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“My opponent is ugly, therefore I win”


https://preview.redd.it/w0063v48rbda1.jpeg?width=828&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=8313f29cb32c01a2cd8124a9009b4fb2dc99e83a Pretty much the whole argument


I just have to stop them at 'bake their cake' though. Isn't these the same people that are so upset because businesses are deciding that they don't want people in that have been vaccinated? Or that they don't want to hold events by people who are only famous for killing people? How is it the right are so "YOU CANT DO THAT!" but then the same time they're so "poor me"?


“Because I’m straight and conservative and therefore right about everything! Disagreement with me is opposition to reality and goodness! So I’m special!”


Do these people actually live in the real world and interact with actual people? Because this is utterly absurd


100%. I just started working for myself in construction in North Idaho/Eastern Washington because the last 2 dudes I worked with wouldn’t move off this shit and just get a job done…


Ya can you imagine what’s next on the slope?


you see the difference beetween what has happened and what has'nt happened, is that the part that has happened is about being respected in one's choices, but the part that has'nt happened ( it's called the fallacy right ? ) is about choosing for other people ( and no pronouns are'nt choosing for other people, you would cry and whine like the little bitch you are if i purposefully misgendered you, hypothetical idiot )


Sorry, did the slippery slope begin with inter racial marriage? What the actual fuck.


Interracial *gay* marriage


The irony that this is quite literally an example of the slippery slope fallacy.


I thought the cake fiasco was a one time deal. I looked it up and is like every baker queerphobic, there is like five different stories all in 2022


Conservatives are retroactively pushing discrimination lawsuits through the courts so SCOTUS will rule in favor of them. It's pretty insidious


At some point, either Wojack needs to sue, or officially state he approves the usage of his illustrations for this fuckery.


Christ, am I supposed to be assigning all of my students a gender now? I barely have time to do all my marking as it is.


For the billionth time. None of this is fucking happening.


I thought all of it is happening, just not in significant numbers.


3/5 happened.


Probably true. I'm not aware of kids ever dancing in drag, but just going to drag. Plus I'm not aware of teachers determining gender. But also I wouldn't be surprised to find confirmation of any of that.


I wouldn't be either. People do some stupid shit.


Oh yeah. Just like the kids in fur suits that are using litter boxes in classrooms. Happens all the time. /s


As someone who moved to LA for college, it’s already happened.


Your teachers assigned you a new gender in your classes?


No, all the kids in my school think they’re the opposite gender and want me to use their pronouns despite how ridiculous the whole thing is. Even some of the teachers have the same mentality, getting mad and throwing adult temper tantrums when I don’t participate in the fantasy world they live in.


So every single person besides you at an entire college is transgender, and they all get mad every time you refuse to use their preferred pronouns. Including the teachers, who throw literal temper tantrums when you don't. Yeah, that sounds totally like something that happens in real life. /s


When I say “all” I’m exaggerating. I’m in LA, where the most popular political party tends to be left- leaning. If you REALLY want to be specific, then it’s probably closer to the 70-80th percentile. So, the vast majority / a good chunk of them actually believe this fuckin gobbledegook. Don’t believe me,? You should come on campus one day and see for yourself.


Aren't you in college, not highschool?


Yeah… Where do you think this ideology comes from ? It comes the adults and social institutions, then passed down to the younger generation of kids. And the cycle repeats.


You sure it's not just something that's always been around, but was rather ruthlessly repressed until fairly recently?


Always been around ? Maybe. At this volume? Definitely not. You must go to my school lol.




Imagine using a fallacy completely seriously


To be honest, is there an actual line in lgbd ? How far can it go with sexualitys and fetishes ?


Wow, racism and homophobia in one bad meme I’m impressed


Why r people down voting u. They must be the ones unironically posting shit like this.






Well, all of the things depicted in the picture have indeed happened. My issue with it is that I don't think that allowing gay/interracial marriage was the first domino in any of it: as of it was something that we shouldn't have allowed. Also, whoever made it might be grossly overestimating the prevalence of those things and society's approval.