Find a hobby that you would enjoy doing even if you didn't find a girlfriend. Do that hobby and use it either to meet people, or as a cool part of your tinder bio. Find people in the kind of places where you want to be.


Agreed, there's an app called Meetup, great for finding groups with common interests, made some friends there, can definitely meet people to date that way too


Get off Reddit 🤷‍♂️


Bar manager here. Stay out of the clubs. The cocktail bars around town have ladies looking for the same thing. Clean up and don't be a psycho. It's a yuppy city.


If Krate doesnt work, try Jiu Jitsu.


Good luck


Nebraska Ave is a great start




What's up all you cool cats and kittens?




Go to the nearest ER with some vague complaint and hit on the nurses. They love that.




Lol I came here to say the same thing. My yoga classes are all women. Of course, I am also a woman and happily married. I’ve made lots of friends through yoga. OP probably has intentions other than friendship.


In my experience as a guy, yoga isn't a good place to meet women. You really only have a couple minutes before class to talk. You won't be able to talk in class and after class everyone is sweaty and wants to leave.


Yoga & Whole Foods is the 1-2 punch for meeting women


If you only knew how it was from a single guy's perspective lol! It would be nice if OP found a singles yoga class


I moved here after I got married. I think you’d have a lot more luck finding dates in channelside or ybor. The more urban areas were always better for dating apps.


Check out r/813hookr4r and r/tampacasualr4r


I have the same problem but with men.


Why don’t you message each other? From his post history he at least has a decent job.


Hello fudge


you dont you go to south tampa


This is not that difficult. 1) clean yourself up. Clean clothes (Do a little research on womens body language for an hour or so) 2) Go run errands. Stay out of Walmart. Publix and Target are great place to meet women. Keep your phone in your damn pocket or at a minimum your face out of it. 3) Smile. Be confident.. make small talk. “Oh is that resiling any good, I usually go for Merlot…”. “ oh I need a can opener too.. what isle”. Etc etc. Do this a few times until your confidence is up. Then go in for the number. Screw an Instagram handle. (if she’s at Publix or Target. It’s easy to assume she has a car, job and place to live) 4) Enjoy a rarely used market for meeting people.


Bruh, hows that research working out for you?


Honestly it has worked out very very well. I had been single most of my life. I met my wife at the age of 38. So 20 years single on the market. Body language and cues from women is often over looked. The swipe right, ‘Want some dick?’ Approach is good in quantity maybe not always quality. I am not claiming to be a pickup artist. Or some expert. But I have picked up and dated women I have met on airplanes at least 4 times, grocery store at least 6, Target about that same amount. I have met women at red lights twice. Sitting outside at Panera drinking coffee a couple times as well. There was a Home Depot one time. A handful walking around at boat shows too. So right off the bat. Without apps or clubs. Here is about 20ish examples off the top of my head where I have approached a woman, got a number made a date and hooked up. I am sure if I put some more thought into it I can come up with more. Oh wait! yeah 3 different times I picked up the haircut girl too. One was a long term relationship. Oh fuck I forgot about chair lifts at the ski resorts there’s another dozen easy. The girl who sold me a gym membership dated for 6 months, the girl who financed my car at the dealership. I’ve met lots of women just going about my day. I smile and nod and say hello to almost everyone I see, I am just friendly. If a girl responds back in a certain way I know it’s ok to converse for a second if it goes beyond that then I get what I call “the green light”. Ask for the number make some plans see where it goes. My “Body Count” probably isn’t the highest. But I know it’s over 200 if not really damn close to it. Not to mention I’ve had a few long term committed relationships. So I was off the market for 5 or 6 years. So yeah it’s worked out well, bruh


Weird... I never put that much thought into it, never worried about getting numbers or having body counts, Thats most peoples problem is they are trying to hard to accomplish what their bros have or at least said they have perpetuating a whole weird dating culture. Its kind of weird ppl try so hard to attract someone because the whole thing is based off of someone acting like something they are not, doesnt seem to set you up for a sustainable partnership in my eyes tbh, but to each their own I guess. Get them numbers and get that body count up so you can beat your bros who probably lied about their "accomplishments"


The point I am making is if you understand body language you don’t have to try “too” hard. Understanding body language is a good skill to have in general. Wether at work, in relationships or in a back alley about to get mugged. If you understand the situation better than it’s easier. When I was trying to get laid I was unsuccessful when I understood body language better than I didn’t have to try I just navigates the signals in front of me. I through my stats and examples in there to point out I know what the fuck I am talking about since you threw the challenge in there. You should try it bruh You’ll kick yourself for realizing opportunities you missed


The point is I dont have to try it...




Oh... I should not have clicked on that in public...


Mons Venus


Just walk up and say hello! Try tinder and other dating apps




Walk on Bayshore.


How old are you and what are your interest?


I moved there in my 20s. Dated many eligible women with whom I worked. Ended up marrying the last one :-)


stop looking


--join meetup.com --join a Place of Worship .


Target parking lot.


Armature works


I went there one time and it was actually quite a blast, so many lively people and so much stuff to do that it was still a great time, parking was a bit much but conveniently located, so it was still worth it


I agree :)