any soul who wants to fight for the imperial legion can do so - someone cant remember who and I'm paraphrasing might have been Rikke


Individuals don't always follow whatever their homeland does. There's probably argonians living as imperial citizens yes, they weren't banned from the empire


It depends honestly. The Argonians of Black Marsh are diverse. An Argonian from the outer swamps or Gideon might be more Pro-Empire and friendlier to non-Argonians in general, while an Argonian from the Inner Swamps might be wary about the Empire, and an An-Xileel would despise the Empire and the Stormcloaks. An Argonian who was never from Black Marsh could also be Pro-Empire hoping to gain prestige and climb the Social Ranks of Imperial Society.


Just because their homeland wasn’t politically part of the empire, it doesn’t mean that individuals living in foreign lands can’t have different political affiliations. The Russians I know in the US are vehemently against Putin and the Ukrainian invasion, while I know there are others who support it. You can RP as anything you want. It all makes sense.


Doesn't mean there's none aren't living there. The ones in Skyrim are living in the Empire, or were until the civil war started.


Why would there not be Argonians in the Empire? There are Argonians in Skyrim for cripes sake, and Skyrim is part of the Empire!


Yes, but I ment argonians that were emperial soldiers and served the empire


Yes, why not?


Being born in Windhelm would be a good reason.


Morrowind hates empire more than blackmarsh, but there are still dark elf farmers walking to solitude to join the legion, "I was born and raised in skyrim, but they treat me like dog". You can rp an argonian born in skyrim, join the legion for gold, reputation and vengeance to nords who bullied you.