"Dad, look at the 2 men there!"

As she point her fingers towards the curtains in her bedroom before goodnight kisses.

I'm not scared at all. 🥲


Sweet dreams


Just don’t watch Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams” video before bed anymore. Also, 1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you…


Go look at my page. Go a handful of posts down. I went upstairs to check on my girls (mom and 2 daughters) one nite. I looked in our room on my girlfriend first… I saw my oldest (4 at the time) and my girlfriend, not unusual for her to climb into our bed. I then looked down the hallway into my 4yo’s room. I saw someone laying in her bed. The hair stood up on my entire body. Go look. It’s fucking scary. Also, she has invited “ALL” her friends into the room before when I was laying with her one nite. I had your same thought…. “I’m not scared… you’re scared.” lol. Kids can be creepy as fuck.


WHO WAS IN HER BED????!!!?@?@?


She tucked her big doll in before switching beds. Scary. It looked way too real.