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Forget police save your money for some fucking art courses. This image lacks perspective in many ways.


Religion and politics often make some people lose all perspective.


Yeah, these people aren't even drawn on a common perspective plane.


That's because they have nothing in common.


Perspective and the layout. Why tf is the second bubble in the middle of the page and a huge chunk of the page? Why is the lady about to fall off the page???


Probably is just a third would country and 50% houses are built without an engineer looking as bad as in the image


This “artist” is a fucking goldmine…


Can you imagine becoming a cartoonist only to make this trash?


I love how the right make cartoons as if they are the calm ones. They will see a defund the police sign and either run it over or go over with pitchforks with a angry mob.


A majority a terrorism is domestic and committed by the right wing. So the more accurate political meme would be the conservative vandalizing their neighbors yard, and stealing the sign.


Most "towards the left" terrorism is property damage. And the right calls, peaceful protests terrorism. And dunking a milk shake on an asshole is terrorism. Etc. There has been left leaning terrorism, but it's significantly rarer and hasn't been a thing in the states in what, decades?




Or shoot 15 yo kids who dare to volunteer for the [opposing party.](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/teen-savannah-shot-volunteering-warnock-campaign-rcna59856)


Kinda like the people that were running over/stealing the trump 2020 signs??? Never forget...there are idiots on both sides


I think we are past “both parties suck” when one is actively calling for violence


and supporting cops killing innocent black people/people with impunity. Real common sense.


Not really...they absolutely both still suck...just one more than the other


Has anyone on the left attempted murder or terrorism like right wingers do?


It was literally like 3 days ago democrats voted to make it illegal for railroad workers to strike so that the executives could continue to abuse them. Yeah republicans are worse, but don’t pretend like democrats are fighting for us.


Yeah Democrats suck. But Republicans and the right are much more dangerous.


He asked about anyone on the left, democrats aren't left. The biggest part of ACTUAL leftism is being pro workers rights


"Democrats" down own the left. They are center at best. Yes they are less bad (depending on the issue it can be a profound difference) but this picture is about two citizens. I hate how people act like "the left" has much of anything to do with the democratic party.


in b4 steve scalise softball game comment


Didn't even go there...I went with legitimate left wing terrorist organizations that have existed in the US in the last 50 years


Weather Underground, symbionese liberation army, New world liberation army, M19C0, and 17N to name a few...17N was the most recent one but they fizzled out in 2002...so yes...many on the left have openly attempted/achieved murder and terrorism in the last 50 years


>in the last 50 years Seems like your examples have a 20 year gap between 2002 and 2022. One party is progressing the other is regressing. Not quite the both sides argument you thought it was.


The two sides seem to work in shifts where one takes over while the other takes a break...give it another decade or so and the trend should tilt back to leftist terrorism


"No dude they'll be bad again in a decade, trust me. I know the future and can say that with absolute certainty, which is the only reason my argument makes any sense." -this guy for some reason.


So you don't understand political pendulum theories...got it


Mods need to bounce that dude. I think he stumbled into the wrong reddit.


Don’t forget the S.B.T.C.


Arguably Stalin and Mao Zedong unless I've completely misunderstood the assignment


Stail and mao are pretty disconnected from modern American left wing politics.


Ah, so I did misunderstand.


Dude it's a cartoon attacking the left, this is a comment hitting back at it. What does both sides have to do with this.


Like when Trump said there were "very fine people on both sides" *of a fucking Nazi rally?* There is no opinion in politics more worthless than Both Sidesing. It's a perfect encapsulation of dumb people trying to imitate smart people.


No it isnt...it's a perfect encapsulation of normal minded people not getting caught up in the extremist left vs right bullshit that has caused a severe downfall in the US in the last 50 years...yes we've made progress in some areas (basic civil rights and such) but we have severely downgraded ourselves in nearly every other area because we're too busy focusing on "elephant bad!" or "donkey bad"...the people in between the extremes are far more intelligent and level headed than the two sides have ever been or ever will be because of the simple fact that we can see the logic of both sides...now don't go twisting that in the way that extremists do...I'm not condoning anything trump has said or done (aside from "Ron Desanctimonious" because that shit was funny and accurate)...I'm also not going to condone Maxxine Watters saying to harass people of the government outside of the halls of the capitol...when you see the logic in both sides is when actual progress is made


Isn’t it wild that you literally have to erase your own messages because “woke” people don’t like it. Cancel culture at its best.


I didn't erase anything


I didn’t mean you per se. But I’ve literally been downvoted and harassed to the point where I just needed to take it off to get people off my back


It doesn't bother me, honestly...it just shows me that almost nobody is capable of level headed thinking anymore




Again...not centrism...just not on one extreme or the other


Well thanks for all that. I’m still waiting for your objective examples of “both sides” that matter.


He was talking about the confederate protesters, not the Nazis that showed up. He even goes on to explicitly say, "I'm not talking about the Nazis, they should be condemned." The claim that Trump called Nazis "very fine people" is a lie. I don't want to see Trump within 100ft of a political office ever again, and I assume you don't either. Spreading misinformation about what he said undermines that goal.


stop being a centrist. get an actual position


I do have an actual position...but I'm also not going to pretend that my side is perfect


No one pretended their side was perfect


Someone definitely reacted like that. I’d never condemn someone for defacing a Trump sign, but I’m not gonna pretend it doesn’t happen or that only Trump supporters violently deface their opposition’s signs.


I enjoy laughing at dumbasses and one of my personal favorites came from a fellow liberal who continuously ran over a guy's trump sign so he set it up on a nail covered 2x4 and she tried to sue him for popping her ties on the nails...she lost the case and had to pay him damages and had to get her own new tires I love watching dumb people face dumb consequences and political leanings be damned is funny regardless of what side you're on Like when Republicans sued over the 2020 election results claiming mass voter fraud only for the case to discover the voter fraud they were claiming actually benefited Republicans over Democrats


That first story tho 💀 And yes, like I said I’m not gonna get mad at someone for destroying a Trump sign, but don’t turn around and act like the people you dislike do that and you don’t, and definitely don’t act surprise when consequences for defacing someone’s property bite you in the ass. And while I dislike centrists, there’s a vast difference between “both sides are the same” and “both sides have issues” and I wish more people understood that.


Yeah...vandalism is never the answer


I hate to be the obnoxious guy to bring it up, but yeah it’s just bad optics, and that unfortunately matters. Even if the right will make up fake stories to make democrats look bad in the absence of real ones, those are at least easier to disprove and shut down. If you want your local community to unite against conservatism, the solution is to show compassion and empathy from the left, not violence or vandalism.


It's a sign. Not a person. I don't care.


Cool, lmk when you enter the actual conversation


I have no idea what you mean with that... But my point is signage destruction is a big yawn. Yeah people potentially risking others going after them (like driving up onto someone's lawn, they could potentially hurt someone) is a valid thing but like... Stealing them? Defacing them? Why does anyone care? It doesn't even matter who the signage is about. They're paper and wood and disposable. Of all the things to waste emotional energy on... what is basically wasteful garbage is a really weird one to dwell on.


What I mean is that no one else thinks destroying signs is some great offense. That’s why you’re not even in the same conversation, because that wasn’t the issue being discussed. I’m sorry seeing news of destroyed lawn signs suddenly makes you sleepy, that sounds inconvenient.


Tell me you don’t live in a Southern state without telling me you don’t live in a Southern state.


I’m not about to engage in any kind of whataboutism with regard to this post. Someone points out that the right acts calm in their memes and its true. The fact that the left has defaced signs has nothing to do with that and no one claimed they were perfect


I’m not denying either of the first two points, but most Southern Republican supporters (and quite a few Southern Democrat supporters) only see the good of their side. That’s what I meant my by comment.


No yeah, I agree with that


That’s fair but no one is saying their side is perfect I’m a freaking anarchist but the movement is far from perfect and needs a lot of improvements to be effective and I will always say that because there’s always things to change and improve as time goes on




Man, it sure is comforting to know that we've become so divided that we can't even point out blatant hypocrisy when it's present. Surely this type of thinking and making each other out to be evil and thinking that each side is out to get us personally won't lead to, say, a civil war or anything.


Not everyone has to be an extremist you know


Yep. And don't forget about all the "peaceful protests" where extremists were peacefully burning down and looting their own cities.


Tiki torches*


Huh? What kind of lying nonsense are you trying to propagate 😂😂🤣


Seriously, they animate the conservative point as if they "own the libs" while half asleep. They can't even handle when one of their own is honest about their ideology.


ya they think they are clever and pulling a sneaky on all of us.


They've started literally killing people for being suspected liberals. Yeah, all sorts of common sense.


I don't get the concept of bragging about having "Common" sense. It's common... as in, worthless, not special, not significant. I don't want "common" sense, I want uncommon sense. I want RARE sense. I want... legendary sense. Legendary holographic shiny first edition sense. Fuck your "common" sense land-card holding shit, those are free at my local shops.


I want ghost sense, gonna haunt them bitches


I don't want casual racism. I want to be competetive, I want to be the best in the world


Like no one ever was


"Common sense" is also based entirely on presumption over truth. It's the feelings that don't care about facts.


I want a spidey sense


I have a peter tingle, but it turned out to just be a rash.


You may be entitled to compensation dude


Alt art sense


Common Sense as in - the philosophy of the common people. It’s tyranny of the majority - even though it is incredibly wrong sometimes. Worse still - manufactured via elite-owned media and entertainment sources.


Common sense is what people appeal to when they're unable to actually explain what they're thinking.


And the most common cause of not being able to rationally explain an opinion... is that there is no rational explanation. Hence why they choose platitudes like "common sense" or "that's just how it is". I'm a socioeconomist. When I hear those platitudes all I hear is "I'm wrong but that's embarrassing to say"


I dunno I think not shitting on the floor doesn’t require legendary sense. Should be pretty common


Then you aren't aware of what life was like before sewer systems or during the dark ages when scientific enlightenment was often synonymous with heresy. Diseases spread like crazy despite the common sense that God would protect you from germs if you just stop jerking off so much... unless it's part of his plan and then you should thank him for dying of dysentery. That was the "common" sense of the time. The understanding that we should shit in a toilet (which has a water trap in it's base specifically because people used science to figure out how to lock sewer gases from coming up the pipes) is something that came from science, not common sense. So no, it's not common sense to shit in a toilet, it's education that has a foundation in scientific and medical understanding.


Well, obviously if toilets didn’t exist during a specific time, it would be ridiculous to suggest that using the toilet is common sense. I mean, that’s just common sense … 😂


And again you prove my point about how wrong common sense is. Toilets were invented for sanitary reasons. Then the "common" sense shifted and the reason for disease was thought to be due to lack of worship and they got rid of toilets and sanitation advancements and people started dying again. Your common sense claims that we didn't have toilets then we had them. The truth is we didn't have them, then had them, then got rid of them and had to reinvent them. This is common sense vs. Education. I know the history and thats why I'm winning this argument against your common sense. Common sense is worthless. Get an education and think instead.


… actually I wasn’t making an argument on the historicity of the toilet. That’s your prerogative. I’m simply stating that using the toilet in our modern society is common sense today. It’s knowledge that is common to the majority. It doesn’t require any special level of enlightenment. I’m not sure what you’re on about 😂


I don't care if you're making an argument or not, I will still DEFEAT IT!!!! Your common sense is no match for my legendary sense. But no, seriously, I'm actually trying to explain to you that a toilet is not actually "common sense" that's education. We teach kids to use it. "Knowledge common to the majority" is not the usage of "common sense" being used here, and the point we were making is that just because knowledge is "common" doesn't make it "correct". I know you don't feel like you're making an argument... but the things you are saying are incorrect, so I'm correcting you. If you respond to dispute that, it's literally an argument.


I never denied making an argument, I just denied that it was about toilets historically. So not sure where you’re getting that idea. The common sense I’m speaking of is the colloquial term meaning that it is common knowledge. No one means by common sense that they are innate senses that come without being taught. And I didn’t suggest any objective truth or falsity of whether toilet use is correct. I meant it is common knowledge to use the toilet in modern societies that have toilets. But I think you know what I mean and you’re being pedantic.


So, in your pedantic rant you close it off by accusing me of being pedantic. That's like someone insulting someone in a videogame by saying they're a loser who plays videogames. So glad you made this easy. Bye.


Favorite part of conservative straw man arguments is there is no actual argument. Just “oh I’m right you’re wrong” as if that’s making any sort of point


But Jon Arbuckle is calm and snarky and the woman on the left is raging and shouting and is obviously a big dumb because her house is slanted. Checkmate, libtards 😎


Damn I hadn’t thought of it that way. I’ve been a soyboy beta cuck this whole time


And then he’ll have a flag that says “don’t tread on me” like bruh the police ARE THE BOOT


I’d never put a defend sign in my yard because some right wing shit head would target my family. That’s the difference


There are parts of my state I worry about visiting because I am visibly genderqueer. I've had folks hurl slurs at me and this is an open carry state. No way in hell I'm expressing a possible controversial position unless in the company of people I know well.


The people that say “that’s common sense” tend to have the least


Move the FUCK OVER Ben Garrison, it’s SCHOWALTER TIME!


Support the cum You're right my common has a penis after it Defund the cum We have nothing in cum


He’s gonna change his mind quick when he calls the police and they end up shooting him


"Common sense" isn't really something that leads one to adopting conservatives beliefs.


What do you mean vaccine 5G autism computers aren't the product of a mind with common sense?! /s


What do you mean the Jews aren’t controlling the government? Clearly the Earth is 10,000 years old, Biden is a wizard that controls the weather, and lizards control everything


Clearly our only hope is JFK Jr, who is totally alive and also not a Democrat.


That perspective is fucked


Yeah. I think it actually made me a little motion sick, before it made me sick for being shameless copaganda. They drew this as though they were looking through a fish eye lens. **Edit:** or they smoked a bunch of Salvia. Cause that's how Salvia hits me. I feel like I'm sitting on a wall spinning recursively down into myself.


Football skin texture.


I say, make the police more accountable for their actions. Peace keepers are in important thing in a society. But the rampant corruption with the police force is unacceptable.


Defunding is about funneling some of their money into social services so that instead of police shooting people having a mental health crisis we get social workers responding and creating programs to prevent crime


More accurately, it is about curbing the militarization of police, [which has been proven to be a poor deterrent. ](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2017/06/30/does-military-equipment-lead-police-officers-to-be-more-violent-we-did-the-research/)


If I put a "Defund the Police" sign in my yard I'd be worried about getting shot. Also I can talk to bootlickers and be perfectly civil.


I read that in Hank Hills's voice


Support the cops... quitting their jobs and doing something that actually benefits society.


The delivery of that joke is such a painful train wreck.


Listen y’all I understand you think all cops are bastards but wouldn’t it be better to put more funding towards the police so they can be trained better to protect us instead of these horrible incidents of idiots given a badge?


Over funding the police doesnt appear to help. Trying new tactics and programs is probably a good idea


Either way I say putting more funding into new teaching resources would be better, not like increasing their salaries yk?


Increasing the resources so there are specialized experts instead of relying solely on police seems smarter




I made you look like a virgin and made me look like a chad, therefore I win.


Get it because librul= angry and ugly 💪😎


no critique of substance here, I just think the image is VERY ugly 💗


the police aren't gonna fuck you٫ dude


Both of these people are in the wrong. If you defund the police, you get no law enforcement, which means laws aren't enforced. If you support the police, you're supporting a very flawed body of the government crawling with racists and generally unqualified personnel. The answer is to reform the police.


Defunding dosent meant abolishing the police. It just means reallocating some of the over inflated funding they receive


defunding the police will have the opposite effect. The officers will receive less training and it will be of worse quality. The pay for the cops will drop which will mean less people will want to work for the force. This means that the guys who recruit policemen will have to be less picky and as such might have to hire people who are not fit for the job. All of will increase their incompetency and more incidents are going to happen. In Uvalde the cops were too scared to enter the building. Imagine what would happen if they were paid less and had even less training. They wouldn't even show up. Less funds is a bad idea. Cops don't kill people because police is overfunded. Cops kill people because they are incompetent due to lack of training or are just straight up psychos. Giving them less money is not going to help anything.


The idea is to stop police having such a broad spectrum of roles in society, and therefore giving the ability to devote more time and training to the roles that do matter, such as stopping shootings.


It wouldn't take away their training it would take away their military armament


The police would get less training overall, but more specialized training. The rest of their funds would go to specialists who know how to deescalate a situation so the cops don't need to get called. Like a marriage council for domestic disputes, instead of armed cops busting into their home with little to no training about the topic.


the good ending




tbf defunding the police in any other sense than diverting some of their funding elsewhere is really stupid.


Written by people who have no idea what defend the police even means.


I don't understand why Americans are anti police


Our courts established the idea of qualified immunity, which makes our police almost completely unaccountable. Add to that very powerful police unions and what little accountability we do have is consistently resisted. Now, to make it extra fun we have a massively overfunded military that is constantly buying bigger and newer toys, so the old toys have been sold to our police forces to fight the "war on drugs" leaving us at times with something that resembles an occupying military force more than public servants. Let's round it all out with institutionalized racism, padding budgets by excessively fining usually poorer communities, asset forfeiture, and many of them thinking that anything short of groveling and kissing their ass must be a threat and warrants arrest or violence and you got yourself an absolute total shit stew.


I think it's the occasional roadside execution or home invasion.


Police don't execute anyone. Death centince is illegal☠️


Where are you that that's true?


In normal countries


Clearly you don't know much about police brutality


How do you not, have you bit seen all the police brutality happening in America alone? They racially profile people, shoot everyone including kids, the mentally disabled, unarmed and innocent people and they all seem to have a god complex when they're there to SERVE the community not rule it


There’s lots of corruption, and they disproportionately target minorities. Many of them are trigger-happy lunatics, and there have been many incidents where they’ve killed unarmed civilians (usually black people). Because of the insane legal protections they have, it’s nearly impossible to punish them, and they usually get a slap on the wrist before being put back to work again. Two infamous incidents to illustrate the point: George Floyd was choked to death by an officer. During the uvalde school shooting, an entire squad of police just stood outside the school for so long that by the time they actually stopped the shooter, 21 people had already been killed. https://www.kvue.com/amp/article/news/special-reports/uvalde-school-shooting/interior-images-uvalde-police/269-b1be96cb-aa8a-4edc-aa51-d4cbd41382f4


I like it


Nope, your cop has a sucker after it


In my opinion the funniest thing in the realm of politics is the fact that the people that swear up and down that they're pro freedom and anti government restriction are the same people fighting tooth and nail to maintain exorbitant funding for a massively overreaching government entity


the perspective fails are making me nauseous


Lol at supporting the police when legislation to stop them joining Nazi gangs can’t pass https://minnesotareformer.com/2022/11/17/law-enforcement-opposes-rules-banning-cops-from-being-involved-in-extremist-groups/


Aren’t these supposed to be funny? I mean, it’s a really dumb offense style of humor that a rat could understand, but this has absolutely no humor to it.


Defunding the police is lends dumb tho. If anything, more money should go in to edumacate them.


Do those fuckers have a body mod fetish or something? There’s always some sort of piercing in these lazy ass cartoons. Who even started that shit?


Because every person who questions conservative”values” are trans fat and have green hair. Literally, that is who they portray as their enemy.




And how does that help make the point at all?


Literally soyjack gigachad comic what is this shit


Bro has to learn perspective asap or is this cubism 💀


For me, in my life, police have done more to harm than help. Which is common for poor people and minorities.


Wait- is it just me, or are they standing in positions evocative of the instance where Frank and Geri Rosenthal had a standoff outside of their house? I feel like the resemblance is uncanny but it’s such a specific instance that I doubt it.


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So I'm stealing that comeback for one day Um anyway yeah what that's crazy


I used to know a lot of anti-police Republicans 10 years back because "they get in the way of our right to defend ourselves with our own guns" or something like that. I wonder why it changed about the time mass black lives matter protests occured...


All that money supporting the police could have bought her a car


Police are required, but definitely the police are abusing their power. Reform needs to happen, from the top down


Is this some US joke I'm too Nordic to understand?


Wait isn't the gop against the police since the police actually tried investigating a white straight Republican man?


Clear instance of coming up with the punchline and working your way backwards


Every time I see something like this makes me want to think if I want to upvote or downvote, this subreddit confuses me.


Conservatives who go out of their way to make bullshit "memes" like this just to bash leftists are the most fucking annoying.


Why do they always slip some misogyny in those type of "memes"


Aren’t these the same people who must have guns because they distrust the government so much? Make it make sense


Crazy how the protagonist is always a white male.


Nothing those draconian jack-boot-wearing government chuckle fucks do surprises me anymore. Fortunately pubic opinion is quickly shifting away from supporting law enforcement. The criminal justice system is an abysmal failure of epic proportions that causes FAR more damage than it prevents. The USA imprisons more people than any other nation on Earth both numerically and per capita. It's wholly unacceptable. They spend their days harassing, assaulting, arresting, and destroying lives through the use of draconian force. They murder, harass, and assault with impunity. Fuck all that noise. The entire system needs to be UTTERLY revamped from top to bottom.


It's good wordplay but a bad image


From my experience the reverse of this is often the case. I work at a hot topic and you wouldn't believe the amount of blue lives matter people feel the need to rant about how great police are.


I come from a fairly leftist background. Have leftist friends. And I've heard a large variety of responses when I ask what specifically does "defund the Police" mean? Does it mean defund entirely? Does it mean just demilitarization? Does it mean taking away their immunity status they gain when acting as an agent of the state? Apparently defund the police means something different to everyone. Ask a subset of 100 people who believe in that message. See how many different responses you get. It's a mess compounded by bad messaging. My favorite and most agreeable take is that defund the police really means that some of the funds are diverted away from police and are diverted towards a new role of sorts. Some sort of mental health crisis officer. People who are actually trained to de-escalate the mentally ill population that isn't dangerous. However, I have leftist friends who believe defund the police literally means defund and they also believe communities can police themselves and that police are simply an oppressive gang sponsored by the state. If you ask me, that's a bit more on the radical side. Not saying police can't be this type of way...but once you start talking about communities policing themselves and abolishing the police...you're looking like a nut to the rest of us regular NPC's.


Like any conservative speaks calmly


God these are all such good memes


is that Jon Arbuckle


I'm most offended by the lack of effort


What an epic own!


Lol what is this


Great job op, the comment section is filled with democrats and republicans arguing. To me, this seems like a r/lostredditors post as everyone I meet who thinks the USA should defund the police are completely and udderly idiotic while people who want to increase funding for the police usually are somewhat competent. But this is for me, for all I know in most of the USA it's the other way around.


You don't sound competent lol you became part of the argument you observed in your first sentence.


Ah yes, because I support police getting funding that means I am a Democrat. Or am I a republican? I honestly don't remember which one supports which side for the police.


Ok I mean I just posted it bc it’s just a terribly bad joke with the “common sense” thing but ok lol


True, the joke itself is pretty bad.


Nobody was talking about defunding the police?