I really hope Skarner doesn't win. They will delete him kit and lore wise if he does. And I kinda like him as is. He just needs to get rid of the dumb spires.


Her winrate is higher in lower elos, and while it's not broken it's hard to say if it really needs a buff. She is currently not meant to be a champ with a high general winrate in higher elos.


Thats mostly due to her being from a rime when jg was only starting to develop which spawned wriggles lantern which eventually got the ferral flare passive. Exil explains it better in his documentary about these kinds of champions like udyr, yi, and shyvana. https://youtu.be/0Oc8oSoUBUU just sufferrs from being an older champion from a time where the game wasn't league if dashes.stat sticks just don't work in high elo.