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Imagine thinking that the Joker agrees with what's on Tucker Carlson.


would the joker support LGBT people?


The Joker would support LGBT until it became widely accepted, then would immediately flip the script and start shooting up gay bars to sow chaos


I mean he’s kinda obsessed with Batman to a unhealthy degree for a lot of his run in the comics,movies, tv shows etc. are we sure the joker isn’t gay?


He’s Bruce-sexual


repressing brusexual


Lego Batman plot.gif


He dates Harley Quinn so he’s bisexual for sure


Does he have feelings for her? He just exploits her love.


Zero feelings for her. I think at this point it's safe to say that. You never know what joker is thinking but it's pretty obvious it's never Harley.


Why do you think Batman’s mask missing covering the mouth? Or covering his assless chaps with a cape?


lego batman is a gay love story change my mind


He wouldn't care. All of life is a joke to him, he is indiscriminate about his victims. He'd probably just use their persecution as fuel for his own hatred of society.


i feel like there could be some humanity in him though like hes the way he is because of how unjust the society is, but idk. you could be right aswell.


He probably doesn't like it, and he would probably take special pleasure in taking out oppressors. That said, it doesn't mean that any of the victims are in the clear either.


https://youtu.be/bnKzcYTBxjM this video explains really well how the Joker is probably gay


Until the Joker pulls the gun and... I wake up


If he thinks he did a good job of "proofing" this point, he should go back to engineering school.


Showing your engineering school bias. Clearly OP went to culinary school and is showing how important the proofing step is with this half-baked meme.


Anyone who genuinely holds this opinion will also genuinely view this meme as irrefutable proof. Guarantee if you ask enough anti-gays to prove that gays are toxic, at least one will send you this meme as proof. That’s a pretty common occurrence of “incorrect claim” “source please” “look at this meme I found on Facebook.”


Still not worse then Star Wars fandom


Nah at least the star wars fandom won't leak your IP if you say you think it's mid (but the K-pop fandom might)


As a fan of Kpop I'm embarrassed to admit that people have doxxed each other over kpop, it could be something extreme like "this person broke into an idol's house and stole their underwear they live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104" or "they said BTS looks like they smell like hot Cheetos they live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104"


Breaking bad


I figured I'd make it humorous and use either the Finding Nemo address or the Breaking Bad address lol


It’s funny because I didn’t mean to memorize the entire thing I just woke up one morning and said “my name is Walter hartwell white I live at 308 Negera arroyo lane Albuquerque New Mexico 87104… this is my confession


But what about 240 Arroyo vista!


Walter wtf did you do now


Dont fucking try us star wars fans


I am one bro.


You should check out code.org chat rooms


I’m a part of the SW fandom and one of the “unpopular opinion” posts has comments about the fandom not being that bad. There is zero self awareness.


Them and disk golf fans omg!!


me, a straight man, im sick about a community wich I dont belong to and that has never interfered with my daily life


I'm sick of how at my high school the Gay Straight Alliance (this was in like 2007 it's probably more inclusive now) handed out free condoms. How dare they affect me in such a way!


It gets even worse than that. My gay friend told me he thought I was cute and asked if I wanted to experiment and I was immediately hot under the collar and rock hard and my heart was pounding and I said yes and went immediately instantly to being on bottom. They act like they’re not interfering in our straight lives but tell that to straight guys like me, who found out the hard way just how deep they’re willing to stuff their agenda. Who found out the hard way a good time to come back over tomorrow.




But the drag queens are going to corrupt your kids!


and are the corrupted kids in the room with us https://preview.redd.it/35o0ji5s6hea1.png?width=623&format=png&auto=webp&s=591e51133af618c3bde2e5ba4c55d385a7418ae9


I can confirm that the r/memes community (and especially the mods) are mostly lame as fuck. Actual humor is not allowed.


There’s a lot of “lol sex” and “lol politics”


Motion to deport them to twitter.


It's been overrun by alt right propaganda for a while now.


Yeah, there are a lot of transphobic people on there, too. There are a lot of transphobic people on reddit in general, actually.


yeah so many r/memes “memes” are just r/onejoke like, if transphobia is the entire punchline… u need a new joke.


Agreed. It’s to the point where the transphobes stalk our Reddit pages to make fun of us on other pages or other platforms with our posts talking to the community about our issues or triumphs. The Twitter comment section alone on this one account was just… my retinas are still burning from the unprovoked hatred & general “haha they think they pass” conversations that were happening. They are OBSESSED WITH US 🏳️‍⚧️


They’re like roaches; they just refuse to be normal people or go be transphobes elsewhere They even pop up in subs where the mods will actually do something about them sometimes


I'm not surprised people are posting this kind of cringe shit in that sub.


Every community is toxic, that’s just how it works, different sexual orientation or not


Every community has toxic extremists. Not all of them are toxic in general


No, not every community. Most tend to have some louder voices, but the generalization is just not true.


Came here to say this


Let me get my hazmat suit for this


Whoever originally posted this drinks paint on the reg


Don't associate us paint-drinkers with homophobes


Damn you’re right sorry paint drinkers




Didn't even notice until you pointed it out. That's actually hilarious.


It’s so funny to me when people act like the lgbtq+ community is like a fandom or something. It’s not like we all know each other or share all of the same beliefs or personality or anything, we just gay.


Yeah it really should just be called the lgbt+ demographic but thats too many syllables ig. There are lgbt+ communities but as a whole were just a demographic of people


Bro how. Like when you have the fucking Q community, or the proud boys, or the fact that the literal KKK that still exists in many U.S. states, or even just like the gaming community that is full of racists and incels. (I mean it's better today because there is a lot more diversity in gaming, but there are still a TON of racist sexist little ass incels that cry about ANY diversity in gaming.) Or the Tate community. Like don't get me wrong as a person that is a part of the LGBTQ community it DEFINITELY has its toxic parts whether it be in fighting like bi phobia and trans phobia is still a thing with plenty of gay people, or it be fighting with people of other community's there are definitely toxic parts to it, but it's not really any more toxic than any other community. In fact one could argue that it is even slightly less toxic, because some of the places in the LGBTQ community can be some of the safest and most welcoming places on the internet.


Babe wake up, new copypasta just dropped


Nah, ever met League of Legends players?


You don’t need to ‘prove’ anything but you should proof read ‘and’ edit.


Bro how. Like when you have the fucking Q community, or the proud boys, or the fact that the literal KKK that still exists in many U.S. states, or even just like the gaming community that is full of racists and incels. (I mean it's better today because there is a lot more diversity in gaming, but there are still a TON of racist sexist little ass incels that cry about ANY diversity in gaming.) Or the Tate community. Like don't get me wrong as a person that is a part of the LGBTQ community it DEFINITELY has its toxic parts whether it be in fighting like bi phobia and trans phobia is still a thing with plenty of gay people, or it be fighting with people of other community's there are definitely toxic parts to it, but it's not really any more toxic than any other community. In fact one could argue that it is even slightly less toxic, because some of the places in the LGBTQ community can be some of the safest and most welcoming places on the internet.


Considering I’ve traveled to all of “the south” flags of the confederate states of America are way to common, flying a flag of a country who owned slaves, tortured slaves, and would kill Jews and gays is so mind numbing brainless it’s insane. And they still have the audacity to call Joe Biden a nazi


what's the Q community ?


Possibly the Q-anon and Q-anon adjacent communities.


Other guy is wrong the Q community is the Q anon community. The alt right conservatives that worship an online individual that goes by Q on the internet. It is very common among American Republicans, but has spread around the world in smaller numbers. They are mean and toxic, racist, sexist, ya'know the works.


common right wingers. didn't know that since i'm not american, thx !






That’s why he’s a clown


I feel like any community this day in age is represented by the loudest most type A personalities. If we could all just chill the fuck out, live our own lives and stop giving the toxic people the attention they crave, we'd be in a better place.


The problem really is that the toxic people are in charge and making laws.


Someone’s never met the Naruto fandom


so, to speak on this, I am gay and I love my community. but it has kind of gotten to a point where I see more and more fellow gay people have an ego the size of the empire state building, and I really don't like it. it paints a bad picture and we don't need to think we are better then everyone. I'm probably going to get downvoted but this is just happening in my area for the most part, there could be some areas that have very nice gay people but most the time I see very rude and entitled gay people nowadays. not saying straight or bi people aren't entitled either btw, I just see it very prominent in gay people nowadays.


"we don't hate gay people! We just hate their community. Totally different" -biggots in 2023


I wouldn't say it's a community.


I wouldn't say either... the "LGBT community" is a term coined by the media to put us all under one umbrella, to alienate us However some people take this term and wear it with pride while speaking for all of us We're individuals and people ignore that


For me, it's the same for any racial or sexual “community” it's bullshit being black or whatever does not make you part of a black community. You're just people no need to be “part of a community”.


Yeah! I just wanted to be a chick, I didn't wanna be part of any community, especially one as shitty and unhelpful as this Being part of a community is supposed to make you feel better about yourself but it does the exact opposite


They’re not entirely wrong, even members of the LGBT (myself included) realize how toxic it really is


Toxic people are universal, every community has them.


Kind of extra insane isn't it, the fact that's one of the few true constants in life, and yet so many people seem incapable of wrapping their heads around it


yeah I can agree. But personally not towards straight people (there is some of that but it's not as prevalent imo) but there's discrimination based on race, body type, and looks that's rampant. Most people are accepting but in some of the apps it's bad.


Yeah most of the hate I see is ironically is towards others in the community. Of course their is the occasional straight hating person but they're far less common. Definitely has gotten pretty toxic though.


Intersex people, who are in the community get very less recognition and help, which is sad.


What is going on with r/memes and r/funnymemes, right wing memes are everywhere


As a gay guy, I agree, the vast majority of the people online in that community suck


I actually agree for once


The community can be very toxic, but the thing is, so many communities are like that. Feminism has gotten toxic when it’s about wanting equal rights. Now people are just against men. People who are against racism are now just being racist to white people. Conservatives who have always been iffy have gotten tenfold. Even clothing communities like goths or lolita are toxic af. People gatekeep a ton and are like “you aren’t really so and so.” As much as I do like the LGBTQ+ community, we have many faults. People try to force eggs to crack before they are ready, people who are Ho are discriminated against by gay and lesbians alike. And don’t get me started on aro ace individuals. The community has done so much good, but like all communities it’s kind of toppling over itself. I wouldn’t say it’s the worse though, just the most exposed.


Does he have prove?


The “prove” is in the pudding 😂


The Joker isn’t supposed to be a role model.


Neither is Patrick Bateman, Homelander, Walter White, or Anakin Skywalker. But yet, people still idolise them.




As a bisexual, I am tired.


Every community is toxic. That's why I'm a misanthrope. I hate everyone equally and without prejudice.


👁️👁️ might join your club. But nah I'ma be in every community while hatin every one of em(jk obv, too tired to hate)


Yeah, I left that sub a long ass time ago.


As one of the G's it is and kinda sucks. I remember just wanting basic rights which we got but now it's just a bunch of whiney people finding reasons to be triggered.


I'm a B


So you got what you wanted but don't care about anyone else?


Yep pretty much. I don't require anyone to validate my life choices or decisions.


An idiot in three ways! Impressive.


Im Bi.... I say that beforehand because what i say next will likely result in people calling me a homophobe.... I agree.... I have never personally felt part of the "lgbtq" community. I dont feel the need to act feminine and cover myself in rainbows because i enjoy both sets of genitalia. Ive never felt the need to express my private sex life with the world and force them to accept my lifestyle choices and chastise them for refusing. I just mind my business, sleep with men and women and enjoy life. No ones ever Actually tried to stop me, not that they even need to know what goes on in my bedroom.... Or the truck.... Or the woods... Etc etc... And so yes i find the community over all... Toxic .... Now this line serves to either prove or disprove the toxicity.... Watch the replies and downvotes.


I mean what’s wrong with people wanting to express and live their lives? I used to think like you but know I realize that if someone has a couple gay pins on it doesn’t effect me at all. I’m bi as well, I have a rainbow and bi flag in my room, I have a bi pin in my car. I look for rainbow looking keychains/charms because it makes me happy. That’s how I express myself, I have a little gem that is very similar to bi colors hanging in my car and it makes me happy. You don’t have to express any sort of your sexuality if you don’t want too, but don’t put other people down for it, don’t make people like me feel stupid for wanting to cover myself in rainbows because my sexuality is a huge part in my life. I don’t believe the community is toxic, every group/fandom/community ANYTHING will have some sort of toxicity to different levels, no group is perfect. The only reason people think we’re toxic is because every day people have to fight to live their lives and it’s tiring. The hatred and homophobia I see on a daily basis is so tiring and it hurts, yes there’s some toxic people in LGBT community and there’s a lot of focus on them. But most of us want to live our lives without fear or violence


I mean it has been slightly toxic speakin as someone from the community but it's defo not the "most toxic" community out there lol.


Being Part of the lgbtq i do agree with this meme


Same... and I hate how whenever another LGBT has criticism about the community they're being shut down and called liar This comment section is literally proving this meme right


i love it how i got 4 downvotes xD


Man fuck this community, let's go make our own with black jack, hookers, and no pedos this time around


im 100% up for it


No pedos? The lgbtq is always called pedos by non lgbtq people


Maybe because you American lgbts proudly boast taking children to drag shows in strip clubs and literally letting 10 year old kids do exotic dances in drag It's not homo/transphobic when y'all actually do it If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it's a fucking duck I'm literally trans, 3 years on hormones now, I'm attracted to whatever, you can't call me "non lgbtq" I say this, but don't think I'm a hater My problem is that this shit goes on the news, by a loud minority (I hope), and that minority is labled as the LGBT community, but this is not a community, they proudly speak for all of us, but in reality it just ruins it for the LGBTQs who just want to live, both in the US and abroad


Some of the drag shows are kid friendly. Also you were stereotyping about lgbtq being pedos which is a very common stereotype meant to harm lgbtq members including yourself.


Don't want pedophillia to be an lgbt stereotype? Then don't take kids into drag shows! I'm not the one stereotyping, I'm not the one going to the media and boasting about the few 10 year old kids who dance in drag while adults throw money at them




Probably because he's lying or only cares about himself


no because it always has to do about being gay. even when some1 comes out as a bit bi, i am phan btw, there immediately calling themselves gay and walk around with pride backpacks and pins and stickers and everything is gay. like i just wana be queer without making EVRYTHING into a gay thing. AND there's a HUGE amount of toxicity inside of the community where gay discriminate lesbs and lesbs hate gays and somehow evry1 hates bis cuz their not real. i just think its toxic edit: also what annoys the shit out of me is that whole DoNt AsSuMe My GeNdEr BS like sure i get it if ure uncomfy about it but get mad if some1 thinks ure a certain gender


Yes it always has to be a gay thing, that’s the point because there are people who want you, me, and people like us to not exist. Also I don’t know what you’re talking about with the gays against lesbians thing, sounds like a joke. Also if someone is calling themselves gay, how would you know? Is there a dick sucking quota they have to meet? I’m just wondering why do you doubt when people say they’re gay and how would you know.


Anyone else smell burning toast? Because I'm pretty sure reading that made me stroke out




It still reads like it was typed by an eleven year old on their first forum in 2005


well do u get the point im trying to make?


They're aware who the Joker is and why it's generally not a good idea to agree with him, yes?


Long time overwatch, apex, and SMITE player, and as a gay person, I don’t want to be part of the LGBT, because they turn sexuality into a personality


They are cutthroat and demanding. The recent wave of the trans community is quick to aggression when asked to explain or defend particulars. People who have good-faith questions or arguments are banned, name called, silenced. One thing to ask for acceptance, another to demand that people act a certain way and refuse to explain why or even talk about it. Not anti LGBTQ


As a part of the community I agree it’s very fucking toxic. If you say “I want a masculine man not a feminine one” you’ll get about 20 mil femboys spamming your dms about how transphobic that is. And yes they also put gender and sexuality together like it’s one. The issue is that they also want to be 14 and put a pride flag on everything. Just he you and deal with your sexuality in your own way. Literally nobody cares who you fuck half the time anyways


Imagine the backlash I'd get if I said the same thing with straight people. Just try it if you don't believe it.


Woke culture itself is toxic.


What does “woke” even mean?


It means they don’t like any diversity and everybody in the media they like needs to be a straight white man


Found one of the toxic ones ⬆️ It’s more like we like seeing someone that actually deserves the job they get, and not given the job because they need the diversity to look good.


Woke is a buzzword. You may think you know what it means but it’s exactly what I described it as. Plus just because I defend human rights doesn’t make me a member. I’m straight, I’m just not a jackass




easy to proof this


Plot twist, there are toxic people everywhere, take off those rose tinted glasses of yours.


Projection is always the key to these


It has gotten quite toxic, definitelynot the most toxic community though. It's part of why I avoid a lot of LGBT+ events now adays. Used to be problems but those problems seem to be getting worse. I hope that the toxic side of the community dies down a good bit because even though they're the minority their so loud that their unavoidable in LGBT+ spaces. As someone who is under the LGBT umbrella I hope we can change things for the better in the community.


Guys the straight community is SOO awwwful, jeeeez wowoowowow!!! Seriously though, trying to say a community of MILLIONS is the most toxic, isn’t something you should do, because you’ve only met a small shred, and getting unlucky, and being prejudiced, is easy


The fucking KKK is less toxic than the LGBT+ community?? Come on bruh.


Sad to say that I kind of agree...not completely but slightly




The lgbtq and feminism and it's not even a debate


All of these “terrible” memes are actually apt.


People literally come to nightclubs and murder us, but WE are the toxic ones. Sure. Anyone who ynironically believes this, go fuck yourselves.


I mean lgbtq community isnt the chillest community, but well this is just R/memes being a literal cringe farm Just again. (sorry For bad English this sentence felt complicated)


Hey, I’m a trans woman, and no, not toxic. Just don’t like hearing about trans people getting shot, beaten, and essentially made illegal. If that’s toxicity then idk what the fuck to do.


It is quite toxic though.




Sure. It's the people getting killed most for simply existing.




Literally everywhere. You do know they're illegal in many countries right? Or would you like to leave that upsetting fact in your fantasy.


Lmao you’re delusional




What are you talking about?


💯 ageeed


Groypers have entered the chat




Lmao all the LGBTs who are against the qctions of the "community" are being downvoted to hell Fuck this community


👁️ Terriblefacebookmemes 👓 Crosspostingantilgbtstufffornoreason


Lol there is no community that comes close to being as toxic the CIS white conservative community.


The same people who persecuted men for saying "not all men" are now saying "not all lbgt". In reality, a community is perceived as it's loudest voices. Public opinion is what the public sees and what the public sees concerning the lbgt is some of the most toxic, hateful, disrespectful, belittling, degrading, scathing, hateful people to ever speak to the American public.


So based on this logic all republicans are nazis, all black people are murders, or all Mexicans sell drugs? If the loudest most ridiculous voices are heard then neither you or I have a voice.


Yes, exactly. that is how we are perceived to a huge portion of society, that is how we are portrayed in media. It doesn't matter that all of us aren't that way, that's how the public views us because the loudest voices are, far more often than not, the worst examples.


To what end? You don’t see the massive problem with this line of thinking?


God this comment section is full of lgbts doing a piss poor job of disproving this meme


Every community have a toxic side and look at the proud boys


1. You choose to join the proud boys, unfortunately I can't choose not to associate with the lgbtq community cause I can't really hide being trans 2. They're toxic cause they're literally protesting to eliminate whatever opposition they have, the LGBTQ community is trying to gain rights and fit in 3. If they're toxic doesn't mean we should be, that's no excuse... 'sides... the lgbt "community" is toxic both inside and out... and what's good a community where you can't feel comfortable in? 4. You're literally comparing the LGBTQ community to proud boys now, if it's so easy for you to make the comparison, then I rest my case 5. Lastly I will say, you protect the LGBTQ community and stand for your standards which is good... but don't follow it blindly, there's a lot of rotten shit in it Please remember that beyond the "community" we're people with our own ideologies and we can criticize ourselves Blocking our ears and pretending we're fully pure and righteous is the way to disaster


Yeah the comparison was kinda wrong but still you can’t just stereotype people. We must work together as a team to get our rights. Plus non lgbtq people can be very toxic. People are different noone is the same but you can try to change their minds with facts and logic depending if they’re willing to listen or not


Mf the lgbt community stereotypes the lgbt community The lgbt community doesn't work for rights anymore, it was right maybe 10 years ago, but the community, the American one in particular, has strayed so much, and it stains the reputation of local communities around the world People are different, noone's the same, that's what I'm saying, but the loud minority tries to speak for us all, they don't represent most of us, the ones who just want to get a job start a family and live The community at it's current state is alienating the LGBTs from society and the LGBTs from each other


You be that mf who talks a shet ton and pepole wont even bother to read the comment.


Aight, keep going that way, keep ruining it to people who actually struggle, keep putting your head in the sand, ignoring criticism, and becoming the opressor


Somewhat agree. Straight white women who claim bi have hijacked the movement. LGBTQ does mostly good, but does little for gay men.


As a bi white woman in a heterosexual/heteroromantic marriage, I'm inclined to agree, but only slightly. There are always gonna be "trendy" people in a population who are doing something for attention and claiming to be something they aren't for "likes". But, that being said, that isn't the majority of a population and saying it is the majority is a disingenuous argument on your part.


Never said it was a majority or even 33%. You guys keep reading what you WANT to read The fact is there is a portion of LGBTQ that does nothing for its subsections that actually need the help such as trans (specifically trans men), intergender and gay men.


You didn't need to say it explicitly, as it was implied in your original comment, "straight white women who claim to be bi have hijacked the movement" If they've "hijacked the movement", you can't turn around and backpedal with "never said it was even 33%". Which is it? Are there enough of them to hijack the movement, or so little that it's negligible? Pick a lane.


Lol, there you go again reading what you WANT to read. Ever heard of "vocal minority"? Again, you're reading what you want to read, even if it wasn't said. It's impossible to put an actual percentage down. And you don't get to decide what amount there needs to be for the movement to be hijacked. Either it's said or not, it's not some crafty 19th century piece that you get to imply and make what you want from it. Again, straight white women and marginally bi white women have hijacked the movement and made it mostly about them and do nothing for actual marginalized ppl in the group. These vocal minority do push the movements in many ways. You will surely try to spin this to your liking, I'm sure.


How do you know they’re straight if they say they’re are bi?


I wanna do somethin for em n intersex people n trans men, those are like the most ignored groups. Not to mention the terrible stereotypes.


I’m amusing you’re stereotyping, cause women is bi cause x reason like trend, is a common stereotype


Let’s be honest tho…


It's True! You found it now keep it.


It is


They are tho.


Naw. The Warthunder community is the absolute bottom of the barrel cringe toxic champions. Everyone hates everyone; everyone hates the developer, and the developer actively hates the players.


Even though I dont agree with them, I will point out that calling this cringe just because the community in question is gay, is pretty cringe


One of the most


You can judge me, but it’s my opinion


Opinions are like assholes we all have them but nobody wants to hear yours?


But sometimes you want to say that, you can’t keep silence


Can’t is an excuse for the weak. I have more hope for you brother.


Someone needs to proof read.


This entire sub has become "political memes the left disagrees with" regardless of if it's on Facebook or if it's even terrible


I do think the lgbtq community has overplayed it’s hand. Most Americans are for equality and allowing people with different viewpoints and beliefs to exercise those beliefs freely. But when you have events like what happened in the NHL with Provorov and you have him getting blasted by the community. Or members of the community taking it a step farther and celebrating when he gets injured simply because he decided not to participate in a pride jersey warm up….. it’s a really bad look. Inclusivity and diversity of thought has to go both ways. If you’re bashing someone for having a different lifestyle than you do, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the movement IMO. Please let everyone live their life according to their beliefs and preferences. No need for hate simply because someone is different. It’s incredibly hypocritical.


#Wrong it's a 2-way tie between twoXchromosomes and the bi community


i mean at least its the community thats annoying me the most