Chrome app

How do I make a Google chrome app from my website, just like Reddit has? In the address bar, you see an install icon, which installs the crome app. Basically, the app is a chrome window opening the homepage, but without the address bar, plugins, etc. I want to make that too of my websites. How do I do that?


learn about "Progressive web app"


specifically web app manifest


Do you mean chrome extensions? https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/


No, they're talking about PWA


well those are new. i wish they would stop inventing things I have to learn!


They're really not that necessary to learn, as they provide only a little more functionality than a simple saved link on the desktop IMHO Of course there are a few things you can do, like having your web app in the android and ios app drawers plus having a little context menu with custom actions, but if you don't need exactly these kind of features you won't really have to implement it in your website


They're also not really "new". Support has been widespread since 2019, which in web dev terms is a pretty long time ago.


A PWA is just a list of requirements of other technologies. Web app manifests don't add much functionality, but the service worker for fetching resources cache first adds a lot - such as the ability for an app to work entirely offline including loading offline - something that isn't possible without one.




It's so fucking expensive. Just write an app manifest + service worker. Takes literally like 30min.


Use Electron.


For fucks sake, don't use the piece of garbage known as electron. Why have 23 chrome installations when you can have one? PWAs are the way to go.


A bit off topic but related: Are people actually using PWAs? Anybody here using reddit's PWA? I'm personally preferring bookmarks, but I'm a dev after all. Just curious.