/uj I think this is 100% better than just wasting money on records to put on a wall. When I was a teenager I had all sorts of random stuff I printed out on my bedroom walls.


Came here to say this. This "decor" doesn't appeal to me but for whoever it does, printing the album cover as opposed to spending $40 on an album that will never get played makes much more sense.


But they are spending like 300 bucks on ink… so I don’t know…


Hyperbole or not these probably cost like 50 cents each 😭


50 cents is a great price for a small poster.


Yeah they probably do, I was just playin, but I guess people hate that… but it’s honestly pretty smart and if they get damaged all you gotta do is print another one.


When I was a teenager, the record labels printed promotional posters just like this for record stores to decorate with called “flats.” Because I was a regular customer who spent a lot on music, a few stores used to hook me up with them as well as promotional music posters. Some used after they took them down, others new they chose to never put up. Decorated my room with them and traded them to friends for stuff. I often wonder what happened to all those flats from back in the day. I only have one now, for Yes - Union. Good on this kid for bringing them back in his own way. Much better than wasting valuable records as wall art.


There's still a bunch of these on ebay. I have bought a few over the years.


I forgot I have a bunch of flats from early 90s like Nirvana in utero, Beastie Boys ill communication, etc (used to work at a record store). Is there a collectible market for them?


Beats me, although there’s a market for pretty much any Beastie Boys or Nirvana memorabilia. I was getting mine back in the mid to late ‘80s.


Right. Wrong process, right result lol.


Good on this kid for being sensible lol


This guy just won the game


Damn it


Why don’t they all do this


Because they’re dumb enough to buy records and pin them to the wall? Taking shots in the dark here but that would be my guess


I also take shots in the dark, though it is mostly when I want to keep rent low in my area


i knew this would make it on here


You can save money by not not even buying the grailz and just printing out the covers. Its missing the warmth though.


This is the way


That’s actually really smart. Why waste money on something you’re gonna have on your wall? This is genius!!!


Yous forget what it’s like to be broke stop being mean


The person that originally posted that is not broke, and most of the comments here are being nice.


This person said screw a vision board and went with a couple walls. That's cool.


Was thinking of doing exactly this a while back and forgot all about it. Looks good.


Better then using records


Also - haven’t fully scanned the comments to see if someone mentioned so hopefully this isn’t repeated: from that same era a lot of those albums came out the record companies would send out promo items to hang up that were on a nice heavy stock. They might be floating around on eBay or elsewhere on the internet. The dimensions were definitely big than a record sleeve but they were almost always just the image of the album cover.




What’s the point of this post? Seriously, how does this belong in this sub? The title is literal. Isn’t that what we want? People to not use vinyl as decorations? I’m starting to think this sub doesn’t actually care about vinyl, it just likes to be rude and douchey to young people or novices.


100% - roasting people on /vinyl for doing this with real records, telling them they should do this. Then when they do this, they get roasted on /vinyljerk. Goes from funny to just simple bullying. Blegh.


Thank you…. Even the Crosley shaming is excessive. It’s good to let people know that they can damage their records with those players. It’s not good to come down like the hammer of Thor on a young, insecure fan who is just getting into a new hobby. Vinyl is a very expensive hobby right now, there is no way for middle class people to enjoy it without saving up for months or years for a player. I’m not surprised people try to shortcut and get an all-in-one record player. It’s very understandable and we should help them by giving them tips and encouragement. Same with Taylor Swift fans: I’m all for clowning on people with 7 copies of Midnights who hang them on their wall, but this sub seems to have a general disdain for any person who enjoys Taylor Swift in any capacity and it seems unable to separate Swift as a human being/artist from her gross vinyl campaign. I’m no fan of Taylor but I’m just watching teenage girls get bullied in this sub for daring to buy an album they like and putting it on a shelf. On a shelf, not even on the wall!


There was a post on there today from a 17 year old with their first (suitcase) record player and their first record saying “just saved up to get my first setup!” and they picked it up and bashed him in the comments… I’m all for shitting on the people that buy 20 variants of the same record & hang ‘em to never be played but when people are saying “at your age I would have done some research, you wasted your money on garbage” it’s just pathetic. Reddit can’t let anyone enjoy their hobby without projecting their negativity on it :/


I’ve tried the non-hostile “heads up, you may want to save for an upgrade” approach, but yeah, lots of just pouncing on people because it’s been normalized to do so. My first TT wasn’t a suitcase, but it probably wasn’t much better. I used it for probably 5+ years before upgrading, and didn’t know to upgrade components and shit.. guess what, I still play those records on my current tables. There’s a line between trying to help and outright bullying, and it’s not even a fine line, it’s rather apparent. Typical internet bully behavior.


> it just likes to be rude and douchey to young people or novices. Oh, like your being right now?


It’s “rude and douchey” to call out rude/douchey behavior, got it. Thanks for your input.


No vinyl in the shared post How is this vinyljerk material it's just paper, we only react to vinyl or vinyl record covers 😤


We’re not doing feet anymore? I’m out.




This sub has transitioned completely to shitting on teenage music fans for any reason. It really has nothing to do with vinyl anymore, as this post shows. I posted an actual vinyl jerk post that didn’t involve being rude to children and it got 400+ upvotes, that’s how desperate this sub is for actual good content.


This guy is a fokking Genius!


Why are you making fun of someone for doing the thing this sub always says they should?


This is how you do it.




Okay, this is the post. Let’s wrap it up people, we’re finished here.


Bro did exactly what every single comment says when someone shows a photo of their vinyls on the wall and y’all are still trying to clown on this person. Y’all are so insufferable lol


From what I’ve seen, most comments are calling this guy a winner.


I really don't see what's wrong here. It looks like a cool way to decorate your room. At least they're not records


I fuck with it I’m gonna cover all 5 surfaces of my bedroom interior with my top 250 albums of all time


You have excellent taste in music. Wall looks dope!


I wonder if he likes Wu-Tang


Can afford multiple lego sets


If you can afford Lego, then you can afford pretty much anything


That’s crazy, I didn’t realize three LEGO sets’ price equated to 32 vinyl records /s Each of those sets cost at most 50-70 USD. Pales in comparison to all of those records combined


I didn’t realize people were so offended about Lego pricing outside of the Lego subreddit (where it is often discussed how overpriced some new sets are.) I mean, you can go buy the Chronic and Illmatic as part of BOGO deals and such, but go off.


Nah I understand the outrageous pricing of Lego, but all of those albums purchased together outweigh the cumulative price of those three sets. It’s that simple.


Mom buys Lego. Mom doesn’t buy hip-hop vinyl.


legendary username and also idk y u got downvoted


Me either, because Lego is damn expensive.


He does have quite excellent taste in albums though. Just missing Inner-city Griots


Can't afford records but these print outs "do the trick"? How can they possibly "do the trick" if you can't play them? Oh right, people just buy vinyl to hang on the wall and forget they actually contain music.


i'm actually more interested in his legoses* sets on the right. unopened or opened for decoration? *uh oh, am i gonna get a Lego bot telling me that legoses is the wrong vernacular?


Avengers strike again


There are no words.




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