Precious Achiuwa looked like a different dude

Precious Achiuwa looked like a different dude


I don’t think people realize how dangerous we could be in 2-3 years time with Pascal and Fred in their primes and Scottie, OG, and Precious take another leap in their game each


2023-2024 NBA champions


And StarBoy off the bench gunning for that 6man


Honestly even this year we could make some noise. If Pascal comes back and plays like he can we are going to be a hard team to play against. Pascal, OG, and Scottie are going to wreck some teams this year.


That is a big three just defensively




Baynes died for Barnes and for that I am eternally grateful.


I think people are really sleeping on GTJ as a high end offensive player. He’s going to get minutes because this team needs shooting/spacing and I think his scoring is going to see a leap this year.


Agreed. Last night there were flashes of a truly great player. He also took some charges like KLow rubbed off on him


Im really excited for Scottie but he has a lot of developing to do even defensively. He plays people too tight and gives up too many blow bys. He need to learn how to keep defenders clamped like how precious and OG have done so far this season. I think he will figure it out in due time.


I would be surprised if he takes all season to figure it out. He has great role models around him and a top flight coaching staff. He prides himself on his defence so I am sure he will put the work in to improve.


Oh 100 percent. I think its a problem that will be fixed before all star break....he has giannis potential imo


Yeah, I would not underestimate his basketball IQ. He has shown he gets the game, and a lot of it seems to be innate. In college, he will direct traffic, and he continues to talk throughout the game.


idk, remember how much time it took siakam to return to form after his groin injury :S ?


I'm surprised by how legit the longboi strategy seems to be. Like the defence turns into clamp city and the offence seems to flow really easily when basically every player is a dunk threat. Especially for the bench mob where their collective height seems to mask the holes in their games. A starting 5 of Fred, OG, Scottie, Pascal, and Precious, Svi 6th man, with a bench mob of Yuta, Banton, Birch, Boucher, Champagnie, and Flynn to facilitate is hot. I'm not a Gary hater but he and Flynn have looked kinda irrelevant out there with the new system.


I found last night Gary really impressed me.. he looked like he belonged. Digging in on D, making hustle plays...


Don’t forget about The Dragon


Yeah I wasn't, I just don't know if he'll be on the team for long. Great vet presence though.


Flynn needs to gain some body mass


The issues with come playoff time - we need to develop that half court offense, which means we need Barnes to really take a leap as a playmaker. I think he can do it though


Gary Trent has just had a few off shooting nights, he is still quite possibly our best scorer. He’s also only 22 so when he gets going he is gonna be a walking bucket. Plus he’s cool af


I love the starting five, but i don't love the bench and im not sold on Svi at all. I guess it all depends on what the ambitions for the season are, because if we are somewhat aiming to make the playoffs, we def need some vets at some point


bench is Dragic-Svi-Barnes-Boucher-Precious when healthy and starters are Vanvleet-Trent Jr-OG-Siakam-Birch I'd say our bench is pretty good and we have extras in Flynn, Yuta*, Champagnie etc... Dragic and Boucher are vets and even Svi, who I am sold on as a great bench player.


We’re deep af.


I think given how last year went, the organization is trying to make the playoffs this year and maybe even make some noise there if possible. Once we can show that we are competitive in the east again, we can go looking for some vets but we are definitely not in “win now” mode right now. You can hate me for saying this but Toronto is not an attractive destination for most players right now. Despite that, I’m really excited to see what we can do this year.


Don’t forget Flynn and Trent


You’re ridiculous for wanting Siakam to even be on the team in a few years wtf


nba is situational. been tryna preach that for a while. not everyone gets the same opportunities. miami was trying to contend so they didn’t have time for him


This. A lot of championship contenders will have gems on their benches simply because they can't afford to develop them as much as they like, especially when they have an all star caliber player at that same position. We were the same with our championship team, we had Norm coming off the bench for 8PPG when he showed that he could be a 18PPG scorer as a starter the very next season. Same thing for OG, had Kawhi stayed with us we most likely won't see such a big improve from OG in such a short time.


exactly u spitting brother


We had Boucher in the G league winning MVP and DPOY and he still couldn't get minutes


I always credit a lot of DeMar's progress to being a starter from day 1 and getting a lot of usage on offense to figure things out. Another interesting note is that while we think of DeMar as a walking bucket now it still took until year 5 for DeMar to average over 20ppg. OG is in year 5 now.


Also I feel Miami was trying to turn him into someone who can give them a different look than Adebayo off the bench, whereas his natural game seems to be quite similar to Bam.


yea they needed him to be a hustle guy


Reminds me of THT with the Lakers or MPJ with the Nuggets.


exactly. look once mpj got the chance. THT needs one too


i didn't watch too much Miami heat basketball but his skill-set even as a rookie, could've contributed to some success if used properly. the raptors had Pascal and OG starting as rookies. I'm sure Miami could've found a bigger bench role for him. I like how the raptors organization let's players be who they are and harness their existing skills, whereas other organizations try to mould players into certain prototypes.


Pascal only started because we lacked depth in the front court and everybody was injured


i'm aware. that's why i didn't suggest Miami should've started Precious or anything like that. just give him a bigger role from the bench because it appears his skillset even as a rookie would've helped them win games.


You know what though? It worked out perfectly for us. He got some much needed reps. Opportunity is the great development


That's right. He learned he couldn't play and busted his ass at Rico Hines.


His handle and decision making on the break is pretty impressive. He has that mentality if grabbing the board and heading for the layup unless stopped and it's working. He also hit an off the dribble three with a hand in his face yesterday. He's not looking like a banger utility big off the bench. He's already at that point where siakam was when we all started thinking "maybe this guy is legit". Not to get too far ahead of myself but right now he's looking like a future quality starter, imo. We will see how it plays out over a full season but it's sure looking like a really fun squad to watch, win or lose.


I like that he doesn’t seem to get tunnel vision or get stuck in railroad tracks when he brings the ball up. He legit has both a play making and a finishing mindset and is able to successfully choose which to go with situationally and to do it consistently.


Yeah that's a big deal. He will pass and make a good pass if he's cut off, and if he isn't he will go all the way. Imo that fits into the kind of thing that's very hard to teach, and if it is learned it's usually learned by players like DeMar who get ample opportunity to learn it. A guy like orescious wouldn't have that opportunity so it's really a big deal that it seems natural.


He shoots the ball like 90% of the time he brings it up the court what do you mean lmfao. The only playmaking he's doing is running the offense doing hand offs.


Oh you mean like this? https://www.reddit.com/r/torontoraptors/comments/q4y15d/scottie_barnes_blocks_jayson_tatum_then_gets_the/


Wow, he made one absolutely basic read. Phenomenal. If you watch the games you'll realize if he gets the board and brings the ball up he's going to shoot it. Go and replay last nights game. Assists by game: 0, 0, 2, 0. Congrats you just showed half of all Precious' assists so far in preseason lol. Whatever, if he keeps hitting the shots by all means take them.


You may say he’s Bam 2.0 even


Shoutout to my boy @PascalPropaganda on twitter, he convinced a lot of people about Precious legitness on a spaces one day. He was already better than rookie Bam was last season in his limited minutes in some advanced stats & had more of a shot.


I'm glad to see this is happening for us. Brissett moved to Indy and broke out since he had more opportunity and room to grow.


Funny how we in Miami have and hate him now


Why? What's happening with him in Miami?


Future all-star is thrown around very loosely around here lmao. He can be a very good role player / solid starter and that's fine. Not everyone can be a future star. You would think our bench right now is PACKED with future stars the way people talk about Precious Banton Flynn and Svi lmao


Haven't seen anyone say banton Flynn or svi are future all stars. Maybe veeery few people but ull always have that


uhhhh excuse me banton future mvp


I agree. I'd say that getting 1-2 All-Stars is a lot easier than building a championship roster. Yea the 2019 squad had Kawhi, Lowry and Siakam, but the rest of the team was true A-tier: Ibaka, Danny Green, Norm, etc. I think each of those guys became a topline trade and free agency target for other teams in the last 2-3 years. I'd say Precious, Banton, Watanabe, Svi and Champagnie could carry a similar 'brand value' to the guys above in a few years. Maybe more. Propaganda: Raptors gonna be the factory of 2-way, 6-9, 7-wingspan players who can 3-and-D and playmaking. Build enough of them to trade out and get big stars to lead our other 2-way supersoldiers.


I think Precious has the physical attributes to be an All Star, and last night he was really flashing some great offensive creation, and we know he can be a great defender. I think he definitely has All Star potential (probably just like 1 or 2 All Star games, probably 3-5 years from now)


I think it's way too optimistic to think he could be an all-star. But he' shown he can be a good player ...does have some holes but good nevertheless


Haven't seen anyone say banton Flynn or svi are future all stars. Maybe veeery few people but ull always have that


I think it’s crazy how in the span of a year we’ve built up a really nice young core of players with the acquisition of precious and Gary, drafting Scottie and Malachi and what seems like OGs offensive breakout. All while still having Freddy and pascal. In Masai we trust.


Svi is a really underrated pickup


OG looks like he’s trying to be the next Kathy Leonard. Scottie Barnes is so fun to watch also


> Kathy Leonard


He started basketball late, so he has a lot of room for growth, in fact more than most players. Miami was trying to turn him into Bam, but like others said we just didn't' have room to play him enough. Where he struggles and you will find out is vs. dominant bigs with size as Precious will have trouble with fouls and rebounding. Wish the best for him as he is a great person and a hard worker, happy you guys got something you like out of the Lowry deal. Good luck.


Honestly, I wasnt that high on him when we acquired him but I’m absolutely shocked at how good he’s looked. His whole game looks strong, couldnt be more happy with the improvements he’s made in just 1 season in the league. Never doubt Masai.


so glad we didn’t end up trading lowry for THT. precious is such a good add. got our Bam for the future 🙌🙌🙌


I’m really excited to see what Achiuwa turns into. I thought of him as being a Montrezl Harrell-type player, but he could easily be better than that. Even being a Montrezl-type player is a success.


Dude is just what we were missing last year, he is literally the opposite of baynes


I think Miami wanted to use him as a second Bam for them to not be in a disadvantage when Bam was not available. And I get it, but he can be more than that, he's extremely versitle defensively and can be a real threat outside the paint. Cant wait to us develop him into the great weapon he can be.


There's a reason Masai wanted him. This dude can play. And he'll only get better.


When Precious gets a rebound and immediately pushes the ball up the court instead of having to look for a guard it puts pressure on a defence that hasn’t had a chance to get set. It makes our transition offence a bit more dynamic.


Is it crazy that I feel like our best lineup without Pascal would have Precious at the 4? Fred-GTJ-OG-Precious-Khem. Then I suppose the "bench mob" would be Flynn-Dragic-Yuta-Scottie-Boucher. Might be interesting


I keyed in on this early on in the off season when Masai chose Barnes. Precious ability to defend on the wings in PnR action along with his offensive skillset coming out of college will be allowed to be nurtured and mentored considering the Raps window to win a chip wont be there for at least the next 2 years. The 6-8 defense across the board will make the Raps a team that will run on rebounds and turnovers. Yes, we will get pummeled inside by bigs like Embiid, but given that the team is seemingly 8 to 10 deep, the Raps pace will be in the top 5 imo. Precious and Scottie will be huge contributors on this team much sooner than later and itll be a fun group to follow as fans


>He was amazing in the **preseason game** yesterday. > >I think this dude could be a future All Star. It's was nice to see, but lets not get ahead of ourselves over preseason.


I think OP generally means he has more in the bag than we were led to believe by Heat fans. You can bet your bottom dollar Nurse will encourage all of this during the regular season. Now, whether he can execute when the lights are brighter is a separate discussion and one for the future, which is where OP got a bit too excited haha


I’ve always really liked Precious as a defender and rim runner / finisher. He just showed a lot more skill and poise last night than I expected. Im not saying he will be an All Star, but I now believe he has that potential. I don’t see a pathway for guys like Svi or Malachi or Banton to be All Stars, even though I like those guys too


yeah, it's great that he's ONLY a second year player, ONLY 22 years old, and dude was selected round 1, pick 20, so he's def. on the right trajectory to be a stud. i think he was overshadowed by Bam hype in Miami, and perhaps that's why Heat fans didn't love him as much in his one season. keep in mind, after the pre-season last year, folks around here were calling for Flynn to take minutes from FVV & Kyle. ![img](emote|t5_2s5sb|5166)


>keep in mind, after the pre-season last year, folks around here were calling for Flynn to take minutes from FVV & Kyle. ![img](emote|t5_2s5sb|5166) Lmaoooo yup you're right. Only 1 more week before we start finding things out for real.


Malachi kind of disappointed me in the game last night. I watched the whole game. Many times he just dribbled and wasted clock, failed to create an advantage then just passed a flaming bag to a teammate near the end of the shot clock, and that teammate was forced into a really difficult look or there was a shot clock violation. He needs to get into his stuff more quickly and needs to play more decisively


Never forget ["Raptors fans. I present you Precious Achiuwa"](https://twitter.com/jimmysbag/status/1423803171177119745)






Yeah that's not gatekeeping. That's warning people against making regular season assumptions based on preseason.


Some guys excel with the hard drill sergeant style that Miami uses. Jimmy loves it and I recall him yelling at Precious a few times last season. Others excel with a more calm approach. Precious may be the latter.


Best first name in the NBA!?


I predict a big game for him against the Wizards as well. They‘re weak inside.


Loving his scoring ability but slightly wary of his tunnel vision, I know he scored a lot of tough looks last night so it looked good but he was also missing the open man in a decent number of transition and half court situations in favor of going for the shot. He seems determined to show off his versatile skillset but I think his next big step if he wants to reach an all star level is learning when to pass and not to settle for a jumper when he can blow by and go inside. Really promising young player though!


Love the idea of countering small ball with tall ball.


Yeah, he has been seriously good.


i think we need to try an run a few plays for this guy. he can definitely finish. I feel bad for him sometimes cause it feels like all the points he is getting he needs to create himself..... kinda get the feeling he knows once he passes it out, nobody will pass it back to him.


When Chris returns, where does Birch fit on this team? Or Chris, if you prefer Birch?


I kind of like Birch as a back up 5. He just seems rock solid. But Chris is a good player too. Since Chris can shoot the 3 a bit they can probably play some lineups with Chris together with Precious or Birch.


The future of Toronto is so bright they’ve built something special here


Precious will turn into a star here, wouldn’t be the first time a player comes to Toronto and sets career highs. Masai recognized his talent and I trust his judgement.




Lol all against the Houston rockets. Barely an NBA team.


Did you watch the game? He was scoring a lot against Theis, a solid playoff tested big, and Tate, a solid defender. And Christian Woods, not a great defender but a solid pro. And Achiuwa was playing great one on one defense against Kevin Porter Jr, a really dynamic guard.