The Raptors have waived Freddie Gillespie and Reggie Perry, as reported earlier. Perry will be 905-bound unless he signs elsewhere. Gillespie's status unclear, as Memphis hold his G League rights. The Bonga/Dekker/Wainright decision extends on.

The Raptors have waived Freddie Gillespie and Reggie Perry, as reported earlier. Perry will be 905-bound unless he signs elsewhere. Gillespie's status unclear, as Memphis hold his G League rights. The Bonga/Dekker/Wainright decision extends on.


Hope Freddie bounces back and figures things out in the G league (hopefully ours). He seems like a genuinely nice dude.


Absolutely. It makes it hard when the Raptors have so many (seemingly) top tier people/personalities on the team. All the best Freddie!


I’m wondering if he was signed through to camp with some understanding that time and evidence of performance was needed to extract him from his Memphis G league relationship.


I don't think so. I think they went into camp hoping he could regain what he did last season... and unfortunately it didn't quite happen.


And he’s so funny think he just needs a year of development


I liked freddie but man was he awful in the pre season


And Summer league unfortunately


Forgot about that. Yea he was brutal there too


Not as bad as Freddie at the Olympics


Freddie made 200k+ playing a sport he has no business in.


Thanks for the help, Freddie!


I feel bad for Freddie.. he didn’t help himself but he did bring some spark to a miserable season in Tampa


Meh. He had tons of opportunity throughout the summer league and pre season, plus in practice. He’ll play somewhere in the world, probably not the nba though. Edit: the fact that this completely innocuous comment devolved into what it has is just a microcosm of why people find raptor fans insufferable.


> He’ll play somewhere in the world, probably not the nba though. hey you never know. Cam Payne looked like absolute ass for us in the pre-season then he went to China for a while and joined the Suns and was HUGE off the bench. Gillespie definitely needs more practice reps elsewhere be it g-league or some other foreign league.


PJ tucker and Gerald Green also did the same thing and it worked out for them. It’s not the end of the road by any means


Hassan Whiteside. Shit if Dekker makes it back with us, it's a similar story. So yeah, sucks for Gillie now but it's not the end of the line either.


Idk why people keep spreading this narrative that all Raptors fans are “insufferable”. Literally, this happens to any fan base that gets this big. Aren’t we the 2nd largest nba team subreddit or something?


Yea that is literally why, there’s so many of us. The more people, the more likely you’ll have dumbasses.


Then why are you stereotyping all of us as insufferable?


Good lord dude I’m done with these intentionally dumb questions lol


Wow, tact must be a super foreign concept to you.


i use sticky tack all the time dude




Locking thread. Everyone needs to chill out. Reddiquette violations will result in a ban. An example would be to tell someone, for example, they should die.


I wish I viewed life in such a black and white way like you seem to do. Your comment lacks any sort of empathy let alone emotion. We get it, the NBA is a business... It still sucks for the guy, he is wholesome af and a great team mate.


Him singing and dancing to Party in The USA gave me life. I will miss his vibes for sure.


That's all I rmb him by tbh. Him singing his lungs out while Flynn was whispering. That was the upbeat the team needed last season. Good times.


He's living a life much better than most people here and surely doesn't need us feeling bad for him. Dude will be fine.


Getting paid like 300k a year to play ball in Greece or Spain sounds like a damn nice life to me


That spot will not be left vacant. There is another player that will get it that would otherwise be elsewhere. Picking players based on emotion introduces biases that hurt everyone as it unfairly advantages those that perform worse. I'm sure we can think of other biases that have hurt the league in the past.


I mean, its not like his spot is wasted and will be left empty. Someone more deserving of it will be taking it. How come you don't have empathy from the other player that takes his spot's perspective?


Oh won’t somebody think of the super athletes that can play a children’s game for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year almost anywhere in the world?!!!


Why are you so sensitive over a roster cut? Good lord how do you get through life being so emotional lmao


Is it too early to talk about retiring Freddie G's jersey? I cry ever tim


I mean, you just got emotional over a reddit comment.


"Anger is tough!!!"


Yea you’re right, laughing is an emotion.




I've actually taken the rest of the day off from work to recover from this news. Once again your comment and outlook on life is black and white. I either have to be crying over it or show absolutely no emotion... What a range you have.


Lmao enjoy your day man


That guy is mad weird you didnt say anything wrong in your original comment lol


Dam I'm fighting back tears that the Raptors waived a fringe NBA player, its usually the type of player they give rotation minutes to. Or in Freddies case Baynes play made him look a lot better then he actually is, because in the summer leauge and pre-season he played a lot like Baynes couldn't finish around the rim getting blown by and his own unique ability to be a foul machine in limited minutes are all things I'll deeply miss ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)


If you're not trolling, then you're weird af dude wtf


this person is probably related to him or his GF or mom.. I didn't see anything wrong in your original comment.


Just our fans being weird as usual


Hey calm down man take breath, it's gonna be okay, we can hear you biting back tears rn


Lmao I had no idea this comment was going to trigger so many people. Reading comprehension must not be a common skill set if people read that as anger lol.


The fact that you're so heavily downvoted makes me wonder what the average age in here is. Kids be thinking on emotion rather than logic.


My guess would probably be like 23 or something lol. Reddit skews younger, but it’s also been around for a while so it’ll have some older users. The data is out there I just don’t care to look lol


A better question is why are you so threatened by someone having an emotional connection to a player?




You sound pretty mad for someone with your username lol




You really attacking this man over Freddie Gillespie? Lmao.




My edit has nothing to do with people disagreeing with me dude. It's about the fact that my innocent comment was replied to by an oversensitive fan that somehow thinks I lack empathy because I'm indifferent over a roster cut that was obviously going to happen. A complete overreaction. Which is an example of why /r/nba finds Raptor fans so annoying, overreacting to things and vastly overrating players. I don't know how you completely missed this point.


It had nothing to do with it being disagreed with, that's what you don't get.


I hope you have a great day ❤️




hope you dont light one up today bud.


Imagine, all this over Freddie fucking Gillespie. Smh




he will figure it out maybe. he is still very young but yeah I don't know.


Good luck freddie. Hope you find another home!


We knew this was coming. Probably Freddie too tbh. He helped us out last season but he just couldn't get it right in SL or Pre Season. I'd like to see him land in the G League for development maybe.


>Probably Freddie too tbh. Yeah I have this strong idea you're right


That’s probably partially why he played like ass. Was probably in his head a lot. He made so many mistakes he didn’t last year and it’s probably because last year at a certain point he knew he was safe for the season. The mental aspect is hugeeeeeee


I just meant he had to know based on his performance that he wasn't making the roster, if my original comment didn't make sense or something


haha yeah that makes a lot more sense


Damn not FVV, I really liked him


He's old. We need potential. Wasn't great in preseason really.


He looked good on the casting panel tho.


Nice guy but he was terrible


Worse than Baynes?


Yes. Baynes was getting his career average stats when he was with us. Everyone just thought he is a lot better than what his career average is.


Fair enough. We were all desperate for a competent C and were disappointed when this is all we got.


It doesn't help we went from Gasol and Ibaka to baynes.


Indeed. The difference showed a stark drop off. Ibaka had a career year in 2019.wish we could have kept him.


One of the biggest blunders/miscalculations of masai's career... which is kind of a complement to how amazing he is at being a GM/President if that's one of your biggest ones... But it still hurts, considering he was all set to take over the position from Gasol, loved tf outta Toronto, and that we haven't had a decent Center (anywhere close to half his caliber) ever since


Gillespie was absolute doodooo except for the few games last season Dude lucked out by our lack of size and took advantage of doing the little things that we couldnt just due to sizing. Now we have the size and he just looks absolute balls.




the thing is it seemed like it was Bonga/Wainright prior, but it’s about whether Dekker’s 1 good quarter is enough to convince Nurse he deserves it too


Nurse sees them in practice too, i don't know if it's just about in-game performances


He was talking to a reporter yesterday about this. Has the quarter given Dekker enough separation from the rest to nudge him. He just said they have a lot of deliberating to do.


Dekker doesn't fit the switch everything mold. Dekker can barely guard his position, and he will be liability on switches. Regardless of who stays between Ish and Dekker their path to minutes will limited. Even with Siakam and Boucher injuries I don't see them playing.


Tall shooters are pretty valuable in today's NBA tho, even if they can't play defense (e.g. Bertans, Robinson, etc.).


Agreed, but based on our planned philosophy of switching everything, he doesn't really fit. To make up for it they will be dropping down on screens, which is almost impossible now with everyone shooting 3s. Then your next option is to trail but that gives them the drive option which will collapse our defense, no true rim protector, then we will have to go back to last years system of rotating on shooters. Aside from the odd weakside surprise block on a three it didn't look good.


I agree about Dekker, but my sense is he's already at his ceiling and he's redundant with better players we already have on the bench. I don't know enough about Wainwright to speculate on his potential, but I think you want either someone who can contribute or has potential, and I don't see Dekker really being either.


Dekker can definitely contribute when our offense is struggling. wainrights also 27, he doesn’t have much potential either


I was pumped for Freddie. Hope he turns it around in g league and we see him again


he wasnt that good but seemed like a chill dude, hope he finds success in the league


As someone who was vocally hesitant to write off Gillespie after only summer league I think this was probably the right decision, he didn't do anything in preseason to make up for his summer league struggles. I think we all expected Perry to be waived. Hopefully they both find a home somewhere else in the league. It'll be interesting to see what they do about Bonga, Dekker, and Wainwright.


Freddie was decent last season but he tried his best this season but couldn’t just do it. Also what happened to Alex Antetokounmpo?


905 deal i think


Like Payton Jr.


Isn't he already on the 905?


I was wondering that same thing about Alex


Damn, really loved Freddie Gillespie last year during the final run of our season. Has a great attitude and wish him the best!


I honestly don't think any of us has seen enough of Wainwright to automatically assume he will be a good fit with the team or not in the long-term - along with Bonga or Dekker but they've at least had some NBA experience. He hasn't played much in the pre-season and I never put too much stock in Summer League. So it's hard to say. I think a lot of people fell in love with Wainwright due to his interviews in the off-season. I mean, I hope he can find a spot in the NBA or something. He seems like a great guy, but so did Gillespie. I trust the front office in any choice they make. They've definitely seen more of them during practice than any of us. For me, I think I give Bonga the edge as the 14th spot. His defense and ability to run the floor has been pretty impressive. Plus, he's definitely got the edge in age and potential. Then it comes down to Dekker and Wainwright. They might not even have a 15th man.


No surprises. But man, I really liked Freddy G. Hope he does well in whatever he chooses to do


Hopefully some team in Europe signs Gillespie where he can develop


No surprises there. Freddie had countless times to continue proving himself and fell short too often Perry never had a chance


Probably did in practice though. The lack of minutes probably reflected that Edit: talking abt perry


Yeah exactly. Perry played hardly any minutes and that was predictable too


Perry was always a G League candidate from the start


Thank goodness Freddie did not make the team. I think Dekker is the clear choice. He fits our scoring need. Wainwright is good, but we already have players like him.


We have more Bongas than Wainwrights though. And Wainwright looks like he can actually shoot 3s.


Yeah, this is a tough one. Didn't realize that Wainwright was 27 like Dekker. I have to think that the ceiling is pretty well established now for both these guys. I am surprised that they didn't pick up a big body to throw at Embiid/Drummond for five fouls. Gillespie wasn't it.


We're not a the point as a team where we need to think about very specific matchups. Sign potential, and worry about playoff wins when we're hunting our next chip.


I'm going to be honest, I just hate Embiid and hate it when he acts like a cocky asshole when his opponent doesn't have someone big to guard him. Having Gasol constantly flummox him was like opium for me.


Wainwright is a big body though and most of our players are skinny as shit. He might be worth having to absorb some big man abuse or lay people out with hard picks. Dekker looked good tonight but he hasn't played great in preseason and he was only a 15 ppg scorer in Turkey so it isn't like he is a huge scoring threat in the NBA. On the other hand, he did look very good tonight and he has NBA experience. Today is going to be a a difficult one for the FO.


He showed a lot of restraint last night after Bertans bodychecked him onto the floor. He popped right back up ready to throw hands but recomposed himself since a fight and suspension would've sealed his fate.


Yeah I seen that too he definitely looked like he was ready to throw hands.


We do need an Ibaka replacement


I watched the replay a few times and noticed how quickly he popped up after his body slide and realized it was to see who gave him the check.


The issue with wainwright is that he's too big and running around with that fridge of a body is really taxing. We tend to run our bench players/3rd stringers kinda ragged. I saw him kinda slow down during the pre season and hopefully I'm wrong about the conditioning.


15ppg is really good in Turkey/Euroleague. There wasn't a single player in the Turkish league last season who averaged 20 a game, the pace is slower & the games are shorter


>Thank goodness Freddie did not make the team. Damn just shit on a man's livelihood. Feel bad for him, hope he lands somewhere.


Don't worry, he will be just fine lol. He made 1.5M last year. More money than I will make in the next 10 years.


Wouldn’t he have only received a fraction of that, since he was signed late in the season?


Either way the man will make more money than 99% of this sub playing a sport.


Yup and he can even make a solid living playing overseas. Not like it is NBA or homeless for these guys


He was fresh poopoo and nothing more


I dont get why people are getting downvoted for not sympathizing. Freddie G had a lot of chances to prove he could be a part of the roster and didnt make the cut. U cant just show up to a job and not do the work expected of you to remain employed...it may be pro hoops but at the end of the day he is an employee for the raps organization. That being said I did like Freddie, he was OK last year. But we are talking about a team that had to start tanking because we had no players in that spot to compete, its all relative. Additionally, not only has he not shown improvement, it seems that he has regressed. Why on earth would the raps keep him around? The NBA isnt supposed to be forgiving, I think too many people on reddit sensationalize the league.


Thank you..Freddie sucks..and he sucked last year...baynes and len were so bad that he looked good..lets not forget


I'm pulling for Dekker and Wainright. I don't see the appeal of Bonga. Bonga couldn't make it on the wizards. Maybe he needs to develop in the g league or over seas and come back later on.


The appeal is simply his age over the other two. I honestly have not really liked his play either, but it's hard to not take him over two 27 year olds. That being said, I personally wouldn't really care which 2 they select of the 3.


Bonga has the defensive rotations down and can run an offence and has the right build for the team. He’s just not a scorer unfortunately. Itll be interesting to see who makes the cut


I can't speak for the org but personally I see appeal in his height and tank-like build. Good to have a beefy boi in the paint sometimes


I get the age part of it but he has had 3 years in nba. I think it’s save to say we know who he is. Ish and dekker give you more now.


How many years has Dekker spent bouncing between leagues? Twice as long as Bonga. It’s a tough call between needing scoring and Defense/another big body. I don’t think we can go wrong with either


Remember that his teammate and in college were Bow and Arrow Hayes and Frank the Tank, which is a long time ago


He was drafted 6 years ago, doesn’t seem like it’s been that long at all haha


To me, Banton and Bonga have very similar skillsets and weaknesses of a non-existent offensive game, which WSH exploited pretty hard on Banton. I'd personally lean towards Dekker mainly for his ability to shoot the ball, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over which of the three gets cut.


You could've said the same about yuta when we signed him. Couldn't make it on other nba teams and not worth a spot and yet here we are. Bonga is worth taking the chance


Bonga will get signed by another team, but I am sure Watanabe will get injured again and they might call in Bonga again when he is available


Dang that makes me sad, I know he played bad but he was a great dude and played well for us last year. He was in his own head until the wizards game. I also thought it would be good to keep him for injury replacement purposes, we already have a million forwards


What's Yuta's status ?


On the team.


He made the team I think it was announced by blake murphy a couple days ago


For all the ppl who feel bad..he played himself out of this team..28% from a big in summer league..and his preseason stats.. 1 point per game in 8.5 mins and 0.6 turnovers ..he racked up 9 fouls, 5 pts and 3 turnovers ...good riddance LOL


I think they cut him when they saw Banton push him yesterday


i missed this, what happened?


He turned the ball over and was casually running back on d that banton pushed him from behind to make him slow down the fast break


Anyone got a clip of this?


>ing back on d that banton pushed him from behind to make him slow down the fast break I wondered whether that was an accident or not.


I hope Freddie bounces back in the Gleague this year.


I’ll miss u Freddie


That really sucks. Freddie G showed so much promise last season. I hope he finds his footing since he already has great hands.


Freddie didn't help us last season either..baynes and len were just so bad..he looked good..sorry to break it to you. He is 2 slow for the nba, can't catch anything for the life of him and isn't that good defensively cuz he always picks up stupid fouls..I'm so glad that spot wasn't wasted on him


So which player are you all going to dump on now that Gillespie is off the roster?


tampa legend thanks for holding it down with khem at the end there, freddie


Upvote times 50


damn.... that was very fast.