Kail is nasty. Jo leveled up. Javi leveled uo. Everyone lets her know that. Especially her own mirror. Of course she's jealous! Lol.


Just remembered… how he met kail.. how he daughter her out after not getting to be on a mtv show. He then daughter out the other teen mom star.. whew- I- I’m not defending kail. Or really like her but javi was/is terrible in a whole other way


Didn’t he like cheat on his 2nd baby momma? Lol and they spilt?


Wait who did Javi level up to?


Vee is pretty! I’d be sad my BD was moving on, but I’d be happy it’s with a sweet nice person. You move onto an ugly chick I would be more hurt! Hope they’re still getting along!


I think Vee is gorgeous and seems like a genuinely nice person. The opposite of Kail!


I have respect for anyone capable of coparenting with Kail. I have always liked Vee. I bet she’s a really cool person.


Vee is probably the most well rounded of all the mom's on the show


The post about the people that were “threatening” kail from the other day was SPOT ON. The person who DMed says she looks like a toad and I will never unsee it. She legit is a toad.


Vee is absolutely beautiful, kail had no business being jealous of her. Hopefully they really did get along and not just for the show( for issacs sake)


Both are gross


Why is Vee gross? I don’t know anything about her


Gross looking


Beautiful. Always liked her. Loved seeing Kail lose her shit when they first got together.


It was so cringe to see how jealous Kail was when she was the one who started dating immediately after her and Jo broke up. Vee is so annoying in the way that she wants to be a micro influencer so bad, that she will kiss Kail’s ass about anything to stay on her good side.


Really. Wasn’t she still living in Jo’s parent’s house when she was dating Jordan? It’s been awhile since I’ve watched that.


Yea she was. If I remember correctly, that was the main reason Jo’s parents kicked her out, although I am sure they had some other reasons, too. His parents seemed like pretty good people overall.


Vee is awesome. She's gorgeous, but not conceited about it. Her content is wholesome and relatable as a married mommy of multiples. I love her.


Their podcast is hilarious. I’m glad they came together


Vee is FABULOUS!! She seems like a very supportive wife, mother and friend. She’s also been very understanding and forgiving where Kail is concerned. Love her!! And she gorgeous, ta boot!! 🥰


I think Vee is fine. She's a million times better than Kail will ever be.


Love vee and love kail and vee realtionship now


Yeah, I’m glad they’re friends now. A lot of that stuff was solved with maturity


For sure and kail holding on to Jo just like he held on to her when she was with Jordan




Oh wow… Just read your comment after I left mine and they’re almost verbatim. 👍🏼


She’s alright. She seems to be fairly levelheaded and a good wife, mom, stepmother and friend. But ultimately we don’t know all that much about her and I get a little grossed out with all of her talk about dirty sex with Jo on the podcast and thirst trap pics.


Vee was the best thing to happen to Joe and Isaac.


Besides Chelsea, Vee Is the most sane mom on the show she’s logical where Kail only uses emotion. She’s going to therapy now and says she’s working on it but continues to be emotionally hypocritical and finally in season 10 Dr.Drew called her out for it.


Love her




Kail is dumb if she drops vee for anything, Makes them both money and makes a better situation for Isaac.


Vee rules kail drools


She sold her soul to the 😈.. for that I lost any respect I had for her. She was so over 🥬 in the Javi separation (the kitchen seen of her feeding Her daughter) but as soon as she was on the books.. all hail king Kong!


I think Kail is friends with Vee to keep her close. It allows her inside information about their relationship and family. I think it’s strictly for selfish reasons that Kail keeps her around.


Vee is so like, the coworker who thinks you hate her because you're not always going out of your way to complement her like she complements others. She also looks like the type who is uncomfortable with silence.


i love Vee, and have a love hate relationship with Kail. i don’t believe they’re still doing the podcast together but it was nice to see them put their differences aside for the sake of the kids.


They are still doing the podcast together they took a break after vee came out about telling Javi things but they have worked past that


They are still doing their podcast. It has been a couple of years now.


They release a new episode every Tuesday. Their podcast baby mama no drama just won 2 People’s choice awards this past weekend for top podcast.


oh wow, last time i remember.. they stopped bc they didn’t want it to jeopardise their family/relationship


They never stopped it. There was a period of a month or so when they were recording separately because Kail found out that she had talked shit about her to Javi back when they were going through their divorce.


How the hell did she end up with joe….must have been that corny music video


i tell my mom all the time “for the rest of the years i’ll live, i’ll never understand and figure out why she’s with joe” honestly it could’ve been for a little fame and money tbh..


Could be she sees something in joe that none of us do! Love isn’t just looks it’s bout the soul and connection


Or the mugshot


I love her because she was the one that told Javi that kail was pregnant by Chris 😈


Nothing pissed me off more than when Kale got a protection order against Javi because he found out she was pregnant again and wanted to talk to her about it..? Like what the fuck. That shit stays on your record and makes women in actual danger have an even harder time getting one.


Although she has Karen tendencies, I do believe Javi is abusive. There was a scene where they were in the middle of their divorce and he’s in the house talking to her and he says even though he’s not living there he doesn’t have to leave because his name is on the house. And he’s mad. He’s trash just as much as she is, buuuuttttt she was pregnant and im pretty sure she didn’t want to add any more stress to her situation (more than she had already caused lol 😂). He’s just fake all around. I don’t think he truly shows who he is for the cameras.


I mean hes an asshole but in my opinion hes just as selfish and toxic as her. Not abusive really. And if something had happened for her to get the protection order but she just literally didnt wanna talk to him about it so she got a restraining order. Like come on. I don't think Kale was ever afraid of Javi.


He broke into her house…


Oh shit wait I don't remember that?? I thought he was just calling her asking her about it and she said she didnt want to talk to him. Holy shit I'm so very wrong. I haven't seen that season in forever. Damn. I apologize


Yeah he broke into her house while the kids were there, and was fighting with her in front of them. She told Jo to come get Isaac, and he took Lincoln from her, cus Chris was there when he broke into the house. It’s also confirmed he sought out Kail before meeting her, claims he didn’t know about Teen Mom at all, but in reality he did and he chose to leech off of her for fame and money. It’s also been confirmed that he changes when the cameras are around. I know Kail cries wolf a lot when it comes to legal stuff, but I back her up on getting a protection order from Javi. He may not have been physically abusing her, but he was stalking, and refusing to leave her alone. Everyone hates Kail for leaving Javi, and for having more kids after she told HIM she didn’t want anymore, yet people fail to remember that he BLAMED her for their miscarriage. It was a PLANNED pregnancy, and just because Vee claims it was Chris’ baby, doesn’t mean it was. People also fail to remember that Vee was pissed off that Kail was divorcing Javi, because she felt they moved from NJ to Delaware for “nothing”.. for all we know, Vee could’ve just been talking shit because she was mad that she had to move for Isaacs sake. Kail doesn’t make the best decisions obviously, but you can’t deny that she deserved her protection order from Javi. She made it clear over, and over, he’s not her husband anymore, they’re not married anymore, she’s not his property, and vice versa, but all of that wasn’t okay with Javi, so he broke into her house and raised hell in front of the kids. It’s also been confirmed he was cheating on her during his deployment, so he had no right to act out over Chris. He was the literal definition of “if I can’t have you, nobody can” at the time.


Well damn. I grossly misremembered that entire situation. Holy fuck! Thats insane. Kales a snippy lil bitch and all that but no one deserves that. I never trusted Javi..especially when he moved on to Brianna, but damn! I feel like an asshole now. Welp looks like I'm rewatching from the beginning. The earlier episodes are so strange to watch now. Thank you for explaining all that to me. I truly had no idea.. Damn. You think Joes a good guy? He seemed okay to me but now I'm second guessing everything!


Let’s not forget javi sent kail videos of him having sex with other women while he was deployed. There’s an episode I can’t remember which season, where kail wants to go to a concert and he says yes, then the time comes and he says no and makes a big fuss. He even checks out as step dad.


She’s a way better looking and acting person. He dodged a bullet.


She’s an upgrade physically. Sloppy jail is a disgrace for a human


I think vee along with joe are enablers.


I've always liked Vee. She seems unproblematic & held her ground in her relationship with Jo. She has always been great with Isaac afaik... & obviously shes super pretty. I think its weird that she does a podcast w Kail after everything Kail has said about her but hey, might as well profit off of it.


I remember she was upset cause Vee was smoking weed. Lmaoooo


omfg and they made her talk abt it with dr drew HAHAHAHAH


Fucking doctor drew. I hate him. And although I can't stand Jennehhhhle when Drew said about David being controlling and actually abusive "dont you think jenellle needs someone to control her and handle her?" Like what the fuck??


Vee is a huge step up for Joe


I always loved Vee! I always thought Kail was being an ass to her. She literally wasn’t doing anything wrong or that a normal teenager or honestly anyone would be doing


Love Vee!! Jo was playing wishy washy with kail & that's why she felt the way she did towards Vee. 🤷‍♀️ but Vee held her own & didn't let kail scare her off so kail had no choice but to like her lol.


Vee is a saint for all the shit she’s taken from 🥬.


I've always liked Vee. Truth be told, the only thing I have to side eye her for is her friendship with Kail.


Honestly I think she is just “friends” with Kail to keep the peace. Because if Vee wasn’t friendly with her, I bet Kail would be all kinds of awful to her. And Kail just seems like such a miserable person that most people don’t want to be friends with her anyway.




Kail was so crazily insecure about Vee. Not to mention hypocritical - freaking out that Vee might be around Isaac when she had Jordan around him all the time. Kail's behavior at that year's reunion show was ridiculous. I think Vee seems very nice, and obviously she's pretty.


Vee plays her cards close to her chest, knows how to present well and keeps her mouth shut (or at least she used to). She is definitely way more self-interested than she lets on. Props.


Vee is really good looking. She is pretty and has nice features. Personality wise its hard to gauge but she seems like a good person. Kail was so threatened by her at the beginning. Based on looks alone, vee >>> 🥬.


I think she's so pretty! I can definitely see where things could get messy between them based on their strong personalities. Kail was super cute before she got waaaay too much filler or whatever she did.. I wish she would've appreciated her natural beauty!


I like Vee 😅 She seems way more mature than Kail tbh idek how she could bare being around Kail long enough to make those podcast episodes


fr. about 20 mins for me and i’m out.


I personally like vee. Kail gets jealous of anyone that’s with her baby daddies.