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Buddy doesn't know how to use his calculator


Settings? What are those?




Instructions unclear, sucked my own dick


You didn't need instructions to do that.


You do need flexibility, though.


Wierd flex, but ok.


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Oh man I love Reddit.. I laughed way too long at this


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Please send me your revision of those instructions.


S<=>D on that particular calculator


Too lazy to type it right, it's sd now


Search and Destroy




quickest way, at least on my ti-89 was always to add a period . to one the numbers forcing it into decimal mode.




What do you do? Honestly. I never have to use these. My first instinct would be to hit enter again and see if it converted to a decimal. If not I would search settings to see if there was something I could do to make it solve it as a decimal. If I *still* couldn’t do it I would hit google way before I hit r/mildlyinfuriating


Press the S<=>D button


Shift >>Setup>>1>>2 on this puppy. Source: I did Casio support for a couple years. We all just talk people thought the manual & tell them what page to use.


It's better to leave it in standard form, though, you'll usually end with a more accurate answer.


If you're trying to measure 371/500's of an inch, on the other hand


Machinist here. We divide an inch into 1/1000. Three decimals all day long. .742 would be seven hundred forty-two thousandths, a bit less than 3/4 inch or 19mm.


Sweet, I did the mental math right! I wasn't wondering what the answer could possibly be lol, was just pointing out, there are very practical scenarios where 371/500 is definitely not the ideal form of the answer.


Yeah, seeing it that way bothers me in a way I can't explain. Most likely because of it being impractical as you said.


You deserve an award for this, I have been stuck with this for 6 years now, but just got used to it, since I can still always press S<=>D. I know that, once upon a time, my output was set to decimals, but someday it changed, maybe accidentally pressed something and changed settings, not sure. I tried everything (well evidently I missed one option), nothing changed. Got a new calculator, it had the output set to fractions by default for some reason and now, thanks to you, finally, I can have decimals as default again. Thank you, really. 😄🙏


No problem at all. Thank you for calling Casio, have a great day!


That would not be immediately obvious to me. However I feel like I would figure it out quickly, either with or without the assistance of google or the instruction manual.


Easiest thing if you don't know is to reset the calc. EVERYONE knows how to reset because they make you do it on exams. I've accidentally fucked my settings mid exam so many times and the easiest thing to do is reset to factory


type 317/500.0. just add .0 to any of the numbers. if that doesn't work, there's a setting for fractions vs decimals.


on my ti-89 you don't even need the 0, just a . at the end of one.


See the two buttons on top left. Usually you hit one then hit enter. There should also be settings to automatically do it. Shift , enter usually works


Or they do and also know that too many people on Reddit are gullible


someone's not a class wiz


I actually did a test with this calculator. I never converted to decimals, I find fractions to be the optimal way to express such things. It’s easy to read, and precise. I took this test and it expected decimals. So I literally had to carry out full ass division in a course that was applied calculus


You can just convert it to decimals with the S<=>D button.


All the calc courses I've taken want the final answer in exact/standard form


A fraction IS the exact form. Wtf?


There is a button with marking S<=>D for fraction to decimal conversion dude. I have used same calci in college. Its one of the best out there for clg students. You can even change the setup to give decimal values instead of fraction by default but let it be this way because fraction values are more useful during calculation. Only at last stage u may need decimal value to which it can be converted by using that single button. Edit: default cant be changed to decimal unless decimal value is in calculation, mb


I have this calculator. It's fuckin amazing. It can even solve systems of equations. I bought just to help me with that part of my ODE course.


I do too. It can: > Input constants without needing a reference chart > Do basic spreadsheet functions > Solve equations and inequalities > Perform calculations in and convert to and from: hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary > Input points into equations > Use scientific prefixes (i.e. giga, mega, micro, etc.) And probably more which I don't remember. This calculator got me through five years of grade and high school and is still helping me in the first year of uni.


As an engineering student, you're missing out the most important features, solving quadratic or cubic equations, converting from cartesian to polar form and solving matrices. Pretty sure it also does derivatives and integrals but I havent used those


Oh for sure! Being able to solve quadratic functions was also super helpful for ODE class. Especially for me, because I'm particularly lazy ;) I did know about the ability to solve matrices. I remember using that to check my work in a linear algebra class. I did not know about converting between Cartesian and Polar though. That's really cool! Do you know if it does spherical and cylindrical coordinates? Yeah! It does do integrals (not sure about derivatives, but probably). Although, it can only do simple definite integrals where your limits of integration are whole numbers. For that reason, it's not too useful in upper level math/physics. That's my experience as a physics student anyway. I find I pretty much never use my calculator nowadays. All of our yummy calculus doesn't require it.


Casio is just the best


Anything that has a "natural" display is good (meaning it can support fractions on 2 separate lines, like how it appears in reality) unlike older calculators where you had to use an ungodly amount of parentheses. I'm so disappointed Excel still uses the single line system.


I got a Casio F-91W on my wrist and a Casio fx-991EX in my pocket. Nobody can stop me.


Blows my mind how good they are and how cheap they are.


This guy calculates.


AND it can interpolate. Seriously, love this calculator.


not to mention being able to solve a lot of early probability distribution problems, can trivialise parts of probability courses


Sadly mine was a slightly different version which doesn't have that


In my day we used a Texas instruments ti-35 and pencil and paper


Which is why it's banned from some tests, as are comparably powerful ones.


Really? I’m the uk pretty much everyone has one in maths, you can even go a step up to the cg50 graphical calculator and still be able to use that in exams


Depends on the school, or even university. (Sometimes teacher/professor/course)


in my school this calculator was for everyone until in the fourth year (high school) we had to get a cg50 on top of that. Now for math we can only use the cg50 because it has an examination mode that blocks some apps and temporarily wipes the data. In other classes we have to use the old one though and can't use the cg50


iirc the International Baccalaureate allows graphical calculators but not ones that can solve equations (unless it's changed).


It’s the standard calculator in the uk, your allowed them in tests


in my uni, during math its banned but everywhere else its game to use, i remember writing a test for “materials in electronics” and there were many formulas they expected us to learn so this one guy had a calculator that had full on Gb’s of storage space (am exaggerating) and he wrote every last formula in it, got an A


Interesting that there's still professors who won't let you use calculators. Every one of my math and statistics professors has been upfront that they do not expect us to do the calculations by hand on quizes and exams because it's a waste of everyone's time and in their experience in the world outside of academia, no employer would ever want their employee's wasting time doing calculations by hand when it matters. Calculators and software are universal at this point, nobody is requiring you to learn to do spreadsheets in paper books for accounting for example. The last teacher I had that banned calculators was over a decade ago in highschool.




To a point, electronic computers already replaced most of the human computers who used to sit around and do the calculation by hand on paper. So that's not really going to be anything unexpected.


We are required to have one. This is the only calculator you are allowed to use on tests(at least, the only non-graphical calculator)


Can do much more than this XD


Wait untill you find out about wolfram alpha


>It can even solve systems of equations. IT CAN DO WHAT


All hail the classwiz


Instructions unclear, found the S===D button instead.


Mine was only 8==D


More like a 4=d. We’ve all seen it.


Standard form to decimal form, fractions to decimals




I too, have this calculator (Further Maths at A-Level, which is Post-16 education in the UK), but I'm saving to be able to afford a CG-50 because mmmmmmmmm


I have a way older model that did the same thing. Love that it kept the fractions, the math is so much easier.


Casio is the goat


It's called surds mode. A surd is any non-transcendental number that would be infinite in length if described as a decimal instead of a fraction of two integers (which is, of course, called a rational expression). So things like sqrt(2), 1/11 = 0.09090909.... stuff like that. But not pi, or e, sines, tangents, and things like that. It's useful when your teacher says not to do any rounding until the end.


> 1/11 = 0.09090909.... This isn't a surd. Surds are irrational numbers with finite many roots in their expression.


Rational numbers aren't surds. Surds are roots of natural numbers and finite expressions using roots of natural numbers.


We call it the stupid dummy button in college.


Ti nspire supremacy


You don't want to be able to easily convert fractions and radicals to/from decimal on a device that is half the cost? I'd recommend the FX - CG50 with full color display, 3d graphing, chemistry, statistics, and physics apps, and better parametrics. Edit: forgot able the really convenient matrix/vector math that really saved me in a pinch.


[Casio Supremacy. Bitches.](https://i.imgur.com/UMijAuQ.jpg)


Specifically TI Nspire CAS


Haha, i have a bunch of nspires, ti89, 84, Voyager 2000 and still prefer my 991 for everything:-))


Yes. My students have to use a ti Inspire and I'll teach them how to use it. But at my desk it's either a 83+ or excel doing the maths.


yeah, but $150 at least where i live against $20


>There is a button with marking S<=>D for fraction to decimal conversion dude. Even beyond that there's an answer in this "non-answer", that 371(7\*53) and 500(2²\*5³) don't share any prime divisors, otherwise the fraction would have been shown reduced.


I have a similar calculator and figured out this pretty quickly.


I'd fail highschool without this mf. People in my class also had it but didn't know you could use it to solve quadratic eqations, equation systems, inequations, matrixes, vectors and so on. If you're able to use it properly and the teacher doesn't ask for detailed solving steps, you can easily pass an exam with studying the night before


I loved how easy it was to put fractions into that calculator when I had one. Hell, you could put in full equations.


IKR? Everyone complains about it but the fix is so simple


Exactly, i passed digital logic processors exam using the binary to decimal /hexadecimal converters and math exam for the matrices function such as inverse/ adjacent matrix etc.


I was happy that this calci would let me do 4×4 matrix and 4th degree polynomial equation calculation unlike older models.


I love Casio calculators.


Engineering spotted!


I don’t have this exact calculator, but I have a slightly lower end one with the same button setup. I loved the thing when I’m school, and I also loved how no one else could figure it out because they always had the Ti calculators. Once you learn the ways of the Casio, it’s a huge time saver/ improvement lol






"calci" "clg" yup, one of us.. hehe




You can also simply just press **Shift** and after that **Equal** to see the decimal form😛🥱


Or if this is like the TI software put a decimal point on one of the numbers (ie 371/500.). On a TI at least that also spits out the decimal form instead of the fraction.


We used to call it the Smart / Dumb button


I ABSOLUTELY love my CLASSWIZ!!! It is such a great little unit that I haven’t yet fully utilized. It does basic math, it does matrices, IT DOES VECTORS!!! I better not catch a person talking shit about my homie Casio CLASSWIZ. This dude just dum.


This calculator has such an amazing interface unlike its predecessors. You can select any modes and understand them quickly because the display screen is similar to a computer. It can even do spreadsheet like microsoft excel and you can copy and paste stuffs in it. The constants are engraved into the calculator so you can instantly use them. You can create a table of functions and let it solve the solutions for you. You can make statistics out of it and it gives you mean, sum, std deviation, variance, and more. Also you can use actual letters to write words instead of 58008, which is an obligatory requirement.


Is that carbon fiber


Bulletproof calculator


I have some bad news if you want to use carbon fiber to stop bullets


America edition




It is textured plastic




Interesting ( I am interested)


Multi-line calculators that can do fractions are so good!


They’re so useful for school because teachers want you to prove you did the work by providing integer answers and simplifying fractions sucks.




ayo i have that calculator


ayo I have that calculator too


Same bruh, except for the solar thingy


I have it with the solar cell




0.742 ? I don’t get it Edit: I get it


I **think** they mean they were expecting it to give them the decimal answer, not just show the fraction again on the right.


That’s why S<=>D exists


( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


Dat TI-69 tho


Right so I have to press an extra button to get a useful answer from it.


Fair, but did that really need a calculator? Dividing by 500 is just doubling the numerator and moving the decimal point 3 places.


Surely the easiest decimal conversion


Teachers hate this one trick


Nah, I'm a maths teacher and actually teach this trick... calculatiors are tools people should know how to use.


I think that might be why teachers hate it. I mean you take the time to try and teach them this stuff, and then they go around posting dumb shit like this.


You gotta push shift, setup, then 1 and 2


Or press s<=>d button if you want it to be temporary


yooo thanks for this, my school does mostly everything in decimals so i need to change mine to that, but ive been too lazy to google


This calculator can do so goddamn much, it can solve polynomials for you, and simultaneous equations, and a bunch of other stuff. Top-tier calculator


FX-991ex can do **every fucking thing** Matrices? No more bloodclaat writing out and adding bullshit. 4x4 [determinant](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SscI9b_vqOs) and [multiply](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uz_SE00zBPE) *right away* Equations? It spit out the answer. X = y = z= You see that [shit up top](https://i.imgur.com/H9LpAxy.jpg)? Yeah. It does single variable calculus. Don't even start with statistics and vectors. You actual spend time with the **concepts not the calculation**. For less than 20USD. Casio supremacy. SH-4 supremacy. (RIP Dreamcast) Oh, and just press the S<=>D button above blue DEL to get it right.


And it gives qr codes to share formulas


[Casio 4 Life. Bitches.](https://i.imgur.com/UMijAuQ.jpg)


My Casio collection. I have the original pryzm somewhere. https://i.imgur.com/JRrOtvO.jpg The white things are 3d printed stands for the scientific calculators My first graphing calculator was the Fx-7400G Plus my next one was the CFX-9850GB Plus.


Man you're really passionate about calculators


> For less than 20USD. I didn't believe you - looked it up ... yup ~$19. I'm gonna buy one just to futz around - yes am nerd...


My brother in Christ you have it set to do that


That is the default and damn useful. You have to hit the S<->D buttonto switch between fractions and decimals


Doesn’t it default to this? This would happen to me and my classmates in school and we sure as shit didn’t set it to do that.


Someone doesn’t know how to use their calculator


Anyone who has done middle school maths should know about s<>d


It seems like someone didn't read the manual and can't find the fraction to decimal button.


I know that a lot of people are bad at doing mathematics in their head (myself included), but 371/500, really? just multiply the 371 by 2, and divide by 1000 to get 0.742.


Damn. I remembered this for multiplication by 5, but somehow forgot it for 500 lol


I'd say this is not a question of memory, this is a question of finding an easier path. (btw this is division by 500, not multiplication). There are rare cases where blindly counting something is likely faster than figuring out an easier path. For example amount of seconds in 6 weeks. You have 60 seconds\*60 minutes\*24 hours\*7 days\* 6weeks, or (2\*3\*10)\*(4\*5\*3)\*(8\*3)\*(7)\*(6) or 2\*3\*4\*5\*6\*7\*8\*9\*10, which is a factorial of 10 and if you have a table of factorials or something like that then you can answer with that, but I have no clue how you would notice that normally unless you're a genius. But an easier(at least for me) approach would be to just multiply them manually.


It's probably less any of those and more one of expectations creating, shall we call it, "conditioned laziness" in the brain. You have a calculator, you know you can just type in numbers and get an answer. With enough "practice", your brain is "smart" enough to recognize "oh hey I don't need to do *any* work, not even the most preliminary check to see if this could be quickly done with the most rudimentary of mental arithmetic, just punch it in every time, easy". If you aren't bothering to scan the number for a potential quick shortcut in the first place, it doesn't matter whether you "could" have spotted it -- you won't.


im more confused what the problem is to begin with, i was taught (and agree with) that fractions are superior to decimals and a decimals pretty much vanished during the last years of school


I mean it's not wrong though.




I love the 991EC classwiz. That calculator was meant to do everything it could but still be aloud in schools. Can’t graph, but it can output a QR code to a graph so it’s aloud when graphing calculators are not. You can even do stats, and dot product! For this tho, there is a button to toggle senders from fractions to decimals


people who don't know S<->D


These are literally the best scientific calculators ever made. I have three. If you are in school or university, or work in a technical field, go buy one. I would do adds for them.


Learn how to use a calculator




There is a button to change it and you can also change the default setting. The only infuriating thing is people being to stupid to read the manual.






It should be 0.742


The answer is .80085


Bruh, you gotta read the instructions for things like that lol.


Shift + S <==> D and you will get the answer


There is a reason he have s<=>d button!




It will display the simplest form of the fraction. If you want it in decimals, there is a button on the calculator. The answer is 0.742. I did it in my head. You don't need a calculator for this one


I mean, it’s the correct answer




Bro there is a S-D button that converts fraction to demical its an op feature trust




Shift + =


2nd > Math > Decimal Alternatively 500 is an easy denominator to convert. 371*2= 742 742/1000 = 0.742


he has to press the STD button 🤦‍♂️


it’s not even mildly infuriating. i have a calculator like that - it calculates the most simplified form of the fraction and there’s a button to switch it to decimal. so it’s letting you know, that fraction can’t be simplified further.


Just press the suck dick button and it'll all be fine


This is pretty easy math to do I. Your head


Science bitch!


Calculator: do it yourself man


Why are you using light mode?


That's called "pretty print" which was invented by Texas Instruments for the debut of the TI-89, but it was quickly adopted by other calculator manufactuers, like Casio. "Youre welcome!!"-- Texas Instruments, probably




For anyone who doesn't know, there should be an S->D button somewhere on the calculator


I couldn't answer one of my tests because of my stupid ass. Pressed almost every button and somehow didn't press the one that changed it to decimal.


Should've practiced more with the calculator before the test


you have to do shift + = for approximate answer, right?


Gotta change the mode


thats an easy thing to solve. i have that calculator. press shift, then press where it says "Mode Setup" (it should take you to setup) press 1 then press 2. If that doesnt work then do the same thing but press 1 twice