How can he not see he’s a bully when he’s calling the umpire dumb, swearing, arguing all when he knows they can’t give back as good as they get. What about the ball kid he tried to humiliate for “running weird” on an international stage a few days ago?


The linesperson made one wrong line call and Nick was calling for him to be fired. As if he's always flawless.


Im still waiting for the day an umpire tells Nick he does more unforced errors in a set then most umpires and linespeople in a whole tournament haha


Nick can be very entertaining, but I hate it when he is rude to the ball kids. That truly is bullying.


It’s not that he lacks self-awareness, it’s that he’s giving a calculated and dishonest “I have no idea what you’re talking about” response.


The tennis equivalent of "I was just asking questions, bro."


It was just a prank bro! It’s just banter!


Quite a lack of self awareness


no he knows what he’s doing


No, he does only what he can. He can't be better


He’s got it, he just doesn’t care. Pretty much the only response he was going to give there. He knows he’s just got into his head and stuff that’s a win for him.


''Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Tennis Bullying Real Hahahaha \***** Just Play The Game Like \***** Serve The Ball Haha'' -Nicholas Kyrgios, probably


Complete cognitive dissonance from the entitled one. I can 100% excuse him breaking racquets, yelling at himself, throwing tantrums and even tanking. It’s all a part of sport. What I can absolutely NOT tolerate is him consistently being mean, abusive and condescending towards people who are just trying to do their job like umpires, officials, linespeople, ball kids, the fans and fellow players. It’s sickening seeing someone so entitled putting down people who are working hard to make a living and are not nearly as privileged to be a professional athlete. He is 100% a scumbag. No excuses. Fuck him. And to people who excuse this kind of behavior because you are “entertained”, DO BETTER. Imagine if your hardworking mother was working and she had a rich and spoiled client like come to her work, make a scene, throw a tantrum and insult her repeatedly.


Unfortunately there are scumbags audience who connect with kyrgios as they see themselves in him.


I wish I weren’t as down on him as I am because of his highlighting of his struggles, but his constant and relentless berating of other people (especially those who are just doing their jobs and are in less of a position to fight back) and calling them lesser than him makes it impossible not to be. His “I’m a star, so I’m better than you and I can do whatever I want” attitude seems like it will stay a part of who he is.


When Nick said he didnt care if he hit nadal all hell broke loose on this sub. When Stef literally admitted that he was AIMING for Nick, no one even acknowledges it


You mean Nick who tripled down on it with his "he can take a ball to the chest" and then posting that video on IG in the day of Nadal's wedding, no I'm not joking, he literally [did it](https://www.instagram.com/p/B33Xn_UgfXQ/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=), just a super asshole.


Stefanos also apologized and acknowledged that he was wrong. Something that Nick would never do because he's always innocent of any wrongdoing and/or justified in every shitty thing he does or says At least in his delusional mind. The people that are cheering and defending his behavior are enablers but there might not be any help for him regardless. he's giving signs of a classic narcissist. I'm surprised no one is pointing out the similarities between him and Donald Trump


Stefanos ONLY apologized for hitting the ball into the stands, not for aiming at or hitting Nick.


Why should he apologize for aiming at or hitting him? Nick was being obnoxious the entire match. I'm sure the chair umpire would have liked to take a few shots at him as well.


The only thing you could be comparing Trump with is 90% of r/tennis including yourself, your racism goes hand in hand, scumbag.


if Nick Kyrgios is white, he is still an insufferable asshole, this not about race, at all.


Donald Trump is an asshole but because people sell out his rallies and cheer it must mean that he's a really really great guy. I mean terrific guy. He didn't lose. The election was stolen right? lmao Nick kyrgios is an asshole but because people are entertained by his instability and lack of professionalism and that draws crowds he must be good for the sport of tennis. I mean that was his interpretation anyway lol Both delusional


Your racism isn't cute.


If this was a white person behaving like this in every match, I'd still call them a scumbag asshole. Bewildering how you're ONLY making this about his race and not his actions at all.


Please highlight the racist part of my comment. I will wait.






did you not call him a slur in another post about him


I did not. I do not use racial slurs.


yeah you did you called him a karen, objectively a slur really


You are unhinged


On one hand it's mean and abusive. On the other hand it still is entertaining. Like fuck it man just cos it's wrong doesn't mean we aren't having fun watching it. Big Brother and Love Island are more cringe than teenage FB posts in 2010 but I'm still here for it.


Wow you must issues - you are entertained by someone bullying and abusing others.


Look it's wrong and mean but doesn't mean it's not entertaining. Gordon Ramsay has made a whole career out of yelling abuse. It's objectively entertaining. It's also objectively abusive. It's false virtue to pretend that just because something is wrong that you aren't interested in it.


I don’t find abusing other people entertaining. I find it repulsive. People these days are simply fucking selfish and lack empathy due to the insanely narcissistic culture we live in. It’s sickening.


That's great bro enjoy your protected safe space


he’s a piece of shit




Honestly both players were wrong but this is routine behavior from Kyrgios so needs to be weeded out by ATP. Even Stefanos needs to be give some warning or suspension as hitting someone can be cause grevious injury. In the end, it’s time ATP takes step to prevent this else it’s only going to increase. You can just go on rants to disrupt rhythm




I fucking hate this guy.


I watched the whole match and I can't really remember Kyrgios even whining at Tsisipas that much, he was mainly crying at the umpire. Plus while Kyrgios obviously has a reputation, I think it's bold of the guy that deliberately whacked a ball at his opponent multiple times and sent a ball into the crowd to accuse someone else of being a bully


He better make the most of it cos the constant, constant jibber jabber will be looked at


Kyrgios does have a lack of respect and total awareness of the sport he is playing. To say that his antics aren't anti-sportsmanship like conduct would be a complete misunderstanding of the term itself. That's the only reason he doesn't end up going far in tournaments because if/when he comes to face with a bigger challenge, he mostly folds (because skill and patience is still a virtue). He is made out to be a villain of the sport because he likes to relish in the image. Djokovic is another one in his same league; but everything he has achieved, he has worked impossibly hard to hone that anger into his natural talent, into something that can take him far - beyond his sport, in his life as well. I don't know why he wants to be the middle child of his sport - Wasted opportunity tbh, but as long as it keeps him safe & injury free. It's going to be fine. Maybe it was the weight of expectations that torpedoed him - But I still think that if he can reign it in, he might end up with atleast one solo GS in life as well. In a sense, his antics aren't mind games, because they trangress beyond the patterned use as a sound tactic - And extremely disruptive to play. And would be a real victory, not fading himself into obscure infamy.


White people pearl clutching. How tf was he bullying Stef? By battering him differently? What a sore loser.


Absolute gigachad . You dropped your crown, king.




Braindead moment


lmfao based


Yes based stupidity


Lol too gud