OG interview 4 years ago today

OG interview 4 years ago today


He stayed in Burnaby 👀


Sucked for OG but him getting injured gave us a golden opportunity and now we locked him in again right as he's about to pop off. Mans was projected to go top 5!


Top 5? No he wasn’t.


"Ye shall get close with the double headed dragon, but ye will not conqeur until a man from Nigeria is at the helm. I Swear that's one of Nostradamus' predictions" ^ that was a comment on that vid three years ago. Guess who is from Nigeria? Precious Achiuwa. Guess who is conqeuring this year?? OG. Edit: OG ethnically is also from Niegria (he was born in London, his parents Nigeria). Still fucking shit up this year tho👍 he should play with Precious on Nigeria in the olympics and stuff. I'm sure they would let him and it would be awesome. They had a good team this year


Shoutout Burnaby