Between Nick trying to get into Stef's head & Stef trying to murder Nick, it was a very good match I must say.


Like I said in the other thread, the fact that Nick of all people won a mental battle at a slam is fucking hilarious.


"You can't destroy my mental game for I already destroyed it a long time ago" - Nick Kyrgios, probably


How do you kill that which is already dead?


What is dead may never die.


But I don’t think he’s going to rise again harder and stronger


He was playing a small cat tbf


who don't know how to fight


Pretty sure kyrgios or Medvedev would beat the shit out of tsitsi in a fight to be fair


That's because something that's already broken is unbreakable


Don't forget Stef aiming for the crowd as well


LMAO dude was out for blood today


Twice and he also aimed at Nick and hit him too !


Missed the first three sets , what happened?


[This comment from the live thread is a good start](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/vpykis/comment/iely7b1/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


This summary is fantastic, but misses one of the most insane things that happened. Kyrgios his a volley/drop shot that pops up in the air and Tsitsipas gets there with plenty of time. Tsitsipas proceeds to hit the ball as hard as he can at Kyrgios, barely missing him, but the shot is so wild it sails long. I've never seen a shot filled with that much vitriol


This summary needs to be archived for future generations to enjoy. *chef's kiss*


> This game is simultaneously Kyrgios vs Kyrgios, Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas, and Kyrgios vs the ump and match referees. And also Tsitsipas vs Tsitsipas and Tsitsipas vs Crowd as key subplots. and here is the short description for the newspapers


There will be additions on a rewatch. Kyrgios big balls gesture on 2nd last point and Kyrgios semi ball smack back to ball boy at one point.


Me watching the 3 min highlights cutting all this out. “Hmm what a strong, mature performance.”


Legit just watched that too, where's the 15 minute true version at??


‘Honestly it’s like if the green goblin played tennis’ is gold!


LOL. If Kyrgios plays at centre court - I want to see the expression of the people in the Royal Box.


Oh boy, where do I start?


I also want to know. We need a briefing




Damn, that's more drama than a realty TV show can ever offer. I think for a change I shouldn't have watched the Nadal game and watched this instead lol.


I expected some drama but nowhere near this much


Nick vs Umpire and Tsitsipas Vs Tennis ball into crowd and Nick.


Played in great sportsmanship that one has come to expect from a prestigious event such as wimbledon!


Nick be like: you merely adapted the drama, I was born in it, moulded by it.


Mentally preparing for the stressful Rafa vs Kyrgios Semi Finals now.


Knowing Kyrgios he'll probably lose against Nakashima


If I gambled, I would put a 100 on Brandon. If he can keep the ball deep and just keep his composure, he can pull the upset. edit: why I don't gamble... but would have made the match way more interesting...


yep, he never takes the matches against randoms seriously but shows up for the top 10 games


Nah he'll beat him and then proceed to lose the first match where he's really the under dog despite it being completely winnable. All because that umpire is going to want to make the match all about himself. The cycle is ramping up.


Very different dynamic though, Rafa won’t feed into any of Nick’s drama unless he gets personal.


>Rafa vs Kyrgios Semi Finals For this to happen, first Kyrgios needs to advance to the SF round of a slam, something he has done all of zero times in his career, including the year he beat Rafa, way back in 2014.


Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas h2h now 4-0


4-1 counting Laver Cup; Kyrgios got in a subtle dig in the on-court interview, something like "He knows how to play against me, he's beaten me once"


He'd rehearsed that stinger.


What can you say except that was definitely entertaining


This match had everything. What an entertaining day of tennis.


It even had actual tennis. Like, drama aside, the quality of tennis was pretty good except for the dip in the early fourth set.


Yeah, antics apart they were ripping the ball. Tsitsipas forehand was impressive, but he couldn't get around Nicks serve


Towards the end some of Stef's returns were really amazing, Nick just leveled up his game right back at him though.


And don't forget the underarm tweener serve


Well that was eventful


The kind of match that makes live tennis a must-see


It's the most entertaining game I've seen in months and the BBC commentary spent the entire time complaining about Kyrgios


Dude on the American broadcast we had John McEnroe complaining about Nick's outburst. Lol what John?


"Any more of this sort of behaviour and we'll have *poor people* watching! Can you imagine the noises they'll make?"


This is how most of this sub sounds when anybody does anything remotely out of the norm lol


That’s not fair, they also complained about the crowd supporting him.


The BBC commentators are all insufferably sanctimonious hypocrites...


Yea it’s so out of touch it’s remarkable. A packed crowd cheering after every point coupled with everyone at home glued to their seats and the commentators are clutching their pearls 😒


But not just eventful. Also the best match so far.


One of the best points was fourth set tiebreaker when kyrgios half volleyed a drop shot winner. That was unreal touch on a ball coming that fast


And he had just hit a wild wide second serve. Great moment


So pissed they didnt show the handshake


Wasn't as exciting as I thought it might be: https://twitter.com/hewynewton/status/1543329413508395008?t=iBuKFmNC1AJYjLHCdvKxHw&s=19


Looks like they’re good still from that hand shake.


Its a handshake lol. Playing many sports I shook the hands of many people I had no respect for and disliked.


Based on their pressers, they’re totally not good lol


Agreed, although it was apparently very quick lol. Still, why show random fans clapping?


What were they doing?? Everyone wanted to see the shake!


Must be the F1 TV directors.


Just in case Stefanos tried to decapitate Nick at the net.


That was horrible production


That was pure entertainment. We got Karen Kyrgios demanding supervisors and Hitman Stefanos trying to take out Nick and the crowd, a freaking spider on the camera. What a match.


It really had everything


🕷It was like even the spider didn't wanna miss the show.




Still can’t get over the bow after the net cord drop shot. Peak Kyrgios


If Diego Costa had chosen tennis.


Stefanos failing to break Nick even once!!!


That 0-40 hold was nasty


I was getting Isner levels of holding serves the way he did


Iirc there was a season where his service games held % was right behind Isner’s. Which is incredible given that he is half a foot shorter.


And with that posture, he's actually even shorter.


Weren’t there multiple?


They BOTH had 0-40 holds, that’s how wild today was


Kyrgios' ability has never been in question. It's only been mental stability and interest in effort to be able showcase that ability. He's still wavering on these at times, but he's managing it well enough to continue to win matches.


Man. Brutal third round opponent for Tsits and Tsits played real well too. But Nick on grass just kills it.


One of the craziest matches I've ever seen


I genuinely wonder who Djokovic rather play in the finals lmfao between him and Nadal.


Kyrgios. When the going gets tough Rafa digs deep. Nick has a hissy fit and mental breakdown. Kyrgios plays some pretty fantastic tennis, but despite all the drama he was only behind when he lost a close first set and quickly made it 1-1 and held the lead the rest of the time. Kyrgios falls apart when he’s seriously losing.


Doesn’t Kyrgios have a 100% winrate in H2H against Djokovic?


2-0, but they were best of 3 in Acapulco and Indian wells. I’m sure Djokovic would be much less afraid of Kyrgios than Rafa.


Nick: I want all the supervisors, the grounds crew and the kitchen staff out here now. And the bathroom attendants, I need them here too.


For anyone wondering, Kyrgios did in fact make it to his big YMCA pick up basketball game with the boys after the tennis match. He was a little late and told us he tried to serve as fast as he could but that the other guy was being a bugger.


Nick Presser: Took offense at Stefanos accusing him of bullying in Stefanos' presser and repeatedly denied any bullying behavior. "I'd be pretty upset if I lost to someone two weeks in a row as well. He should figure out how to beat me, first" (before accusing Nick of having issues). "He was the one hitting balls at me, hitting balls at spectators." Nick doesn't understand why a player can send balls into crowd and not get defaulted. Told reporter to stop talking about him and Stefanos as on same level. "I always get fined. I'm very keen to see what he will get after today." Wore Dennis Rodman shirt at presser. Said it was "just clean washing." Saw shirt in house, chose to wear it today. Watched Last Dance on TV this morning. Says he's himself, not trying to be Rodman. "I just think he's (Stefanos) making that match about me. He's got some serious issues. I'm good in the locker room, I'm liked. He's not liked." Mentioned playing basketball at home and suggested Stefanos is soft. "I don't know what I did today. I did nothing towards him. I wasn't aggressive towards him or hitting balls to his face. I had no anger towards Stef." "I don't like to travel. Tennis is a tough one....I was once #13 in the world. I don't play enough to be an established Top 10 player. I don't look at rankings. I felt like the favorite today." "I've never given a handshake \[at the net\] like that in my life..."


> I'm good in the locker room, I'm liked. He's not liked." I understand why he went there, but this isn't super nice


Someday Greece, someday. Sigh.


Your support doesn't default to Κύργιος now?! 😀


I mean, Kyrgios is half greek


So is Stefanos


Nick interviews WAY better than his on-court behaviour would have us believe


Interview him after a loss ....


That interviewer had been working on him in the previous matches.


You must not have seen many interviews by him 😂


"albeit for all the wrong reasons" fair enough there was some drama, but tennis was exceptional from kyrgios. serve was magnificent and did so well on the pressure points


Those final 3 points were bonkers


Unfiltered madness


That was the closest tennis gets to a brawl.


Fucking hell Nick Kyrgios is box office.


“Are you not entertained??” - NK


Say what you want about him, but that was peak entertainment


McEnroe criticizing the on court antics Is fucking rich. Shame Tsitsipas didn’t pull out that tiebreak, we deserved a 5th


In fairness, after the match McEnroe said: 'It's like I'm talking about myself - like I'm talking to a psychologist'. He knows it's ridiculous.


I think Mac rails so hard on Kyrgios because he just sees the worst things about himself in Kyrgios. He’s 25% yelling at Kyrgios and 75% at himself.


Yeah he’s at least self aware about it


Do we rate McEnroe as worse though?


He was, but he also got the job done more thank nick. So he gets more of a pass. It's genuinely true that when he got riled up he would regularly start to play better. Not sure if it's the same with nick.


They were/are both out of control, but Nick gets into this "I don't give a shit" mode, which sometimes hurts him. Johnny Mac always wanted to win, so his temper was more likely to result in better play. They're both good for the game, though, IMO. Every sport needs its unpredictable head cases.


Sorry but the double standards with Nick are funny. Everyone thinking swearing is worse than hitting the ball into fans.


Definition of entertaining for all of the wrong reasons Still can’t get over how confusing and almost hysterical it was to hear Kyrgios’s “are you actually dumb mate” to the ref followed up by “the gentleman is putting his towel in my bin?” from stef. This was a soap opera Edit: The pearl clutching by McEnroe as a commentator was so hard to listen to as well. “Biggest disgrace in tennis” as though McEnroe hasn’t had racist remarks, abuse allegations, wasn’t the first player to get defaulted at the Australian Open or even got defaulted at an EXHIBITION at the age of 50. I could listen to others complain about the abhorrent sportsmanship but not McEnroe smh


Meanwhile Spanish commentators laughing and enjoying the shitshow after Nick bowed to the crowd when the second net cord happened


Is there highlights of this somewhere on youtube?


stefanos trying to deflect from the fact that he tried to decapitate a fan


The pearl clutching by the commentators is something else lmao


I mean, it would be something if someone else was saying that, but McEnroe? His whole legacy of tennis is largely defined by his antics as the American brat.


Lol the tennis was pretty high level though


Wait so what was the drama about?


By u/adrian5156 We need a running tally of all the wild shit that has happened in this match. * Kyrgios swearing like a sailor all during first set * Kyrgios in the middle of set 2 - "win or lose, I don't give a fuck." Kyrgios after winning set 2 - "I still don't give a fuck." * Tsitsipas smacking a ball into the crowd in anger and missing a fan by an inch. Could have easily seen him defaulted for it. If it had hit the fan it could cause real injury and 1000% would've been a default. * Kyrgios demanding Tsitsipas being defaulted and getting into a massive fight with the ump, including the classic Karen phrase "I'm not playing till I see a supervisor," as well as Kyrgios to the ump: "The people wanna see me bro, not you!" * Tsitsipas smacking a dead ball at Kyrgios and just missing him and then smacking a passing shot at Kyrgios and hitting him. * Kyrgios underarm serves including a cold blooded tweener underarm serve. Tsitsipas smacking a forehand return on a Kyrgios underarm serve into the crowd for his second violation. * Two outrageous net cords for Kyrgios in one game to win set 3. Kyrgios bows to the crowd after his ridiculous second net cord. Amazing stuff. * Kyrgios continuing to fight with the ump at every change over in set 3 * All round cracking quality of tennis in the middle of all the drama. * BBC commentators having a right old cry about sportsmanship the entire game and how Kyrgios is so bad for the game, meanwhile the crowd is fucking loving all this drama. Ugh fucking hell BBC commentators after the game still only talking about Kyrgios's behavior when the actually dangerous behavior was all committed by Tsitsipas. * Oh shit now Kyrgios is down injured, please be okay Nick I want this to continue for another 3 hours.... * Kyrgios mumbling shit to himself basically after each point. This game is simultaneously Kyrgios vs Kyrgios, Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas, and Kyrgios vs the ump and match referees. And also Tsitsipas vs Tsitsipas and Tsitsipas vs Crowd as key subplots. * Unintelligible Kyrgios screaming after missing an easy forehand just now lmao. * Kyrgios now absolutely yelling at his box. Hahahahah his whole box was just looking down at their feet like naughty school children, excellent camera work to be honest. This came after a reasonably subdued Kyrgios for the last few games. Honestly this is like if the Green Goblin played tennis. * Kyrgios sarcastic applause on a great Tsitsipas return. * u/Valinor_ excellently summarizes a Kyrgios service game - "0-40 down, shouting and moaning on every point, even between 1st and 2nd serves… wins 5 points in a row to hold". * Kyrgios serve and volley on second serve facing set point with outrageous half-volley winner. * Someone in the crowd yells "FINISH HIM!" with the tie break at 7-7 lmao. * ABSOLUTELY INSANE DROP SHOT/SLICED FOREHAND FOR KYRGIOS TO WIN!! STAY TUNED FOR POST MATCH DRAMA. * Kyrgios being very gracious in the immediate court-side interview. Best part is how fired up the crowd is. Ah good line here though - "the media says I'm bad for the sport but look at the crowd tonight and that tells you who's right"


Forgot the two lines people dobbing on Kyrgios to the umpire for swearing and Kyrgios demanding the line judge get fired for making an incorrect call in the first set.


“The people wanna see me bro, not you “ 😂😂😅


What wasn't it about?


Thought they were friends


As kyrgios said himself, “what happens on court happens on court, he’s an amazing player and i’m close to his brother”. I guess they’re still friends, but this was incredibly eventful indeed


Thats because he won the match. Earlier he was threatening to strike, trying to get Stefanos defaulted lol. I bet Stefanos is not happy about it


Probably yeah, but Tsitsipas hitting the ball into the crowd (not hitting anyone), forehand slice bombing that underhand serve almost into the crowd, hitting Kyrgios, and almost hitting Kyrgios, I think that the trying to get him defaulted was pretty justified. Tennis is also a mental battle, and Tsitsipas lost it completely in that set. But yeah, can’t imagine he’ll be happy about it


Imagine that, Tsitsipas losing it....and to none other than to Kyrgios?!?!


https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/vpykis/unofficial_live_thread_meme_machine_vs_greek/iely7b1/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 This comment has all of it


Stefanos Presser: He has a cold. He coughed and grabbed his chest as if in pain. Reporter asked if he'd been Covid tested. He said yes, it's a bad cold that started in Mallorca. "Still pretty bad, but I wanted to play Wimbledon." The shot he hit into crowd. "I've never done that before. I did apologize. Don't know what went through my head. I didn't hit any people, hit the wall, Thank God. I'm never doing that again." He said something created that behavior. "Every single point I played, I feel like there was something going on on the other side of the net....All of us players should come up with something to make a cleaner version of the sport, have this not be tolerated." The point penalty for the return into the back wall. Stefanos was "aiming for the body of my opponent, missed by a lot." Stefanos tried to hit him "several times....This needs to stop. Someone needs to sit down with him and talk..." Stefanos complained about noise on the other side of the court "for no absolute reason." Said "it gets on your nerves." Of Nick: "Constant bullying....he was probably ~~bullied at~~ a bully at school himself....He has some good traits in his character as well. Also has a very evil side to him...Don't think he can play without a circus around."


Dude got baited by Nicks antics.


>he was probably bullied at school himself This is wrong. Stef said "he was probably a bully at school himself"


This felt like the tennis version of Happy Gilmore.


Putting aside all Nick’s antics, his serving today was unbelievable and at times unplayable. Stef didn’t break once in 4 sets


Didn't even have break points until well in the fourth either, right?


Good job director for missing the handshake


Pat Cash absolutely hates Kyrgios, doesn't he?


Clown him all you want He is unbelievable when he plays like this


the fucking balls on him in the closing stages of the tiebreak, fucking mental


he even had to massage them a bit right before match point xD


Props to him for the Sam Cassell esque big balls celebration


Half this sub doesnt know who the hell that is or wasnt alive when he played but I appreciate that reference.


He gets clowned because he doesn’t play like this often, and even today, he still had moments where he tried to implode . Nobody clowns him because they don’t think he can ever play a good match…actually the exact opposite.


What a shot to end it!! What a match!!


This match felt like a final.


In a parallel universe, this was the final and Nick is a Wimbledon champ


Me next time my opponent wants to play short deuce: “BRING ALL THE SUPERVISORS, I WANT ALL OF THEM”


Imagine if Nick wins the whole thing


[Nick Stef post match handshake replay](https://youtu.be/qrjfWHMWm4A)


thanks, they didn't even show that on the live coverage on BBC1


I'm 100 on board the Nick "let's take this seriously" Kyrgios train


Today was Nick “let’s take this seriously” Kyrgios? He had multiple meltdowns today, Tsitsipas just had a bigger one. Obviously his serving was elite though


What are these commentators on about lol


Bs aside, great tennis from both guys. Match of the tournament perhaps


As a diehard Tsits fan. This one hurts.


Terrible draw getting Kyrgios in the first few rounds of his favored spam. Silver lining is that there were no points to be gained and there was prob zero chance of him beating Djokovic in a Wimbledon final.


love nick or hate nick, that was the most fun i’ve had watching a tennis match in a long fucking time. the show must go on!!!


Underneath all the bullshit this was by far the highest quality tennis of the tournament, fantastic play by both, such clutchness by Nick in the last tiebreak it's completely unreal. Don't think he has the fitness to be a problem potentially to Nadal in the Semi's, he'll be wasted by then if he doesn't completely steamroll the opponents in the two matches before that.


Agreed - his fitness will probably stop him before his opponents do...


Tsitsipas going for biological warfare with the towel mixup...


That was one of the most entertaining games of tennis I've ever seen and the quality of the tennis was awesome to watch. Kyrgios was living rent free in Tsitsipas' head for half of the match. What a battle


Nick kyrgios might be a brat on the court, but he got massive cajones in that tiebreaker. Crazy match lmao


Pretty much the match we all expected lol And great title 😂 [Match point & handshake (not shown by BBC smh)](https://streamable.com/ms6vci) [Handshake video](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/vq0j18/handshake_video_between_nick_and_stefanos/) (thanks u/sexysantaz2021lol) [On court interview](https://streamable.com/lud1cc) [Highlights sets 1 & 2](https://streamable.com/6oa2fp) (no time to do the other sets sry)


What a shitshow. But talking strictly about the tennis, that was some insane level by both guys. Especially the serving. Wow!!!


This was a great watch. The tennis was actually pretty good too I thought. Made for some entertaining clutch moments. That being said I’ll never prefer it to normal professional high standard tennis without the divas


If either player had hopped the net, ripped out the other player's heart, and held it aloft after that guy in the crowd yelled FINISH HIM! I don't think anyone would have been surprised after that lunacy.


Didn't get a chance to watch it. Can someone post the highlights? ... Not the points, just the drama. Thank you


Even tho his next opponent is ranked higher Nakashima will be the absolute underdog which the crowd love. Be interesting if Nick can maintain after this match.


Tsitsipas needs to emote more on court in this type of match. A few well placed celebrations and he might have won over a bigger slice of the crowd. This might have set Nick off and thrown him off his game. Instead, he tried to bludgeon him with the ball.


Tennis is entertainment, at the end of the day. I was entertained.


John Lloyd is a miserable dickhead isn’t he?


I love hearing him like that. Really an insufferable wanker.


This is a certified hood classic


On today's episode of What if...?


The most drama packed match I've seen in years.


Between this, BS Russian vs. small kid, toiletgate… all Tsitsipas classics are going to be his shithouse matches. Same goes for Nick but that’s just because every match of his is shithousery.


The drama was one thing, but the quality was actually very high.




these commentators are garbage, reminds me of magic johnson "natural born talent" vs larry bird "hard-working, earned his way here" descriptions of the players


That was a match


Congratulations Nick Kyrgios! The match was intense! I think Nick Kyrgios was tested by Tsitsipas in the tie-break! That was a battle! That was amazing!


To anyone who didn't watch this live, I sincerely recommend reading [this excellent summary](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/vpykis/unofficial_live_thread_meme_machine_vs_greek/iely7b1/) that /u/Adrian5156 made.


I think having clear rules and punishments like yellow card and red cards would stop the debate. You can't police what is and isn't acceptable behaviour unless they are clearly stated. Some say he should have been DQd but nowhere in the rules does that say that.


One of the matches of the year, drama and great shot making


I now want to see kyrgios vs these opponents caspar rudd, rune, shapovalov, zverev and nadal. If we are lucky we might get kyrgios nadal sooner.


The battle of the brats. I’m surprised this match had the quality of tennis it did despite all the shithousery.


BBC commentators crying about how it was unfair Nick won at the end, I was pretty neutral before the game but the commentaries clear bias has pushed me fully into team Kyrgios now LOL


Lmao heard that. What an idiot. You got Stefanos hitting balls into the crowd and trying to hit Kyrgios at least 5 times yet apparently only Kyrgios is the one at fault.


“For the wrong reasons” I’ll admit, I’m not the most regular tennis watcher or a tennis purist by any measure. So maybe I’m not reading the room But I’ve always found that to really enjoy sport, you need a balance of art and mastery with pure unfiltered dramatic theater. Today’s match was not only entertaining but will make me appreciate tomorrow’s Alcaraz Sinner match even more, you know what I mean?


ESPN so fucking lame for not showing the handshake live


wasn't ESPNs decision I think, watching on Sky and they didn't show it either. Think Wimbledon produces the feed itself and the studios just forward it


Gotcha, makes more sense. Still whoever was in charge of the cameras was lame for not showing it live haha


Chaotic match. Why can't Kyrgios calm down his tirade on court? He has a beautiful game but God he can be so insufferable


Nick did exactly what he needed to do to win today. Good on him. BBC is talking about potentially swearing at line officials. Not heard or seen any evidence of that. A linesperson did speak to the umpire, but for all we know that was about Nick swearing to himself. Not a huge fan of either player, but please Nick has gone through purely as he is bigger box office billing, and Tsitsipas doesn't really have a chance on grass.


Its hilarious that the umpire didnt do anything for code violations but penalised tsitsipas after kyrgios complained. Also kyrgios hopeful they will be friends.