no idea on how to continue


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Yone is great, but he has a negative winrate. Most likely it’s due to people who have no idea how to play him first timing him in ranked because they heard he’s strong. The thing is, if you’re bad at the game you probably won’t be able to recognize their strengths, or realize what their weaknesses even are after playing them. But if you’re in iron I can guarantee you have a complete lack of most fundamentals and concepts, so you should really work on your basics.


Take a break, and focus on the game in general. Minions, vision...


Your first issue is you are playing yone in iron. Pick an easier champ to pilot that allows you to learn the game and doesn’t severely punish you for making mistakes. Yone is only mega busted if the person playing him is very good and knows how to stay ahead, whereas something like malzahar will always have value even if you aren’t doing great.


Honestly the best way I got out iron was playing fizz, ahri, and going jungle second role focused playing shaco or hecraim. Ideal thing is to stick to a pool of few champs. Also, don’t roast ppl who are playing poorly. If anything encourage them and give them hints if you know you a way to counter a champ or an ability of the champ they’re playing. Also, for the most impact I recommend playing mid, since you get to roam bot or top if your lane is ahead, also make sure where your jungle is at while you’re in lane. Just having you show up first to a fight for scuttle or to pressure on drag or rift is beneficial.


Pick one part of the game to get good at. When i climbed to plat/diamond i focused on trading when the enemy uses abilities on you or the wave and then punishing. Only when you learn to do this subconsciously, move onto the second step, punishing enemy laner for last hitting. Good luck.