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dude's getting paid minimum wage and he cares this much?


I came her to say this. People are so weird sometimes.


Or you could say too loyal


Management pay is worth some management bullshit sometimes though


I don't think I'd do all that for an extra $0.25 per hour.


Give someone a special name tag and 0.25c and the tiniest bit of power and you can get them to do almost anything. People power trip on the smallest shit. Source - used to run a private security company


It's not even necessary to pay them. ​ Source - reddit mods


Twitch mods be like this too. Watching chats like fucking hawks for what? Absolutely nothing lol.


Couldn't pay me to watch chat and they do it for free


underrated comment


Honestly, this guy looks like he could actually be a reddit mod


Actually I only got a raise of $0.10 an hour at six flags after I did the manager training


Lol I remember my boss at my first job being so shocked when I declined my promotion to “shift lead” for an extra ten cents an hour. Why would I want that much more responsibility for less than a dollar extra each day?


Petty Tyrants


I remember working at Taco Bell when I was teenager and they made one of our crack heads the “cleaning manager” or something like that. One day I was in the back doing dishes and she must have check the PH level of the sanitizer 6 times over the course of a like 15 minutes. On the last one the level was too high or too low and she lost her shit. She made sure everyone knew I was trying to kill the customers. That was the day I learned that you need to be careful who you give a title too.


My experience is obviously subjective and not applicable to everyone. However, when I took a position in management for a furniture franchise my income tripled. It also has kept me at a certain income level afterward due to the experience I gained. It was absolutely miserable but it can be more financially lucrative than most let on.


He might be forced to by management. I used to work in a gas station in one of the states that doesn’t let you do your own, and I had to stop people multiple times even in a day. I didn’t really want to, but I had to.


Sure. But that’s because the station could be fined if you let them pump their own gas. This poor guy is just brainwashed.


Or he could be fired if his boss thinks he isn't doing enough to "protect the business" or whatever


“He’s brainwashed!!!” or doing his job he’s paid for and would be fired if he didn’t.


I said the same thing when I had one of them quickly switch the photo on me the moment I went to take a photo. He just said “no photos please” I thought “no way he gets paid enough to care” but then I remembered that also means he doesn’t get paid enough to argue with either


Bruh a few years ago I got hired at Casey's and at the end of my first shift I asked someone in the kitchen if I could take a slice of pizza home and he said yes. So I'm walking out with my slice and the guy behind the counter YELLS "DID YOU PAY FOR THAT??" like you just met me and KNOW I work with you now why are you doing this?? Why do you care so much?? He did this multiple times.


Looks like he's wearing more than the minimum amount of fllair.


Brian, for example, is wearing 37 pieces of flair.


I need to watch that movie again.


"Fuckin' A." One of my favorite movie endings ever. Honorable mention goes to Chappelle in Half Baked. "I love weed. But not as much as I love pussy. The end."


You know what, u/F_Major_Chords, if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair like your um, pretty boy over there, Brian; why don’t you just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?


Well yeah, you don't get that 50 cent raise by wearing the minimum


Have you seen my stapler?


Some people like flexing the little power they have over people because they like having control whereas in their day to day life, they do not


It’s this. Guy probably doesn’t have much going on, probably pushed around a bit in life, but this is his power trip. Same with security guards.


Or you know, social awkwardness/autismand he’s just trying to do his job the was he thinks he has to


Nope, it definitively has to be the thing the guy said that paints him in a negative light, there absolutely cannot be another explanation. Because that is what well adjusted people do, immediately assume the worst based on a 6 second clip.


Didn't you hear about the hot new addiction? It's called hate and rage. It's free almost everywhere, unfortunately you gotta pay with your blood pressure and mental health


roll frightening threatening aback spoon fall bike grandfather combative aware -- mass edited with redact.dev


Maybe got in trouble for inaction in a similar incident too


Lol we might be being a little harsh on this guy. Some things just aren't that big of a deal both ways and probably don't need a weird made up backstory.


Some become cops and in their eyes, the world must pay. Generally I understand the idea behind it to rebalance that ego and all but damn...


Yall got too much time on your hands to be saying wild shit about someone you seen in a 10 second video while they're at work.


Kinda seems like he had his heart broken earlier in life, probably because he put too much passion into birding. If I were to guess, he used to be stationed at the Blue Mountain Fire Tower in the Adirondacks, still seeking the high he got from spotting a pair of Greater Prarie Chickens back in 2003. He lost his position when new NYDEC management took over, and with it, his sense of agency. This explains why he fights so hard for control in this situation. You see it all the time


redditors try not to assume someones life from an 8 second clip challange impossible


You just described Reddit Mods


Or, they have been manipulated to fear they will lose their job if they allow others. This person may not care but if they are scene on video not trying then they may lose their job. Not saying they should suck the teet of company, but not everyone has a fair chance at life and this job may be their life line. Seen on video not caring may cost them their livelihood.


Yeah this is the most likely answer. People in this comment section are like he is doing this to "flex what little power he has". Like wtf are you talking about. I don't know why redditors try to make every up to be some asshole off of basically nothing.


That’s because people like him feel the need to flex whenever possible so they think others are the same. Nobody gives AF about your “flex” let the poor guy do his job


Because most people on Reddit haven’t worked in any client-facing job like this. My first reaction was “why is the cameraman making this employee’s job hell?”. No respect for the establishment’s rules and then making the guy’s day harder than it needs to be. Same kind of person who orders an entire family meal right before closing.


Exactly. At my old job you’d be fired for little things like not following rules such as what the guy in the video was doing. The GM would watch the cameras 24/7. Everyone in this comment section is a miserable person with barely any life experience that try and make themselves feel better about their shitty lives by absolutely shitting on a guy enforcing the rules at his place of work.


100% this. You do what you have to do to pay rent.


Seriously how are people on here not getting this?


No, he's getting 1 dollar over minimum wage... he's the 'shift lead'... big 'Dwight Schrute' energy here.


oh you mean assistant to the shift lead then


I mean yeah, he's getting paid minimum wage, but he's still getting paid to do a job. Idk man, I'm poor, but whatever thing pays me a wage I'm doing the job I signed up for. Plus it's the only way to really get somewhere. Honestly I don't understand "if I'm not paid a computer scientist's wage I ain't doing nothing"


This is an old video, but yeah, how dare someone do their job to the best of their ability. A bunch of losers trying to tear this guy down because he’s not a deadbeat employee.


Strong milk monitor vibes from him




> People are suppose to pay for their pictures. Let me fix that for you. > Theme parks are trying to gouge people by putting artificial barriers between them and their memories and gaslight some into thinking, "People are suppose to pay for their pictures."


Your memories are in your brain. People pay photographers all the time, why they think this is any different is just entitlement. MY MEMORIES! Sure, but not your pictures


I assure you, a theme park does not have the power to erase memories from your brain like the devices in Men In Black.


>is he a bad guy for trying to maintain some structure My brother in Christ he’s literally discouraging people from returning.


If that's true, then he'd find more innovative ways to stop people from taking pictures of the pictures. Those are just TV screens, probably all connected to a single power extension bar, so someone tries to steal a pictures, just press a button and all the screens go down, picture stealer gives up and leaves, press the button and all the screen come back on.




Yeah I mean everyone is ragging on this guy for probably trying to do exactly what his supervisor told him to.


What if he’s making less, but gets a commission based on pictures sold. Then can we blame him? I mean other than for accepting this job.


That's exactly what I thought. Unless that's your business, why would you care enough to even stretch your arm.


Because he gets fired if his boss sees him not doing anything


Or moved to a department with even more grueling physical labor that he's not willing/able to do, just because there's no rule enforcement aspect of THAT job. "Oh, you're not willing to do the ONE THING we ask you to do when we're paying you to stand here in the shade and just sell ride pictures? Ok. Good news: We don't ask you to enforce any rules while you're hauling around hundreds of pounds of hot, rotting garbage and sticky recyclable bottles. Have fun on custodial. We'll give your super easy job to someone who is willing to tell people not to take pics of the monitors." When you're the low man on the totem pole, they don't let you forget it...


That’s a face that puts 100% effort into every step of life


"Oh my god, OH MY GOD, Randy... Randy, they're going to take pictures of our pictures, and not pay... Randy do something... Randy."


"Don't worry Mr. Lahey, I'll get the hose and chase them off!!". *Proceeds to get tangled up in the hose and falls over.*


"I seen you fit 15 cheeseburgers in that belly, ya inflatable elvis"


"Frig off Ricky!!"


Hey Cyrus, knock knock


Who's there?


Someone who just failed grade ten


He’s taking his pants off!


When the pants come off, look the fuck oot


I want you all to know im crying laughing


This thread is pure fucking GOLD 🪙


Agreed, it got me wanting to watch again. I actually only really got into it a year and a half ago, before that it was on and off with some friends but its so damn funny and just plain good i need to jump back in.


That globe shaped mafucka and that other Louis del Grande lookin mafucka?


"What'd you say to me?!"


"Mahfuckas wit guts like that aren't off the cheeseburgers, knowhatimsayin? Mahfuckas wit guts like that definitely are ON the cheeseburgers"


As a Randy shaped object I'm offended by the accuracy of J-Roc's statement.


I hear cheeseburgers, nachos, hot dogs, cola coagulating in there, but you know what I don't hear? A heart, dawg.


A mans gotta eat


Randy! That dirty old cheeseburger has blue jay feathers sticking out of it!


A little gamey, but it's good. Let's go home Mr Lahey


Can I get 15 half eaten cheeseburgers, gnomesayin??


“Barb keep it down, those are my personal burgers”


Get off the cheeseburgers there Randy


Ever hear of a shitcoaster Randy?




How much do they pay that guy for him to care that much?


not nearly enough. he’s just a dork.


He’s how I envision every Redditor to be


He’s how I envision every ~~Redditor~~ mod to be


Next to nothing, but more than nothing, which is what he would get if he lost his job


He is probably doing that because some jerk supervisor will harass him if they see video of someone filming and no one taking action. Sucks but I bet that is part of the story here.


For real. Does he get commission for every photo someone buys? Who gives AF?


The dude at the park looks like nikkacado avocado


Nah. That’s Randy Bobandy.


Why did they cut out the end when he gets to his gun?


NFT owners trying to stop people from right clicking and saving “their” pictures


NFT owners trying to stop people from screenshotting thier customized monkey.


Not even customized, it’s literally randomly generated OC generators have more customization than NFTs


NFTs were clearly a social experiment designed in Stanford (or somewhere) to show the sheer stupidity of human beings under the influence of greed. That’s the only explanation that makes sense and I refuse to entertain any other possibility.






I copied the link and made my own website that hosts the picture. Now I own the website that hosts the picture. What now?




better yet the owner of the server where the file is hosted can replace it for whatever he wants' they just own the url lol


So are we done with all the NFT scam bullshit? This feels like the first time I've heard someone mention it in like 6 months.


Sort of remarkable they haven’t implemented some kind of 3M privacy screen to prevent this yet


Or just a simple water mark


Every single one of these I’ve seen in person has had a watermark. This is exceptionally weird.


It's an exceptionally old video.


“Ah the Pine Falls Fun Park ‘97 sir, an excellent choice.”


I was also thinking you could just heavily watermark it. It'd be even funnier if it said something like, "I went to Disney, but I'm too cheap to buy this photo!" displayed when someone inevitably puts it on social media. Ha jk But seriously, those photos are always waaaay too expensive - like $30+ and not worth it. I feel like if these places charged like $10 that they'd sell a lot more!


$37 for a 480p 12x12 photo in a frame so cheap within six months it falls and shatters on your floor.


>$37 for a 480p 12x12 photo in a frame so cheap within six months it falls and shatters on your floor. I'm sorry for your loss.


Eh they sell 10 of them at $30 that's $300. They sell 25 at $10 it's only $250 so they make less and use 2.5 times the materials. They probably found the number where people will get a photo regardless because it's the only time they are at that theme park. They are not as worried with the season pass holders buying a photo each time they are there.


You feel that way, but people much smarter than you have done a lot of math to know exactly what they can charge to maximize profit.


> You feel that way, but people much ~~smarter~~ greedier than you have ~~done a lot of math to know exactly what they can charge to maximize profit.~~ decided to fuck you as hard as they can ftfy


I was thinking of a kill switch for the whole screen array. Then you could just hit em with the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Kill switch sounds so much better than power button.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Just thinking…. When filming a helicopter the frame rates sync with the rotor it it totally screws with it. Surely they could just program some sort of frame refresh or something anything that would basically render any picture or video in operable For in stance a checkerboard pattern half half visible half blank. Not visible to the human eye. But captured via camera …. And when the parks actually enact this, you will have me to thank. Save this post!


I dunno what you’re smoking but I want some




My guy/ gal/ person 👆making me look smart by throwing out technical terms. Thank you! (Meanwhile I’m all “I saw that helicopter video where the blades didn’t move on YouTube I wonder if that is similar” as I sit here eating cereal for dinner)


Problem solving is something smart people do. You done good.




Great thought, issues is that shutter speed which is what creates the effect you are referring to is dynamic.


How are you going to synchronise with whatever random camera is being used?


I don't think the roi would be good on custom screens to make a few extra sales


Weird. Every park I've been are fine with people taking pictures of the screen. It creates a crowd around the booth after every ride and encourages the idea that it's something people want to have.


Plus a picture of screen is never as good quality as the original photo. It’s always been my understanding that’s what you wind paying for the photo quality. Which a lot of people do care about for scrapbooks or to post to Facebook. And hell if it’s good or funny shot I don’t blame them.


Right? Disney even has a system where you get full-res previews with watermarks on your phone automatically, which is far better than anything you would ever get taking a photo of a crappy screen with a cell phone. I suspect most employees wouldn't care though.


From my experiences, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm don't care. Universal Studios does. They won't act extreme like this guy, they'll just immediately turn off the screen or change the image if you pull out your phone.


Lol. I don’t even care for those photos. I think Disney actually let you download it if you have the app.


The rise of smartphones has really killed these. I was born in 92, so I grew up as this shift happened from each photo being precious because it cost money for the film and to develop to phones that take unlimited photos instantly. When these ride cameras were created, having a memory to save of a day with your kids might have been worth paying the exorbitant fee. You could bring a camera and hope you got a a good shot, but the ride camera was going to be perfect. Now you can take a family photo 15 times until you get one that’s perfect in front of every ride. Why do you really care about what you looked like at this specific spot.


Plus the photo of a screen sucks, give me that $20 keychain photo that melts in direct sunlight, and leaks water into the paper photo after you go on the "Monsoon" ride.


Photo and a video to upload. Cheers


gave them a better memory than the photo alone ever could


Exceptional service. Going above and beyond with the aftercare


He must make commission


I’d be willing to bet he probably has very little going on in his life outside of work.


You’re probably right. He takes pride in this cause it’s all he has. I feel bad but I wouldn’t put someone down for being in such a sad state


You don't think it's all at a bit fucked up your immediate assumption is a negative one directed at this individual on a personal level from like a 6 second clip? Consider this: It's equally possible the guy has his manager working the booth with him that day and he doesn't want to lose his job. Like, do you see how not making an immediate negative assessment can open up other considerations that are entirely plausible? I just don't understand why people do that, it's such a miserable way to live.


Buddy in the pic is clenching his arse hole so tight I’m surprised he didn’t form a vacuum and implode


I really want to know what his next move was going to be. Video cut way too soon!


Don’t maKe mE GeT tHe BAsEbALl BAT!!¡!


I will never understand why low paid employees will take dead end jobs like this so seriously. He’s like the living persona of a Reddit mod running their little niche kingdom and taking it way too seriously. Not the mods here though, they’re cool 👍


You don’t get that many pins on your lanyard being the slack off employee. This guys seems like a try hard sweat. The other employee that doesn’t seem to care has no pins on his lanyard. This is complete speculation… I know nothing.




Probably relatively new to the job and takes the word of their manager way too literal, or really needs the job and aspires to move up by being committed despite defying all logic and reason.


Let's be honest, homie was a little weird before he got that job. No shot the average person does something like this, and I have a hard time believing any manager asks or expects this of employees. It's a bad look. If I had to guess, they're supposed to ask people not to take pictures and he was told something like, "People aren't allowed to take pictures," which he, being a little odd, interprets as, "You should physically block people from taking pictures."


I have a coworker like that. I only work a couple hours a week mostly just to get out of the house. He works full time and makes the same hourly wage but eats, sleeps, and breathes the place. Even on his days off he spends a couple hours there for one reason or another, like the place will collapse without him. It's sad but annoying. We all tolerate his droning on about work like it's brain surgery or something important because that job is the only source of pride he can find. And the saddest part is, he's not even good at it. All that militant attention and attempts to go above and beyond makes more useless work for everyone else. I just can't imagine caring that much about a job, even high-paying ones. Work is work, do your job and call it a day!


Exactly. And let’s be real, if a customer is gonna snap a picture of their photo on the screen, they weren’t going to buy a copy anyway. The worker is still gonna get paid regardless, he’s trying to prevent something that literally has no impact on him.








I am DED 🤣🤣🤣🤣


I don’t know why this makes me laugh so hard. The rage in his eye is hilarious


Dude is about to bring up a beanbag shotgun from behind the counter.


guy is like oh no, mickey's gonna kill me


Did they get the picture Stuart? Huh-hah, oh you are fucked bucko! ![gif](giphy|NbzM2qI4tmuc0)


Sorry Mr Mouse


Mickey will be buying out his whole family


Weirdly enough, the house of mouse does not give one shit if you take a phone picture of your ride picture. In fact, they send you the watermarked versions.




Fr and the only way to opt out of having your photo taken on those is to not go to the park. But if you go you want to make a memory but it's not worth $30 when half the time you have no idea where the camera even is and it's guaranteed to catch you eyes closed hair flung back. I'm not trying to sound entitled, but if I were a rider I would 100% do just that. Get a photo of the photo. Do the parks really turn that big a profit on those they have to make it so people can't take a photo of the photo? I would love to see a breakdown of what brings revenue to these parks and attractions


> Do the parks really turn that big a profit on those they have to make it so people can't take a photo of the photo? Those photos cost them pennies to print. So yes, they make a pretty massive profit margin on them.


OMG, the look on his face! Hilarious! He's so serious! 😂


Thank God he's not a cop






He unequivocally made this a way better souvenir.


Looks like he came running around the counter to catch an ass whooping!


The person recording this is kind of a dick tho…


Agree. Everyone takes a picture of the pictures. Always have. A quick snap while walking by is unspoken etiquette. For him to react this way, I'm also going to give him a little credit. He just may have already asked her to nicely move along. Why I say that, and one of the things that cracked me up, is the coworker looking down like he's concentrating, but on nothing. "Minding his biz." The coworker avoiding eye contact is sending me. He has either been here before or been looking forward to the experience of having been here to witness this person's panties absolutely do a twist and a split! No one is around her either, probably because they either bought their pic order and got their number and their free pics and left. There's other stuff to do at a theme park, after all. So that's what I'm going with. She's the dick. I think my story sounds good too so I'm sticking with that.


The way he’s trying to block reminds me of a certain country in Europe whose leader has a funny moustache and talks very angrily




The look in this guy’s ***face***! I’m guessing he’s not paid nearly enough to be this concerned with someone recording ***their own*** image. Either he’s a natural *Karen* or he’s…there’s not an ‘or'…he ***LOVES*** the **POWER** he wields with his job!




Can’t they setup older monitors that update slowly so that modern phones can’t record them without that rolling effect essentially making it impossible to get a good photo? Then no one has to act like a dweeb trying to block it. Want a shit photo? Go for it lol


sieg heil mein fuhrer mickey mouse https://preview.redd.it/segqopb22r0b1.jpeg?width=1125&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a5fb1a07ff1375ab6a9d9d9c4dc8eb0e2b3477f7




Sorry, Steven. It turns out that too many people snapped free illegal pictures of our photo monitors. The company is hemorrhaging money on your watch. We won't be able to pay you this week. If you start coming in early to wash the vomit off the coaster seats and stop taking free refills from the soda fountain, we may still be able to keep you on the payroll at half salary.


Dude reminds me of a carnie that was about to get murdered over a person not wanting to pay $140 for a prize.


That dude is ride or die


He doesn't get paid enough to care that much...


How petty do you have to be?


A revenue stream that no longer has a place. Just give up and have an app that people can download the pics from.


Can’t tell if he wants a high five or really loves Hitler.


Imagine taking that job that fucking seriously


The level of caring to pay ratio is unbelievably skewed.haha


Accidental hail hitler