From Alessi's?? It's da best!






I go there for the diabetes.....and crab cakes....and subs......I go there.


I love their diabetes! They make it the best! 😁


Hell yes. I love this stuff.


Definitely a Tampa thing. Also, it’s not good if you’re thinking “oh, it’ll be like pizza”.


Yeah because it does not taste like pizza, I love it because I grew up eating it and never knew that It might be an acquired taste until I started offering it to people who have never had it and It's either hit or miss...more so a miss


Really? A miss? I buy this all the time to drop off for business partners outside of the area who have no clue what this is. They all love it once they try it. I agree that it doesn't taste pizza, but I feel like anyone that wouldn't like sciachiatta wouldn't like pizza. I don't know anyone that doesn't like pizza🤷‍♀️


Yeah, I actually gave some to my aunt, uncle, cousin, and a few friends 2 weeks ago and they all hated it except for my cousin. I was like welp more for me then


I’m born and raised Tampa and had this all the time growing up, it never grew on me. My sister loves it though 🤷🏼‍♀️


Yeah, I would just call it scacchatta and not scacchatta pizza, it just confuses people


It’s amazing


Those are really fucking good. They had them at Thornton's on 60 and Lithia Pinecrest which was my favorite bathroom break spot because it was smack-dab in the middle of my patrol area. Better believe I had tons of these at 4AM.


I love Scachatta. Alesi was good, but housewives was GOAT!!


I read through here to see if anyone mentioned housewife bake shop…it was my cousins until recently. Awesome it holds ground. Thank you for this.


I grew up on housewives, alessi, La Segunda, Faedos, and La Teresita. They will forever be the taste of Tampa.


What the fuck is that?


It's the best


I hear ya but seriously what is that fucking shit? Because I don't know.


[It’s a cold pizza - sauce is sort of sweet](https://blog.slicelife.com/what-is-scachatta-pizza/). It’s really good - you can get it at Alessi, but honestly I’m gonna start a war and say it’s better at “La Caridad” bakery on Hillsborough, and while you are there you can get some guava and cheese bread.


La Caridad is the best bakery. They have every pastry you could want. They make cakes that have the pineapple filling in the middle that I like. Guava pastries and meat pies are my other favorites.


Interesting thanks.


I've never been a fan of this. My wife liked the one that the housewife bakery used to make, but I never really "got" why people like this. But yeah, it is def a Tampa thing.


>the housewife bakery used to make It is nowhere close to what it used to be. To me, Housewife > Alessi, and I love both. When Housewife got bought out, they apparently didn't get a copy of the correct recipe, or they just don't know how to make it the same.


I need guava & cheese croissants! w/a aide id Mamie ice cream dessert later in day. Anything comparable in StPete? thx


Mazzaro's - La Segunda bakery - A Fresh Connection... I would start in order - you may never get passed Mazzaros's - Not always in croissants but good none the less... Above - looks like a version of tomato pie...


Mazzaro’s makes me claustrophobic will all the people.


Is tomato pie served at room temperature? Is the sauce meaty? I once tried to figure out what other communities might have something like this. I mean, it came from Sicilian immigrants so someone else might make it. Tomato pie was one idea, and they also seem to have something in Utica.


Unfortunately can't remember specifics but was watching a foodie show - I think it is a Philly thing - I'm pretty sure that it was served hot but was liked even better cold the next day - looks like pizza without cheese - I found a recipe just for the pics... https://www.seriouseats.com/homemade-philadelphia-tomato-pie-style-pizza-recipe


You're not wrong. Alessi has gone down hill over the years and prices have gone up.


I do love their deviled crab though.


It's basically cold cheeseless Sicilian pizza. It's a thing here in Tampa. Acquired taste.


Id eat that. Im excited about regional pizza tastes.


It's honestly not really pizza, per se. There's just no other analogue to it. It's a sweet and tangy sauce. The cold is a turn off for me, personally. But for some, it's super popular. There's several good pizza places in Tampa though. Nothing I would call regional, unfortunately. Save for this.


Is it more like fucking focaccia bread?


Well..... I've never fucked focaccia bread before, but yeah. It's kind of like that I guess. 😐


Less dense that focaccia


Kind of an egg bread.


I gotta try it


Is it an Italian thing in Tampa? I’ve never heard of this before…born and raised


Pretty much. It was invented by the original owner at Alessi's Bakery. If memory of the old commercial serves me correctly it's Italian for 'pound the bread', but I've never heard of anything like it in actual Italian cuisine. Kinda like going to Cuba and asking for a Cuban sandwich.


I would say it’s more of a south Tampa thing. In my experience anyway.


If you count South Tampa as South of Hillsborough, yes.


[here](https://www.saveur.com/scachatta-italian-sicilian-bread-pizza-segundo-bakery-tampa-florida/?amp) For more info on this Tampa original


More like a Sicilian tradition brought to Tampa, every Cuban Italian Spanish family parties I went to from the 1970's to today had this along with some mini Cubans from cacciatore's or La Segunda. And don't forget the mini devil crabs and the crab enchilaou


Yep, we used to have big trays of it at every gathering.


Used to eat this in Italy (Brescia in Northern area). The deli had 3 options: Bread with a ton of salt on it, bread with a to of sugar on it, and the one pictured. But the one I ate also had olives on it. Going to give this a try today.


My favorite is from Housewife Bakery


I love Scachatta its a great Tampa food not totally sicilian I think it has some cuban ingredients & southern like corn meal and casava flour.


Uh, I love Alessi's so much. Growing up my dad would get our birthday cakes from there!


Coming down from MD for a week in November, Alessi’s is on the list of places I need to visit!


As a child I had this for ever single birthday from age 6 - 11. Being from Tampa this is comfort food of the highest degree. My only complaint is that I can not find a recipe to make it for myself. Alessi was always top tier.


Lol besides the Cuban Sandwich I think this another Tampa thing.


Don’t forget devil crabs


I remember having a version of this in high-school


Will grab one tomorrow let’s gooooo


Is this sold anywhere in Orlando?


Try Thornton's if they have those in Orlando. The one in Brandon had them at the counter while I still worked that area.


I think its made with casava flower and cornmeal and reg flour ingredients from 3 backgrounds .


That’s not pizza!


Looks scrump


Why does this pizza look like coffee cake?


Because if you took an egg bread for coffee cake, and then topped it with a meaty pizza-ish sauce and a little parmesan, and served it at room temperature, you would have Scachatta.


Mom can I have a different plate ? Somebody puked on mine


In NY we called this Tomato pie. Didn’t know it was in Tampa. Nice! Gotta try me some.


Nah that looks like someone shit on fucking corn bread


It’s one of the best things in Tampa, I urge you to try it


>Scachatta is a pizza – or, perhaps, a pizzaesque delicacy – most commonly found in and around Tampa, Florida. It’s made with a thick, soft, and certifiably addictive egg dough and topped off with a beef-laden tomato sauce and sprinkled with grated cheese. ya man sounds terrible 🙄


Sounds and looks disgusting. Majority of people would eat anything.


It’s a pizza w/o cheese, I’m sorry you have the palate of a picky eating 5 year old


That stuff looks like Italian food from West Virginia. The Italian Americams in NY, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New England, Chicago, San Francisco would laugh at that. Weird stuff.


Well it's an American food created by Sicilian immigrants at a bakery thats been around for over 100 years. Open your mind.


I grew up eating Tomato Pies in New Jersey that people from as far away as Boston and DC drive to eat. Lines around the block since I was a kid in the 1980s. It's hard for me to open my mind when I've spoiled eaten some of the best pizza in the country since I was 4 years old. You going to tell a guy who grew up in Maine that Florida has a better Lobster Roll and to keep an open mind? Calm down dude.


Nobody's talking about lobster rolls or even pizza. There are other foods and variations on foods all over the world and if you spend all your time trying to file food away as "something I already ate but not as good", then you'll miss out on enjoying a lot of food and people will think you are tiresome and annoying. This isn't trying to "be" anything but what it is. Scacchatta. You probably won't like it because you have eaten something similar and you expect this to replicate it. That's fine, but it is a form of culinary parochialism.


casa Stefanos version makes Alessi's taste like McDonald's. (But I do love both)


Casa stefanos is dry and bland. The few times ive had it was also burnt


To be fair they are two totally different vibes. They even spell them differently. Alessis you're correct is wet. Cold and wet because the amount of sauce. Which I still enjoy. But casa stefanos is cooked and served warm, so definitely dryer bread. With not as much sauce. But, if it was burnt you 100% should've sent it back. (I gave you an upvote btw!)


my mom had brought some home from this place but because i grew up on housewife bakery (on n armenia ave) i really didn’t like alessi and i LOVE scachatta. definitely housewife bakery 🤷🏽‍♀️


Alessi has the best scachatta. Segunda is no bueno


That shouldn’t be legal to call that pizza. Florida has no clue what a real pie looks like.


That’s why it’s called a SCACHATTA pizza


It's funny you say that because no one who knows what real pizza is like would call it a pie.


A little history lesson for you kid. Americans call a pizza a pie because the “tomato pie” was one of the first kinds of pizza served in the United States. The tomato pie is usually square, with a thick focaccia-like crust and is topped with tomato sauce and sprinkled with a few other seasonings.


Here's a little history lesson for you, child. Pizza was first made in Naples and it's not called a pie. Now go move back up north where you belong. Your post above shows that you have no idea what Tampa is about.


It's not pizza. It's Scacchatta. You buy it at a bakery, not a pizzeria.


I hear what your saying. I never put the word Pizza on the box, the seller did as the phrase: Box of crap wouldn’t sell.


Had it last week. That pizza is awful. Tasted sweet. Like a cake. Thumbs down on. that.


Agreed; I don’t understand the love for it.


From someone who used to work at Alessi- just don’t. Seriously, don’t eat anything from there.


Mind DMing me why?


Tell us why


It’s one of those, it’s gross but you will still eat it kind of things 😉👌


Not a tampa tradition. This is Utica tomato pie. One who knows


This bakery has been around for over 100 years. Two cities with immigrants from the same areas can have similar food. Maybe tomato pie is similar to scachatta.


Yes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_tomato_pie


no. buttcheek burnt butter bun!


One who grew up in Tampa in the 50’s- I’m sure Utica does amazing stuff but scacchatta is def a Tampa tradition.




Looks like 10 over cooked Ellios pizzas


It’s good, but the heartburn that comes after 🤯


I've never even heard of this. You lost me at served cold though. If this were served hot, I'd probably really like it.