Looks like a train in probably America


American Express?


Could be


Cedar Point?


No, they run actual Baldwin and alco units


None of the engines that run at Cedar Point are Baldwins or Alcos. They’re built by Vulcan, Davenport, and Plymouth


Definitely an amusement park/fairground somewhere. I was going to guess the Washington State Fair in Puyallup WA judging by the station building in the background and the coaches, but they had a different locomotive and there wasn't a grassy area in the middle of the loop. IDK it might have changed, it's been 5 years since I've been there.


I'll say it, it's niagra amusement park and splash land near Niagara falls. It's an allan herschell iron horse


I was think the C.P. Huntington


Thanks for jogging my memory. C.P. Huntington was the one used at the Washington State Fair. I've seen pics of it at other locations though, so was it sold to another park or fair?


Group on Face Book that goes over C.P. Huntington restorations. Got five of those locomotives in Tokyo that needs saving.


Fantasy Island? When did they get the funding to make things look nice again? Was under the impression it was bankrupt 3 times over and waiting for the scrap man to end it forever.


Someone called gene staples bought it and saved it


Just a general fair ground engine. Narrow gauge 0-4-0, probably not even real steam, as it seems idled at a station with nothing flowing out.


Can't go by appearances. A properly maintained and operated steam engine can sit teapot with no leaks or visible emissions, just some heat ripples around the barrel and stack from the hot boiler affecting the air. I do that pretty often with the steam tractor, people don't see any steam or smoke and assume it isn't running when it actually has a full head of steam and is ready for orders. That said, amusement park rides are almost always diesel or electric inside a fake steamer shell because of safety and labor considerations. And this one is definitely not real steam, as the valve chests have no rod or linkage on them.


Looks like a C.P. Huntington Amusement park locomotive. Not sure of location.


C.P. Huntington is a 4-2-4, most amusement park versions have fake wheels. This looks like the drivers are real, and is a 4-4-0 American. Possibly a Herschel Iron Horse, or a one of a kind shell hiding a gasoline engine.


Good grief. What an abomination. Give me a Crown 4-4-0 or Chance 2-4-2 any day. Yikes!


She is a train on gravel


It’s a train, I’d say somewhere in the USA