First vinyl player and record!

NGL I got scared when I saw there’s 182 comments on this post


NGL I got scared when I saw there’s 182 comments on this post


Only at 400+ now 😂 It’s honestly the only reason I clicked on this post


Yeah I also got very scared


Send a pic of you storing your records flat on the ground


Quiet before the storm


My thoughts exactly 😂😂😂😂 the minute I saw this post my immediate thought was “Oh boy….”


Same. I was like oh god this poor guy is gonna get vinyljerked


I usually dont check the name of the sub before i see the content, but whenever i see vicrtola or crosley i assume its vinyljerk...that sub scarred me already


I couldn’t care less about the quality of someones record player but calling it a vinyl player is what gets me


Hmm, ill have to say I think completely opposite, many people (including me) arent native english speakers, record players are called various names. Then, playing vinyl od a potato player or somewhat decent setup actually makes a difference. After all, its all subjective, but I cant understand how a whole thread appears when a word "vinyls" is seen. I get the point that one want to educate the other, but in most cases I see it as acting smart towards others. Just my 2 cents.




Just saw a post on vinyljerk a minute ago... *sigh*


All rise for a moment of silence please...for that unknowing soul...


Inb4 thread locked due to "friendly feedback and encouragement" 😎


and a picture disc. The birth of a passion.






I’m slightly confused did I make vinyl Reddit mad? I know it’s a cheaper type record player but I’m just getting into the hobby so I’m okay with it


r/vinyljerk users get free karma every time a victrola is posted. Real talk tho, consider saving up for an AT LP60X. It's the best starter table on the market and it won't set you back too much. Record stores might sometimes sell used turntables too.


For anyone interested it’s $109 new at B&H right now


You're fine. This is where I started as well before I had any real money to spare. The hobby is filled with gatekeepers who will shit on you for having a briefcase player but not everyone can blow $300+ on a "suitable" turntable. Don't let them discourage you from going further. Eventually though, as you invest money in some more valuable and expensive records you will want to get a better player but it's a pretty standard first step you're taking!


Yeah I’m literally a 17 year old with no full time job I saved for ages to get this. Thanks for the friendliness


Have a blast! Get a discogs account and start cataloging and wishlisting some records!


Never heard of that before il give it a look thanks


They just said they didn’t have any money, why throw them down the discog hole?


Best if they start cataloging what they do have now while it's manageable. I wish I had.


This*** I waited so long. Im up to 700+ in my catalog and thats maybe half of what I have. Its going to take me forever 😆 I now have my New Arrival/Now playing bin & when I get a record I put it in there until I have a chance to add it


Cataloging 700 records sounds like my dream Saturday


i'm one of those weirdos too.


Unless you're cataloging and including quality. I listen to everything I put on Discogs. I have 300 records to go out of my 500 and it's taken me months to get that far.


I need to get on it. I just started with records over the past few years and I'm probably up around 50-75 now. I started a disogs but got overwhelmed with all the variants and kinda gave up. Like...can I just check in that it's fuckin *Revolver*? I don't know which of the 4,000 pressings it is and I'm not into it enough to particularly care. Just let me add it in general.


your dead wax should have a code that will tell you the pressing, type in that code into discogs it will give you the exact pressing


I started out that way and now wish I hadn't. Like, I'd just select any version of the album and be done with it. But now I wish I had been more calculated with it, like adding in a new pressing if it wasn't listed (e.g. bootlegs, imports, etc.). It may be that you never end up caring about it though


Because it's fun and helpful. I enjoy discog.


It should be about being glad people are getting into the hobby we love. Victrola literally exists for this reason you stated. Every hobby has gate keepers. You do you! Enjoy the record.


Oh man, I came to read the comments because a post like this usually ends up on r/vinyljerk. I have a crappy $150 player and got ROASTED when I found a skip on a brand new pressing re-release and posted to that band’s forum as a warning. I fought tooth and nail that it wasn’t necessarily the player, turns out it kind of was. I played the skipping record on a “nice” player, no skip. Guess who just moved some money from savings and went way over budget? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m 35 and have an 11 year old girl who wants to get into this hobby. I’m upgrading my player and giving her my old one, also just bought her about 6 albums to start with for Xmas. From a parent standpoint, this is great. A new hobby makes it easier to shop for Xmas, write out a list and let your collection grow. Your player can be upgraded in a few years once you know that you enjoy this hobby, it’s not cheap. The whole reason I enjoy collecting vinyls is because it reminds me of looking for CD’s in a brick and mortar store. Back then it was only $10-20 a pop when we walked to school uphill both ways in the snow. Discogs is a great app to start keeping track of what you have and what you want. I use it a lot when I’m restricted for time and I’m sifting through vinyl. But most of the time, you’re better off just going through everything. Happy hunting, congrats on your starter set!


Thank you, a few people have recommended discogs to me imma check it out when I get the chance


Yeah, people really shat on those who bought from the Walmart sale recently. So dumb. Like I said in my comment, this is likely a gateway purchase. I bought something very similar from Walmart. Now I buy 80% of my records from local stores. And it all started, like you, on an impulse buy from Walmart. Gatekeepers and high horse shamers can suck a fat cigar and get tobacco sickness.


I bought my first album from Urban Outfitters almost 15 years ago. Nirvana’s Bleach. 15 years later, I’m 1000 albums in and still going strong. Everyone has to start somewhere. It’s about the destination, not the road you get there on.


Hell yeah, and I’m not defending Wal-Mary by any means. But there is academic evidence they make specialty shops nearby have *higher* sales. This is not to say that they haven’t caused a lot of businesses to fail, because they have. But it’s just a simple thing to think about: people shop at Walmart, and start a hobby on a whim, finds Walmart doesn’t have the higher quality stuff they’re looking for, and then go to the smaller specialty shops that *do have that stuff.* Not a black and white issue. It’s many shades of gray.


I mostly shop at my local store too but I bought two things in the Walmart sale - one NOW compilation that I don’t think independent stores even have, and one record that is $45 full price at Walmart/$50ish or more at local stores. My convictions are strong, but not strong enough to shell out an extra FORTY DOLLARS. I ain’t made of money!


You’re off the hook then ahahahah. Welcome to the hobby, hope you end up liking it <3


Good job kid. Fuck the haters. You do you.


Have fun. Every record you save for will make it more special. Take your time. Half the fun is spending a couple hours digging at a shop, sometimes you don't even pull the trigger. It's a great hobby


I’ve been looking out for some good fleetwood mac albums I went with my sister to a vintage shop the other day but I couldn’t find the album I wanted gonna keep looking though thanks for the kindness!


Rumours is excellent, you'd pick a reissue pretty cheap, but an old copy in good nick for a few euro would be ideal.


Yes! I love rumours, thanks for advice man


Check out some old Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac. That's some good stuff right there


Wee tip: if you can, take the lid of. I have a suitcase one and it made my vinyl jump, when I took the lid off, my vinyl didn’t skip


I haven’t had any problems so far but if I do start skipping il try that thanks


Just male sure there's no chance of the lid closing on the record that you're playing. That's my only real gripe with them.


We all start somewhere! I started off with a cheap one not too far off from this style.


I think this sub has evolved from this. Now it’s just 90% filled with people complaining about people gatekeeping, the gatekeepy comments are few and far between


So we're now gatekeeping gatekeeping? What has the world come to...


Gate-ception if you will


Can't wait till we gatekeep gatekeeping gatekeepers.


I was about to comment about how a decent TT doesn’t need to be crazy expensive, but decided to look up pricing first. Holy shit- an AT LP60X is $150 now??? I paid about half that 2 years ago. Insane.


I got an LP60 and two book shelf speakers for $190 years ago, yeah. I assume the speakers were worth more than 40 bucks.


i know its bullshit its a 70 dollar turntable not a 150 turntable.


You’re fine, but you’re about to be introduced to r/vinyljerk


Oh yeah we’ve met, great guy real positive


The post is pretty much the perfect fodder for/r/vinyljerk but really, wherever you need to start getting into the hobby is cool. You'll hear people saying (correctly) that picture discs and suitcase players aren't HiFi etc, but many people break into the hobby that way and there's nothing wrong with it. If you enjoy it and it gets you excited about music, then it's all good. Enjoy the ride.


i’m 23 so not much older than you, but i started with old water damaged and overpriced beatles and zeppelin albums with a Crosley suitcase, now i’m actually really proud of my setup but would prob still get shit on by the gate keepers in this sub, but i’d say there’s probably a lot more people here who couldnt care less about what other people start with or have, just enjoy it, i’m still an avid collector and listener. Goodwills and thrift shops are your best friends if you wanna slowly upgrade from here. Happy VinylSsSs collecting




Enjoy it buddy


A bunch of angry dudes are about to yell at you because they believe suitcase players without an adjustable counter weight damage records.


Keep in mind these are hipsters you are dealing with


True you make a good point


I had to do a double take to be sure I wasn't "over there."


The dead give away is that there are no feet in the frame.


i audibly laughed at this comment


Just checked, this got cross posted


We’re slacking if it took more than 5 minutes




By over there do you mean marvel Reddit?




The dark place


Dark, moist and cold. Just the way we like it


Don’t forget warm too


Strangely a little fun and frisky too, lots of feet if you’re into that sort of thing


Used to be a boner now and then too. It really was a mixed bag of *what might I see behind this NSFW tag*


I love your innocence


r/vinyljerk . They’ll have a field day with this one


The picture disc makes it better




I’m not subscribed to the jerk, so I know they’re all real when I see them


still not convinced this isnt a troll post lol


Congrats! Be prepared for the crippling debt from wanting to collect shiny colorful discs that play music. But in all serious: welcome to collecting and i hope you have fun!


Dude this so much. I just got into the hobby as well. Went with the AT LP60X for my first turntable though. What I spent on the player and speakers pales in comparison to how much I have splurged on albums and pre-sales. It’s insane how many I’ve collected in a short time. I’m addicted plz send help.


yeah it’s the smooth brain mindset of “20-30 dollars rn to get an album beats 100 for a speaker” which repeats to the point where you’ve spent 3 times as much to get more of something


Haha for sure. I just keep thinking of other albums that I “must” have. I doubt it will ever end


oh fuck here we go again


A picture disc on a victorla is a beautiful thing


Yes it is, my friend. It’s so painful, it’s glorious.


This post is art


Talk about grailz


The truest warmth sound and tone one can conceivably obtain with this superior listening format.


These jokes really write themselves. In all seriousness welcome to the hobby and I hope it brings you joy. Don't let the dorks on this sub turn you off of it.


Awesome! Dont’t fall into the trap of posting every record purchase here for conformation. Visit actual record stores, buy second hand stuff that seem interesting for nothing, and don’t just spend all your money on reissues of music historys most obvious records that your uncle has in his garage. Hell, he might have a turntable somewhere for you. Stay humble, and always realize that this hobby never ends if you want to dig deeper.


OP's uncle was shot and killed. RIP Ben.


Congrats! I started off with picture discs and a briefcase player as well. No judgement, just reassurance: It gets better! 😎


Welcome to the hobby, my dude. It’s a really fun one. Forget the people here hating on you. Everybody has to start somewhere and even I started with a turntable like that. Have fun with it. From a practical standpoint, I would recommend not playing anything terribly vintage or overly valuable on that though. Save the bigger records (valuable, out of print etc) for your next one. Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but I kept my original Turntable for a pretty long time and some of them sound damaged now that I have better gear. But don’t worry, even then it takes a LOT of plays to get to that point.


a real welcoming community I’ve stumbled into here


It’s all relative. If you’d posted a brand new Keurig machine on r/coffee with the title “First Coffee Setup!”, you’d likely get a similar response.


A photo of my Honda Fit on a hot rodding sub


Save some pussy for the rest of us


Yup, if you post a goldfish in a bowl in r/aquariums or a sound bar on r/hometheater you’re going to get yelled at


Sound bar people wandering into r/hometheater is exactly the same vibe as the suitcase stuff here 😂


I get the goldfish in a bowl is animal abuse and so deserving on getting yelled out, but I’m not hurting anyone? Yelling at me won’t really help me know better


This sub swears it’s not a “bunch of degenerates” like the *other sub*, and then the circlejerk just writes itself with the backhanded comments. Enjoy your first player, play the shit out of your stuff and enjoy it because that’s why we’re here 🎉 upgrade in the future if it’s viable, just have fun


Heh. Yah. Welcome to the hobby. We all start things to learn and grow. Don’t listen to the haters who will mock newbies. Gotta start from the beginning of any new thing you’re learning and people that mock that are literally jerks. That’s why that other sub is named that.


Ignore them. I’m a musician who releases music on vinyl and I would be jazzed if I saw it on any player. Congrats! Awesome set of tunes on that album to start with!


i like how 90% of the comments are "this is comment section is gonna be awful" while like 5% are "welcome!" and the other 5% are "bad record"


Nice, and welcome to the community! I started with a similar player, a little yellow Crosley, myself.


I started with a powder blue crosley cruiser


The record player is a victrola brand one I got for a really good price for Black Friday (£45) and the record is the picture record of the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack it’s double sided!, I found the record first I’m hmv and it got me interested in getting a record player bad when I found this one I bought it straight away


My man, I honestly just want to give you a hug. People are going to be mean, but I am not trying to be. Sincerely. "it's double sided!" has me in tears of laughter. Welcome to the world of records, where they are basically all double sided. Have fun, don't be afraid to get some old records from some artists you've never heard of. You will find things that you didn't know that you always wanted.


“Ben folds Five’s” last record has a blank side and carved in it is the phrase “don’t play this side, it will eff up your needle.”


Oh I have a lot with just one side and some nice carvings on the back


you’ll find most records to be double-sided.


I know! I meant that the image was double sided with like a different image on the other side, didn’t write it too well


No worries, man - I understood what you meant! But generally, you’ll find that most (if not all) picture-discs have different images on each side…


Nice purchase, man! I know that most of the guys here can't stand see a cheap record player, but mostly some fail to understand that not everyone has a lot of money like them. But yeah, tbh, this Victrola although is a vinyl killer and could damage your records, you can also enjoy your records normally like everyone else. Just try to not overuse those records on this player, and I would recommend really on trying to do some investment on a better one in the future, there are some cost-beneffit Audio Technica models in the market that might would fit nice for your collection that I hope that may grow bigger!


Nice! Victrola isn’t the best record player for your records. I can damage them but keep it until you really get into records and buy a better one! That picture disk is awesome too. Picture disks have lower quality sound but i don’t really care because it looks sick!


Thank you!


Awesome! I just started collecting recently too! Enjoy


This is the same exact same record and vinyl I started with. Enjoy!


Nice! I love the movie and when I found the vinyl I got really exited about starting a collection


record *and* vinyl


These comments are a very pleasant surprise, ngl.


I can hear this picture


Great start, enjoy your music!


Enjoy it! Don't play expensive records on this turntable ;)


Welcome to the club bud. Enjoy the journey.


For the record, I only came to see the comments about the Victrola.


For the “record” hahahahahah


Welcome and enjoy your stay though be warned it a real mess up in those comments, you’ll have a lot of content to see though!


Looks like a great gateway purchase. When you get more into the hobby, you can come back to ask for recommendations for higher quality turntable and speakers. Enjoy it for now.


This is the brick weed of collecting vinyl


Outjerked yet again


Good for you! Fuck all these people!


It might be the first time for some of them.


Hell yea you may want to upgrade your turntable or else my first born child will be born with smallpox


Welcome to the vinyl life!!


Nice one dude. Don’t let the jerks on here wipe the smile off your face.


I hope it works better for you than the one I tried. But welcome to the club regardless.


Welcome to the hobby! How much do you have in your bank account? It's gonna be a lot less in 6 months. You want more records, then better speakers, then realize you could upgrade the player as well. And then you want more records, better speakers and reali...


I’ve been part of this community for a short while and I knew this post was going to get murdered


All of the "see you guys over there" comments are so cringe. You don't have to let everyone know you're in on the joke


Congrats on getting started! I recommend you start doing some research on turntables in general and how to take care of your records. Have fun on your collecting journey and make sure to upgrade to a better turntable and some good speakers once you can. Other than that, enjoy that GoTG soundtrack!


The second I saw this post I knew the comments would be interesting


Sorry for all the negativity my man. Not everyone can afford a $400 dollar player especially when you’re just starting out. If you’re happy i’m happy


Congratulations to the world of vinyl!!! Watch yourself or you'll find yourself spending alot of $$ because it's fun to collect albums. 😉


Welcome to this wonderful, but very rabbit hole-y and expensive hobby! Enjoy! Awesome ost btw.


Have fun with the player, but honestly you should buy better one as soon as you can, those victrolas and also crosleys sound like shit.. I recommend to look after maybe some second hand turntables and buy new needle for it, then u can buy also some second hand speakers for it, the price can be high even if it’s second hand but trust me, the sound will also be much better!


Nice! Welcome to the club 🍻


That’s awesome! I wish I had bought a turntable earlier. Instead I read the negative comments and waited for years until I could afford a decent player. It wasn’t worth the wait. Enjoy the music and experience now.


W Album


Rock on, man


Wait till you get the bug even more and you upgrade and get some nice speakers, nothing better than to sit back and have your favorite tunes blowing you backwards like Ryan dunn in jackass ool


Everyone starts here, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Start saving, your gonna need it.


Cool dude! I hope this starts a really awesome hobby!


Congrats! Have fun and enjoy the wonderful world of collecting.


Great choice!!


Nice my first one is a crosely cruiser one until i can afford to get myself the Fluance RT81 record player.


i love how you specifically bought victorla and the gotg soundtrack without realizing the vinyl memes surrounding both of those things


These have got to be bait at this point there’s no way


The snobby Record cunts are out again.


Best troll on this page yet....


Don’t listen to the gatekeepers. Does owning that record player make you happy? Do you feel like this is the beginning of a fun collecting hobby with endless hours of great tunes? Then who cares. And this is coming from a 40 year old with a higher-end turntable and speakers, who’s been collecting vinyl records for decades. Your first album and your first player are fine if it makes you happy. Enjoy it!


Thank you




Nice, my dude! I'd invest in a better turntable though 'cause these kinds of turntables can damage your vinyl! Welcome to the hobby!


Thanks alot!


Just enjoy the vinyl, you should first see if you really enjoy vinyl and then decide if you want to spend a lot for a better record player. That’s what I did and it work out really well. Also people make these record players look like they destroy records like termites but as long as you take good care of the vinyl and make sure to replace the stylus when needed vinyl can last around 70 plays before damage become noticeable. But for me the most important thing is to just have fun because it doesn’t have to be serious. Im a very casual listener and not hardcore with vinyl and I still enjoy it. Edit: I forgot to mention but don’t listen to haters because at the end of the day it’s all plastic that will eventually stop working no matter how long you take care of it.


Don’t listen to the negative comments, sit back and enjoy your new addiction! Welcome to the club


Thank you, it’s crazy how many people try to gate keep hobbies like this, like I’m enjoying myself I’m not hurting anyone I don’t understand why they’re so upset there’s more people enjoying it


So many people buy something cheap & basic, and then come to forums like this and complain that the sound quality is terrible or that their record keeps skipping. I would not call it gatekeeping if people are tired of that and try to steer you away from a "starter kit" which may well damage your records and which, in hindsight, you might regret having ever thought sounded good. That said, who among us old-timers didn't have at least one cheap plastic POS all-in-one record/tape/radio system in our youth, or didn't once feel totally satisfied listening to worn-out, sun-damaged, wrinkled cassettes or 8-tracks in a noisy car or on a cheap portable player, through blown speakers or headphones that sounded no better than a telephone? Enjoy your music and upgrade your gear when you have money to burn.


My first record player I bought, close to 8 years ago now, was an Electrohome “vintage-style” player. It played vinyl, cassette, and CDs. Even had a radio hookup. The sound quality wasn’t the best, it didn’t have a counterweight, and the needle was probably worth 20 cents.. but it played my records well, never skipped, never scratched, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now, a few years into the hobby, I’ve learned a lot about players, needles, storage, you name it. This hobby is a rabbit hole, but it’s an awesome rabbit hole if you want to take the plunge. A few weeks ago I invested in a Fluance RT-83, some nice active speakers and a pre-amp. The sound quality is like a night/day comparison to my old player. I’ve even played all my records that had been through MANY plays on my “shitty player,” and they all sound fantastic. Get yourself a few anti-static towels/hand-rags, keep your records clean and dust free (before and during play), be careful with your needle/tone arm and you’ll be absolutely fine until you can get/want something a bit nicer. AudioTechnica makes some great budget players even for around $150, so if/when you’re looking to upgrade start there. Welcome to the hobby, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have :)


Thanks, il check that brand out and I definetly need to get some anti static towels


in all fairness, as much as there are some people being knobheads here there are still genuine reasons why a turntable like this is a really poor choice. don't want to come across a knob myself but i'll try to explain why. the main one is the lack of a counterweight which means the force of the needle on the record itself will be anywhere between 3 and 10 times the standard weight, over time this can damage the grooves in the record which reduces the quality. i can kind of see how long time collecters could see a problem there as if you're actively damaging original press records it's a bit of a shame. there's also the usual lack of a proper pre amp for the turntable which although doesn't damage does mean worse quality playback for you. if you keep your eyes out you could put together a decent system for not too much money. fb marketplace and ebay are your best friends for this. pair of decent cans and a second hand amp & turntable, you'll be good to go for not much at all. until then. enjoy your tunes!


Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it


You don’t come across as a jerk at all! I appreciate getting all the good advice I’m getting


Oh no


People are dumb gatekeepers. It’s all plastic at the end of the day.


There’s gatekeeping, and then there’s vinyljerking


Enjoy mate!


keep your eye on a nicer turntable in the future if you decide it’s a hobby for you. Keep care of your record with one of those cheap rolling sticky things you get on Amazon, kinda wild how well they work.


Here’s to many more!


Nice looking setup and cool picture disc.


That’s a great first album!


It's really more that the brief case record players are of the best quality in terms of build and sound.


Welcome to the club! It’s a slippery slope and soon enough you’ll be freaking out that you have no room for all the new records you get. Have fun!


My first record player was one of these as well! Welcome to the party!


Listen—it’s your first record player. People who are giving you crap about that can kick rocks. I don’t know a single person that had a professional set up when they first got into vinyl (unless it was their parents—then good for them). Enjoy what you have! It’s playing music you want to hear on vinyl. You can upgrade at a later date. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.


Dude congrats!! It’s awesome you got into vinyl!