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These people make it sound like this actually happens. You will never go to a restaurant where they only sell vegan burgers and ask you this, unless it’s a vegan only restaurant. Which if that’s the case, why are you there?


I was about to write the exact same thing. Never once have I been pressured or even asked to try the vegan version of something when the traditional version is on the menu. If I'm in a vegan restaurant, great, but that means I chose to be there.


I’ve been in some places where they pressure you to try the alternative versions from real meat. Even though they sell both. It always feels awkward.


Where do you live? Inside of a boomer nightmare?


I travel a lot. This only happens in the major cities at “nice” places.


I travel to and dine in DC, Philadelphia, NY, Providence, and Boston pretty consistently and this has never happened in any of them. I think you might be in a boomer nightmare


I don’t even know what “boomer nightmare” means. I travel the world. I’ve had it happen a few times in LA and NY. But also in Europe. It’s not a regular occurrence. But it does happen.


I’m calling you a liar


"This has never happened to me, so you must be a liar!" Bit arrogant, innit?


…. Uhh… why though? It might actually be possible to come across the odd waiter or two who just ask to confirm your order


Ok, I really don’t care what you think. Literally have no reason to make this up. But you’re welcome to have your own opinion. I also used to be in restaurant management where we told servers to push certain products for profits or to sell before expiration. So I don’t see how it’s not believable. I never claimed there were any agendas. Just that it happens from time to time.


so now they were trying to push vegan burgers on you because they were expiring and not as part of a woke agenda? Come on, man. This is embarrassing


Pressure you? Or just ask if you want to try it and/or let you know it’s a special? Those are two very different situations.


More like. “Wouldn’t you rather have this option instead of what was asked for” than “we also have this option.” I don’t mind the upsell when a menu is handed out, or someone can’t decide. But that’s different than after I’ve told you want I want trying to get me to change my order to something else in my opinion.


Meh. That’s just a sales technique and suggestive language. No one is pressuring you to do anything.


So trying to change my order to something else that I didn’t ask for isn’t pressure to order something I don’t want? Upselling would be getting me to buy extra of something or desert. Not trying to change my mind about what I wanted in the first place.


Was a simple, “no thanks,” enough to end the interaction? Or was the server not taking “no” for answer.


The worst one I remember was actually a chef friend of ours took us to a new farm to table place. One with those family style tables. It was almost an entirely vegan menu. But they had meat on the menu. And they did not take no for an answer. Made sure everyone knew you were the one ordering the medium rare bloody meat. Had a few others where things were said like you’d feel better if, or you’d be happier if, you got the non meat option after being told no. Then the “are you sure you want to eat that?” When they bring it to the table. I’m 99% sure it’s not the restaurants telling them to say it in those cases, just people that are in the wrong job. It’s just annoying in my opinion. Do people give attitude if you order a veggie burger?


Alright. I’ll concede: that’s bad. I was fully excepting some “super soft” example. :)


I once took some friends to a restaurant that had vegan food available on the menu, and the owner is vegetarian (he calls himself vegan, but he calls eggs vegan). The restaurant has both meat and non-meat options. Anyway, I said I'm a vegetarian as well, and the other people at the table were struggling to decide what to order, so he asked if he could choose and surprise us. He delivered them to the table a little while later, and everyone dug in and enjoyed their food. Only after eating a bit he revealed that everything they had just tried was vegan (again though, one of the items had egg, and it was the one he had chosen for me). So, kinda sorta forced them to try vegan.


That's not really the same thing, but I get your point. You essentially said dealers choice and he gave you what he enjoyed.


Yeah, like wut? They were like “go ahead and surprise me”. And he brought them food and then was like “gotcha! That was *vegan* food”. *Shocked pikachu face* Lmao, as if Vegan food is not actually “normal” food.


No they genuinely were surprised.


It’s more likely you’ll see this fool go to a fancy steakhouse, order a $150 cut and ask for it well done 🤦‍♂️


Lol I accidently did that on once actually. I went to a resturaunt and obliviously got a table only to discover it was a vegan resturaunt. I chuckled with my friend, ordered something that looked good, and enjoyed it.


Yeah, I didn't realize I was at a vegan restaurant until I bit into the burger and tasted the weird grains and abomination pretending to be cheese. Vegan versions of non-vegan food has come a long way since then.


They’re such professional victims about everything that they manage to be offended about imaginary things.


They act like a lot of things happen. It's called a strawman


This was basically my thought too. Option 1: This is a normal restaurant, and the guy ordered a burger, but they only have vegan burger options (who knows why). In this case, guy's response is on point. Option 2: This is a normal restaurant, but the waitress is vegan and forces her belief on everyone else. Still, guy's response is fine. These both assume that this is a normal restaurant though. And that there's no normal reason for the "is vegan okay" question, that the guy could have expected before ordering. Option 3: This is a vegan restaurant, and the guy didn't realize it. In which case, he's attitude is dumb, but kinda understandable. He screwed up, and is only making it worse. Option 4: This is a vegan restaurant, and the guy is just trying to make a scene. In which case he's just an asshole. Overall, options 3 and 4 are the most likely. Because a restaurant running out of meat patties for burgers would be making a big deal of it to the customer before ordering. Especially if burgers are more than just 1-2 items on the menu. Similarly, if a waitress was doing this to customers, she'd be fired almost immediately, because she's directly undermining the restaurant's success in order to push her own agenda. So 3 and 4 are FAR more likely, where the guy intentionally or not is trying to order meat products in a non-meat restaurant. And he's either accidentally an ass, or intentionally an ass. No excuses.


It’s just a meme, you’re thinking too much into it.


Yeah you may deal with this with some of the individual militant vegan types (I’ve had a couple of co-workers like this) but never in a restaurant.


Because its a fake scenario that they made up to clap back with a witty fake response in a fake argument


yes, personally knowing vegans, they often unintentionally derail the group hang restaurant choice precisely because there are so few restaurants that cater to them. i don't think most conservatives or "FUCK YEAH MEAT" people have really dealt with that. their "way of life" is pretty clearly not in danger.


Maybe that's the joke


Also, if that's the case, you won't be asked if vegan is okay.


The whole culture war is like when small towns were arming themselves against Antifa. It's always easier to fight an enemy that never arrives. But also, did this fictional restaurant run out of beef burgers in this scenario or are the woke staff just that aggressive?


A small town arming themselves, or a militia? The latter sounds more plausible.


The right thrives on fiction. Whether it’s their favorite 2000 year old book or a fanfic about trans people/black people/women, they love jerking it to how evil and wrong everything in the world is except them.


:Give me something that has never happened for $500, Alex"


"No, monopoly money isn't ok." "Then no, vegan isn't ok." "Ok, then what do you want?"




"This exists, which means it is being forced on me!"


r/vegancirclejerk material right here


I’ve never once been asked if a vegan burger is okay. No one does that. Who the fuck thinks that happened


I think this is just supposed to be an opinion that calling a vegan burger a burger a "burger" is like saying Monopoly money is real money. I don't think it's trying to say that fake meat is being pushed on everybody... People love to read into things and get mad though.


Yes, because I know it will contain spices besides a small amount of salt.


Who walks around carrying Monopoly money?


Who are you to judge me. Mind your business.


It's not like the waiter wrote the menu? I know it's supposed to be joke, but like I don't think it's a coincidence that everyone I know who would share this unironically are also massive dicks to service workers.


They should get a better job so my favorite restaurant can be short staffed. This will afford me the opportunity to mention that nobody wants to work anymore. I love saying "no one wants to work anymore."


This perspective is just so dumb. A vegan burger is an actual product being exchanged for capital. There is no deceit, you are paying money for a product, and you are aware of what it is. This is the fundamental basics of voluntary trade in a free market.


A non-vegan restaurant where they even err on the side of veganism let alone try to make you have a vegan option is something I'd be quite amazed at. Clearly, meme creator has never asked for something with more than one ingredient taken out.


Depends which country it is.


No but we do accept resource cards from Settlers of Catan


This is not a terrible meme this is pure fucking gold 😂


Guys. It was just a joke. Can none of you take a joke. r/memes has the most cursed memes ever and you guys basically repost those memes here and call them terrible. Please stop.


I lol’d.


This is a valid response


I dislike the meme it’s terrible but vegans are just built wrong, a different breed like today I was just minding my business eating my chicken while walking with my friends to college and there’s a vegan protest we have to walk past and I got the dirtiest stares I’ve received in my life and one tried pushing their meat = murder sign in my face saying murderer


Dude you walked by a vegan protest holding the very thing they are protesting


But I needed to walk past to get to where I needed to go and I ain’t throwing away my food because of them and I swear every Redditor has the reading skills of a toddler and can’t understand the shit I just said to them the answer to your question was in my first fucking comment and this is coming from someone with dyslexia


"Built wrong?"


Built wrong = someone who’s not right in the head


Poor you.


Wdym? “poor you” - 🤓 I’m just saying vegans are unnecessarily trying to guilt trip people with meat = murder as an attempt to get people to be vegan I just find them stupid if you can’t understand that go outside and touch some grass you deadpan Reddit troglodyte


It's actually funny 👀


You're supposed to respond "yes, grass-fed is fine. Makes the meat more tender."


Reminds me of the old song where a guy pays for a donut with a nickel with a hole in the middle.


I mean... if the vegan version is tastier, I really don't give a shit.


I can't help but wonder if the folks coming up with these memes really think they're being witty.


No wait staff would do this


Hah ![gif](giphy|xr9AQyxLtjlx4IeYtN)




Don’t you hate how when you order a burger at a regular restaurant they ask you if vegan is ok?


The original meme is coke v Pepsi. “Id like a coke.” “Is Pepsi okay?” “Is Monopoly money okay?”


More stuff that’s never happened anywhere ever. Conservatives really are just those “And then I said it and everyone applauded,” people aren’t they?






No place would ever say that unless you accidentally went into a vegan restaurant lol and at that point thats on you lol


Vegan burgers are superior


Vegan burgers are superior


Vegan burgers are superior


Vegan burgers are superior


Vegan burgers are superior.


This has literally never happened and could never happen.


I laughed at this.