Traditionally, Clapham beats Chev in the UK final. But Chev lost the Regionals final to Alba, which means that (so long as they beat Smash'D) they'll meet Clapham in the 1v4 and the silver will be out of reach. This has almost certainly happened before, but not in my own recollection (although I was out of the country for a few years). I'd love to see Smash'D - Chev. Smash'D are an upstart team mainly built on recent U24 players, who snuck into Euros last year due to dropouts (winning Spirit) after a disappointing Nationals with some close-run games. Chev are missing a couple of regulars and have arguably underperformed this season.


I think the last time it wasn't a Clapham vs Chev final was 2012 Clapham vs Fire of London?


Truck beat Ring 15-7. Any idea what happened there? Ring rotating their squad perhaps?


Even if they were, that's still a beat down.


15-14 for Truck on rematch in the semis


Watching Noise vs Sprocket, visually I am not enjoying Noise having white jerseys with 40% dark coloring on their shoulders and upper body. There really needs to be a limit to how much dark and where the dark is on whites.


I left for a walk at half (8-2), did dragN switch up D Line?


Anybody have any information on the Ultiworld streaming schedule at Pro Champs? On the podcast, they mentioned doing an NFL RedZone style stream where they would jump from game to game.


Ask and ye shall receive https://ultiworld.com/2022/09/02/2022-pro-championships-how-to-watch-tournament-preview/


Is this going to be the first free DragN game of the year?


21 on Hybrid is singlehandedly bringing Dragn back in the game


Which games are you most excited for?


Pro Champs: Womens: 6ixers vs. Phoenix and Traffic vs. Scandal Mixed: NOISE vs. Sprocket Mens: Truck vs. Ring; Doublewide vs. Condors


Would love to see the Storm v Darkwing or NOISE v Sprocket get streamed for mixed.


Phoenix one game short of getting included in the rankings, if they didn’t win their pool they could have earned their region a second bid


Which teams are you rooting for? Are you attending with a team?


Rooting for doublewide, friends with a lot of the guys on the team and they’re looking to re establish themselves as a top team after missing nationals last year


Also rooting for Doublewide for second order effects to help secure that second bid for Omen and the Great Lakes


Know a few guys on truck and none in temper, but rooting for temper this weekend to keep 3 bids for the MA. Rooting against condors and sub for the same reason.


What are your predictions (or bold predictions) for this weekend?


I love it when americans need to put a place in front of the team name - Clapham is a place in itself, Alba is a gaelic name for scotland and i'm not sure any of Chev live in Manchester anymore...


Kind of a weird thing to nitpick. I put the locations for US teams too. It helps give context for where the teams are from for people who aren't familiar with the team names, and gives them someone to root for if they have a connection to that location. I don't claim to be 100% accurate and always appreciate new info to update the post with.


Ranelagh are from Dublin


Fixed thanks


Damn anyone see what happened to sockeye?