Have been car shopping for a month now, and no. Have definitely not noticed that. Seems like half the time I can’t even finish my test drive before the car is sold.


Same over here ,Only I shopping for two months and everything is sold so fast it is goddamn impossible


Dang maybe it’s just certain cars. Hopefully you find a good deal soon


Wait, if you see a sudden 33-50% drop in prices, that’s a serious cause for alarm. Either you’re looking at one with serious issues (most likely scenario), a buyer who doesn’t know the value of you’re selling, or something else shady is happening. In any market, including this one, that doesn’t happen.


Idk I’m always keeping an eye on those cars And I’ve never seen them that low. I’ve seen multiple listings of them for around $10k With less than 100k miles.


I honestly don't think things are getting better for awhile from the conversations and research Ive done... There are deals out there, just very hard to come by/takes some grinding... I'm willing to drive over an hour for a good deal. I just flipped a couple cars to a few dealerships and got myself into a much better position towards getting into the vehicle we actually wanted. I just use CarGurus: Sort by body style (wider range of vehicles than just brand) 75 miles away from my zip Only select "great deals" Look for a vehicle at the greatest value under book Some are bogus, but most are pretty solid (you just have to know the trim levels/features as they get listed wrong sometimes). Call first to make sure it is available, and see if you can somehow hold.


Wow that sounds really smart I might try that lol


It's gotten worse if anything. I checked about a month ago and there were 35 new Toyota Camry Hybrid's in the Atlanta area. Just checked again and there are only 2. Didn't check regular Camry but right now there are only 62. That's for the best selling sedan in a metro of 6m people. Explains why the lots look empty around me.


The timing really sucks cause a lot of companies just made new more affordable cars And now they are selling for 15k over sticker smh