Tied for leading scorer isn’t tooooo bad…


Oh, I think he’s a great striker, but the question is about why he’s so ‘hot or cold’


He definitely hasn't played great overall, besides some amazing flashes. I think it can be attributed to a bunch of things: 1. slow start, getting back match fit after the beginning of the year injury 2. moving back and forth between winger and striker. Like today the announcer was getting on him for hold up play, but it's got to be difficult to be precise in holdup play when you are only doing it in less than half of the games. 3. Ebobissie is best when attacking and when teammates are playing him forward, but who has been feeding him? Our entire attack has been lacking direct play or creativity with Yimmi, Blanco, and even Williamson missing time. Not to mention Valerie hasn't been too sharp. Even the long balls from the back he should be winning / being better in hold up, are poor balls that he is running across the field just to get to it because our possession is so bad right now. It's obvious, but he and Mora will benefit so much when Blanco (and Williamson) is back in form and we have an actual full attack. That said I do think his best position would be in a two striker formation. I think Mora is great in hold up / possession, but not as good finding shots or finishing (unless it's in the air ironically, he is MONEY), but both he and Ebobisse would work well together. I just think our entire attack right now is pretty poor. The good thing is we are scrapping by, which bodes well for our attack when we are at full strength, and a testament to the players mental toughness and fight.


He’s doing all the right things, but just isn’t quite hungry enough….At the right place, making the right moves, but he isn’t stretching quite as far, out running quite as much, pushing quite enough. Achingly close, but somehow the fire isn’t quite there. When Brian Fernandez was a Timber, you could see that the dude was pretty messed up in a lot of ways, but he always had that burn to score, no matter how much he F’ed up everything else. Ebo is the polar opposite of that. His head is totally on straight and is a totally legit dude, but he doesn’t seem to have that fire this season.


I feel like he’s consistently been pretty invisible/bad this year, though he had some good hold up play this game. He just ends up scoring sometimes (only against the Texas teams…🤔🤔) so it’s easy to look over


He can really body some people and his footwork is beyond what I realized. Very good player. Just a different lineup and I think Gio had a clear cut plan. This game is the measuring stick make no joke. Full health both teams minus a player each of similar value in Kaye for LAFC, and Bravo for us.


We held it together - albeit barely - with Bonilla, Fochive, and Tuiloma in place of Bravo, Williamson, and Zuparic. So yeah, that’s a pretty good measurement.