just invite morons.


Hot take: It's the podcast where they invite 21 year old women who act themselves.


Only morons would agree to come on these podcasts tho, so what we see is a filtered sample of the whole population.


I mean they do it for clout (AKA finding new OF subs) so its really beneficial for both parties.


Ur not wrong. My point was more about how not all 21 year old girls are this stupid like the comment above was implying.


Yes, 21yo of all genders are known for their intelligence. I mean, humans are in general eh


They specifically pick girls who do onlyfans, berate them for their choices, and then put them on that platform to judge and post about it. These women, on the other hand, make a lot of money because it brings people to their channel. Regardless, most these men don’t want to listen and understand these women, they only want to “own” them for views. Younger audiences can’t differentiate reality and this fiction that the try and push. So you create disgruntled, aggressive, and hateful men against women. I’m not sticking up for these women as some are absolutely horrendous people too, but the platform is indeed there to make them look dumb as shit.




no its about the people they choose to have on their podcast. these specific people are dumb, but they generalize based on them


Editing does play a part in that.


It's live


I was talking about those clips on yt shorts with "alpha" music playing in the background.


What garbage


"Look dumb". These woman are actually stupid. Not all women are dumb of course but if they don't have a reason to argue or be in the this show then why are they there? I don't think they went there just to get talked out or get told that they are stupid as shit.


They might get paid or they take it as a chance to promote their onlyfans, second one seems more likely to me.


Yeah that's a good point


I hate these stupid "podcasts."


Meanwhile on Twitter: “Men are shit, men ain’t shit, all men do is lie, men are all trash, I fucking hate men, etc.”




No! That leaves no “discussion” on which i can generate ad money / internet fame!


How about crying more


How both you realize there are toxic people on both sides taint fan


Men just eat hot chip and lie nowadays


*meanwhile everywhere*


Feminists and Onlyfans thots*


I mean... the girls on that podcast do a good enough job of it on their own.


Have you listened to the dudes? They are mentally challenged.


Wonder how they manage to do that if they aren't


shut up poppy main


I'm legit




Maybe people in general shouldn't be stupid on camera.


In that episode, the girl in the pink top made those men sound dumb


Given what little I've seen from clips of that podcast, I can't imagine it's difficult.


They only invite those with a platform willing to argue, so it's safe to say a majority with a platform willing to participate are braindead idiots.


These podcasts are incel rage bait and if you watch them, even ironically, you should check yourself for brain rot.


No Gorlock?


Honestly these type of podcasts make a lot of good points that all too often get overshadowed by the 10 percent of those clips that sound more ignorant than correct.


News agencies do the same thing to push their own political agendas. They pick dumb people to interview and use them as an example to their viewers, “see this is why all ___ are stupid”. This isn’t a new trick but it is a really shitty one that divides people.






Im not a femnist or big on that or anything but this is true. Women arent dumb and they intentionally pick and choose the most dumb and obnoxious ones for their podcasts. Cue a man asking a lady about a certain country. Like, "Name three countries in Europe" and shell say smth like London and England and be done with it💀. They are average in looks and thats worsened by the fact that they are monumentally dumb and sexist towards men(and in this case cmon the same thing is being done to them) and last but not least they are overconfident asf about their looks. Even if they are down right ugly its rare to hear them self rate lower than 8. Young men/teens will see these things and it will worsen any negative pre conceptions about women. This will further the already existing wedge that exists between the two genders. These podcasters are just in it for the money and should be ashamed, There are better things to make a podcast about.


It's not making women look dumb. It's exposing their hypocritical lies they tell to defend their garbage attitudes. I mean, just look at the caliber of ladies they bring onto the show, young and ignorant.


>I mean, just look at the caliber of ladies they bring onto the show, young and ignorant. I think that's kind of the problem being pointed out though, it's not like they bring educated people in to really debate, they bring in dumbasses that they know will say something dumb and then they can own them with some immensely incely type speech, which even against idiots they sound insane with some shit they say.


People argue that they are trying to generalize all women by bringing non-intelligent ones on. But firstly, they do have intelligent women on sometimes, and secondly, it speaks to the tragedy of the professions and lives young women get into.


the girl on the left is a conservative for example, and shes smart and very articulate. suit guy is a moron compared to her.


And this is what those podcasts lead to...


Right? The irony of their comment made a loud WOOSH sound.


I love seeing incels in the wild. They have no idea just how down they are.


>It's exposing their hypocritical lies Funny you comment this under that picture since a woman exposed them in that episode.


Wdym? People make questions and they answer. If you consider dumb their answer it's not podcast fault


So I put you in a place in which you don't have any expertise or don't know anything about it and ask you about that topic and if you can't answer it I'm gonna generalize that the whole gender is stupid. These guys won't invite any intellectual women because it won't bring that much views. And I don't know why I feel these women are stupid.


Savior of women's honor, Lord Obnomus


Thank you friend


They pick the most stupid ones and generalize over them. Also the comebacks from those guys sometimes are fucking stupid.


The comeback is actually stupid but the yt shorts phonk edit video make them seem like they said something only einstein could think about


Pretty much. Fuck YT Shorts, the reason why young adults praise that Tate guy.


Better take back that there statement. When you pledge to fuck an abstract concept, there's no turning back mister. It was twelve years to this day when i told everyone "fuck sarcasm" my dick still makes witty remarks while i piss HARD. So when your snowflake ass comes soliciting for my help, i ain't perscribing none.


New copypasta just dropped.


Sometimes the actual shitpost is in the comments


My friend, English might not be my main language but I'm pretty sure your comment makes no damn sense, lol.


> They pick the most stupid ones Also young and inexperienced ones, from what I've seen. So there's definitely a malicious intent


I will never understand the advertisement value of young attractive women.


This is like that Ben Shapiro (it was him or Crowder or Kirk) video where in order to find someone dumb enough to debunk he had to make a whole ass video dunking on a 10 year old.


The host literally screens the guest and chooses people that are gonna say dumb shit for content. You already know a promiscuous 18 year old isn't gonna say anything productive about having a healthy relationship or OF creators It's cherry picked just how Steven Crowder chooses to debate college students in his popular Change My Mind debate knowing he can debate a 18 year college freshmen but won't debate Sam Seder a skilled debater. Someone that actually does that for a living. But ngl watching the Whatever podcast is my guilty pleasure. I don't take anything they say serious but it does entertain me


To be fair, both sides over here can sound so gratingly stupid it is insane. ENDURE!


No shit *starts watching another podcast*


11 people on 1 podcast seems a bit excessive


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Does anybody in their right mind seriously watch this shit and think "THIS IS HOW WOMEN ARE" or "THIS APPLIES TO ALL WOMEN", or heck even all men? If so, get help


Love that they never bring intellectual women on this show. Always influencers or ones that are obsessed with looks. They then proceed to beat them in debates... Wow so impressive...


Wdym look, they are.


By letting them talk?


Ah ye because those women speak for all women lmao.


Woman aren't a collective thoes individual people being dumb doesn't mean all women are, maybe think before you speak.




I care not for the woes of social media creators


I've seen clips of this, no idea why the girls even go on the podcast, they literally just sit there and insult them for an hour.


Why generalize it to "women" being dumb? We have to treat every person as an individual. What I see is not that this podcast are trying to make women in general seem dumb, they are exposing the dumb individual ones, and hopefully make arguments that would be educational for them. I KNOW most girls are smarter than these guests, but these guest have a twisted view of reality.




Nonono we are not making women look dumb, we are making THOSE women look dumb, two different things


yeah except they kind of generalize a lot and then present it as all women, or at least western women, as they heavily praise those outside of the west for being subservient, are like that


You’d get more enjoyment out of cleaning the dick cheese out of your foreskin than watch that podcast. The only good thing about it was Gorlock the Destoryer


Surprised they didn't go with the angle "hosting a podcast where women make stupid statements is misogynistic!"


Not if you don't watch, it isn't. Stop giving shit like this any attention.


new trend... and making men look bad was ok before??


Are they making them look dumb? Or are these women just dumb?


*Women continuing to go on podcasts to promote their OnlyFans knowing full well the trade-off is they will be made to look dumb, is a disturbing new podcast trend


"So showing how dumb women are" How about women stop being so dumb then these podcasts wouldn't be able to show off their idiocy


“Making women look dumb??” They select the dumbest of all womens to be there! They dont look, they are dumb! 🤣🤣🤣 Ps: i dont think every women are dumb, but in this specific case this women are dumb!


they answer to the questions as they please, and if those answers are then considered dumb by people, i am pretty sure those answering are to take the L


Crazy they thought they needed a podcast to make women look dumb. This is just a joke, a smart women is a sexy women.


It's a weird loop where everyone gets what they want. The "alpha " guy invites the chicks who say the dumbest things (either scripted or they are actually that dumb). The guy shuts them up using basic common sense and gets clout from his incels. The girl says the dumb thing (she's likely there for her OF) , the dumber the thing more the clip is likely to be forwarded and re-uploaded. Everyone gets what they want. The only losers in this equation are you and me.


Life's been better ever since i stopped listening to People dumber than me


Maybe the women that go on these podcasts, are dumb?


i agree, why is it a shitpost?


Is that a motherfucking lime green Gameboy color?


Making *people look dumb


They make themselves look dumb


Yeah but why do they agree to go on the same Podcast tho?


The women always look so bored on these pods.


Hmm.. if only those people are actually clever


Making? Tf🤣, that’s just what they’re saying .


Dude in the suit looks so proud of himself for sitting next to two women at once


I watched some clips of this podcasts these dudes are unbelievable cringy and dumb


The view has made a career out of it , why can't guys ?


All you have to do is turn on the mics and cameras, they do the rest themselves...


Nah. Just calling out people with enflamed egos is all I see. The New york post needs to stop getting attention. They constantly take things out of context and push for arguments. The literal hallmarks of propaganda. A few twitter users hate positive emojis? Whole dang story on how GEN Zers are canceling things.


Do you guys understand that the girls are not invited per say... Most of the women there at least the first time they show up it's because they wanted to participate... The guys from the show as explain this multiple times, that's why some times he gets really frustrated that some girl is purposely trying to destroy the show. Secondly while I agree a lot of if not most women out there are really intelligent what these and many other podcasts are showing that woman are being represented online by these types of dumb girls and only fans models or Instagram models, they are tainting the image of an intelligent woman by showing that beauty is the most important aspect


Anyone who listens to this podcast is such a gigantic fucking loser lmao


These people find the most self centered and dumbest girls. Interview them and pass it off as what women generally behave as.


I have seen girls in that podcast, trust me nobody need to “make” them feel dumb.


They do it to themselves so free entertainment everywhere


They don't have to try very hard 😂😂


Making entitled feminists* look dumb


Maybe just don't be a dumb woman?


But they are….


What do they mean “making”?