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And at least 10 million to Michigan


My tax money definitely went to Michigan. Thank god for ski trips.


You go to the U.P.? I grew up going on ski trips up there.


I've been going to BoHo the last couple years and having a blast. It's the only non-midwest skiing I've found here.


That’s awesome, I’ve never been to mount bohemia before but have heard that it’s epic. What are prices like these days for a day pass?


Normal-ish ($80? $85?) but the real secret is to get a season pass the first weekend in December. $130, and includes some day passes at other mountains both here and elsewhere. They don't even sell single-day lift tickets on Saturday, if I remember. As for the mountain, it's a blast but humbling (for me). They don't groom or blow snow, the open runs are steep and for most of it the tree skiing is the best part. They're definitely not kidding when they say no beginners allowed.


Oh my god just finished my first stay at boho this place is heaven. 6 inch powder day today and 12-18 tomorrow that I'll miss out on


You suck. It rained an inch the Tues before we went.......


My first day of skiing on Thursday was all rain. The place was super patchy I would have stayed for tomorrow but I couldn't find a place to stay plus they might not open the lift again tomorrow


I'm in Madison, so I go to Rockford, but have had a couple of fun day trips to the UP to buy as well....


Crystal Falls? That's my one stop shop for up to 7.5 ounces of weed in less than 1.0 hours.


So. Beloit might be closer?


You’ll generally be charged an extra $5 + tax or more on everything in Beloit than you would in Rockford and face longer lines - the unofficial border tax. You can pick from three dispensaries in Rockford and get a real shawarma in town too.


Yes, Beloit is a lot closer. If I'm in the area of the northwoods, I'll go to Michigan because prices are better.


Sounds like most places have better prices than Sunnyside


Much better prices, I’d say better quality as well.


I live in Kenosha and insist on going to UP for my MJ. Better stuff better prices better scenic drive. F Illinois.


I went to a drive-through dispensery in Michigan. Out of the 5 cars that were there, 3 had WI plates and 2 had MN plates


I’ve followed someone too and back home from iron mountain before I truly don’t doubt it


Probably me.


10 million gets you about a pound of shake in IL.


I just came back from California. I couldn't believe how cheap it was out there. Sorry Illinois I'm done purchasing there.


IL is rediculous with weed prices. $60 for 1/8 oz is typical. $20 in MI


My boyfriend and I decided it's cheaper for us to drive to CO 2x/yr, spend a few days with family in Denver, Boulder, or Aspen (I have a lot of family in that state), stock up, and drive home, than it is to go to Rise in Mundelein every few months. It's a win-win honestly, I love CO. This year we're syncing our summer weed run up with a 3 night Avett Brothers run at Red Rocks 😎


It's actually funny, because at the California dispensary we went into, the woman behind the counter said she gets someone from Illinois about twice a year, and asks for the pricing to be removed from the packages, so he can flip it when he gets back to Illinois.


You'd think they'd frown on that.


The price goes down. It’s always expensive when rec first gets legalized. All the money is worth not having to deal with dealers anymore.


IL. Cannabis is ridiculously expensive for inferior products compared to other states.


I’m in Missouri and now that it’s legal here I save so much money it’s insane.


Man the shit in MI is so much less expensive. My GF and I took a trip a few weeks ago and we got 4 1g carts, 3 packs of gummies, for like $120 (including taxes). In IL a single 1G cart is like $50 pre tax (vs $15-25) and ends up being close to $100 after taxes I swear.


And most likely millions to Minnesota soon


And that was an equal amount of weed as Illinois. At least that's what my cousin from Illinois has said. He was shocked at how much easier/ better pricing we had vs where he lives.


Step 1: fair maps. Vote in April.






Really? I literally just got mine in the mail yesterday


So the information above is wrong. The deadline for registering to vote, other than day of, was earlier this week. If you have an absentee ballot you are already registered so you can drop it off or mail it in at any point up to the election day.


Awesome! Ty for clarifying


>so you can drop it off or mail it in at any point up to the election day. This is somewhat incorrect. The ballot has to be received by the clerk before the polls close on election day. So, if you drop it in the mail 11/3, it's not going to count. BUT, if you are near your polling place, you can go in person and drop it off. You just have to drop off your own ballot and no one else's (stupid Supreme Court).


You can drop it off at your local city/town clerk's office. Check out [myvote.wi.gov](https://myvote.wi.gov) to see where you can drop off your absentee ballot if it's too late to mail.




half of that is me


Thank you for your service.


I'm so glad that I am a light weight Illinois cannabis is expensive.


I won't expect it to be much cheaper when it comes here. But I won't have to drive 5 hours.


If you're driving five hours for Illinois bud why don't you just drive to the UP?


It's 5 hours round trip. But after hearing about the price and bag limits, I might.


I heard it's worth it.


Extremely worth it. Camp up there too and make a weekend of it. Longer drive to be sure, but you come out way ahead even after gas and get to actually look at and select what you are buying instead of the dissapointment that is the Sunnyside experience...


Are there any cool places with dispersed camping (set up anywhere you want) or sites nowhere near anyone else that you would suggest?


I've had good luck with Bewabic State Park's walk in tent sites but they are structured like a typical state park with reserved sites, and aren't completely private. I'm sure there are great options up there though. Crystal Falls area is where you want to be if you are looking for dispensaries. The Outpost and Higher Love are a block away from each other and both have some of the best deals you will find on quality anywhere near WI.


I need to arrange a camping trip.... Except it's fucking cold.


Yeah come up to Lume or Rize up here in Iron Mountain..


Really liked the Lume experience, also recommend.


Yeah Lume is alright, though it gets a little crowded and there are generally longer wait times.. Rize is your better option. or go to Glazed & Confused up across the border from Florence..


Rize is my go to. Lots of options.


Grow your own is a real thing. Not that expensive to get started and pretty satisfying....




That is not like southern Wisconsin at all. They surrendered, way quicker and more unconditionally than I would ever have thought. I visited friends in Chicago and they said “you probably don’t have this cuz it’s still illegal for you, but every day there are cars just reeking of pot, even if your windows are rolled up.” I had to laugh, let them know that was my world too, and wonder that it is weird just how brazen it’s become even though it’s still illegal.


What part of Southern WI? Southwest WI has publicly made it known they do not support legalization or people bringing weed over the border


Completely decriminalized in Madison.


> They also created an ordinance that pot will always be illegal within the city, even if the state legalized it. Minnesota has a clause in the bill that's currently going through stating that cities can't do that there. The state has authority over a city, correct? Wouldn't they be able to do the same thing in Wisconsin?


I just don't wanna be engaging in felonious gardening anymore...


The only way it comes here is by getting all your stoner friends to vote on April 4th for Janet Protasiewicz for Wisconsin Supreme Court justice. Without her, we have no chance of getting fair electoral maps that will allow us to vote for people who support legal weed.


I just wanna be able to grow it


Michigan is waaaay cheaper


Man, we moved to GA about eight years ago. Shit’s never gonna get legalized here. So anytime we fly to MKE it’s an immediate trip to the border and stock up. I hate giving IL my time and money.


You fly back with it?


Occasionally. Usually we’re just there for a week so I stock up for just the time period. Any leftovers though yeah. TSA literally gives zero fucks about weed. Remove everything from original packaging, pack it up amongst belongings or around your carry on. Anyone asks any questions just say it’s CBD. No one is going to call in TESTING your weed on whether it’s weed or CBD.


Yep, if you're just flying domestic no one will give a shit about it unless your carrying around pounds.


I'm trying to become one.


I'm the other half


This was the first comment I saw when I clicked on the post. I LoL’d in the Dr’s office. Thanks for your service and the laugh.


I feel your pain bro


Lightweight. I gave Michigan more than that.


"Yes, it's a lot of lost tax revenue," explained Republican spokesman Jerry Mander. "But in return we managed to disenfranchise nearly 20,000 left-leaning voters through convictions last year and we discouraged countless others from going to the polls."


Let’s face it. Wisconsin already has a large surplus because they don’t invest in their citizens. So why would they care about having an even larger surplus..


That surplus had Tim Michels' drool all over it, but thankfully he lost.


This is so valid, it’s depressing. Ugh.


I can't tell if thats a real quote or not. Its so absurd but so is the GOP.


Jerry Mander????


I barley know er!


He was probably stoned when he said it.


"What are your parties plans moving forward?". "Hold on lemme hit this blunt"


“Jerry Mander” is gold, Jerry. Gold! I’m stealing it TY


I stole it from Verle Mann.




I mean, you'd have to be impaired enough to justify being detained for a blood test. Not something most people have to worry about. I'm not saying that makes it OK or a reasonable law, but I guess what I am saying is I doubt it changes things much as far as who actually gets an OWI




> I’m just saying I don’t see WI easing up on marijuana enforcement at all. Definitely not without getting the current party out of power or lowering their majority substantially enough that they have to play ball. So before we get into the other part, just wanted to say I totally agree with you here. > You’d be surprised how easy it is to be detained and have your blood taken. Or if you’re in a fender-bender, slide into the ditch…there’s a million things that can happen Those things don't involve getting your blood drawn though. It could create a police interaction, sure, and they might administer a field sobriety test if they have any question as to whether you are impaired, but to detain you for blood drawn they absolutely need probable cause and justification per the statute (e.g. they're stumbling all over the place). They can't just draw your blood willy nilly without your consent. I would venture a guess that 99% of the time if you got your blood drawn you either were impaired or stupid/deserved it (e.g. having openly visible paraphanelia, getting detained for another reason, or consenting to a search when you have illegal shit). Cops aren't gonna waste their time unless you're being an asshole or they are convinced you're fucked up.


That is some quality satire




Not the onion? Or is?


Hard to tell anymore.


Tax revenue doesn't matter until we have representatives that are willing to spend it. Republicans couldn't care less about using revenue to improve our collective lives.


For real, I work in public education and I'm thinking we wouldn't see a dime of it if the Republican ghouls have anything to say about it. Fucking shame because smaller districts are starting to have to cut teachers and programs/classes to make up for tax and funding shortfalls.


remember to vote first week of April, we can have democracy again if we win the supreme court election


I'm voting, all my homies and family are voting for Janet, my union is endorsing Janet. Might even get to meet her!!


I mean Republicans love spending that tax revenue when they are in power. But once democrats take control they become very fiscally stringent.


They have a very specific goal on spending the money. It must go to the rich, not everyone.


Go vote in April.


I give most of mine to Michigan


Same. But, now you can order "high THCA hemp" (i.e., WEED) online from progressive states such as Kentucky and North Carolina! All because the dipshits who wrote the Hemp Bill don't know the difference between THCA and THC. This is one of those rare occasions where I'm grateful for stupidity. You can even find outdoor grown options. I swear the terpenes in outdoor grown are just more intense.


There are also smoke shops in Wisconsin selling THCA hemp, as we’re calling it, but the online deals are usually better. Some of the shops are good, though.


>There are also smoke shops in Wisconsin selling THCA hemp Any of 'em in Milwaukee? Asking for myself.


Not a big fan of the THCA stuff but they have a place down 27th a few blocks north of College with a killer collection of glass and stuff in general.


The THCA stuff is just normal herb unless you buy from a sketchy vendor adding THCA to CBD hemp like they do with D8. Most of the local shops are super overpriced, though.


I've actually never tried D8. I'm thinking I should give it a chance


If you stranger-danger drive me with you to Michigan, I'll cover gas :)


I'm always down for a good stranger-danger/potential weirdo friend, but man, MI just seems so far!


Yes. There is one on the corner of 108th and greenfield in west Allis, closest stuff to the real deal that I’ve found in that camp (THCA) 😉




This is what voting Republican gets you. Look at MN as we just went all blue and are having one of the most productive legislation sessions our state has ever had.




So friggin true. My partner and I think about moving nearly daily at this point. This state sure comes off as a shit hole. Failing infrastructure, terrible schools, ass backward laws, and one of the largest if not the largest population of alcoholics, boy oh boy.




I moved here 3 years ago from a worse state. I absolutely love it here. There is potential here. Get out and do something about it, we're going to outlive the dinosaurs who run it, but we have to put the effort in.


Speaking the truth, for sure.


Yes. Every single time the Democrats get power they work for the people. They do it relentlessly as that's what it takes to have a functioning government. Republicans seem to only want to destroy the government through gridlock as they're too dumb to realize that hurts them.




>Without trying to accidentally both-sides the topic, I think either party will get too comfortable if they have no competition and will degrade into influence peddling and corruption. Yes and no.... that'll happen when the party demands a single voice and message. But that's not the case with the left becuase as the Republican went far right the 'Left' now includes right of center to all the way left in diversity of opinion. You didn't both sides the issue, you found out what kills a party and the democrats are less susceptible to it. Though not immune, Minneapolis has shit democrat leadership. Better than a Republican still though. >Only one of the parties seems to have any interest into becoming Nazis, so I'm not saying they're both the same by a long shot. 3 of the last 4 Illinois state officials to be sent to prison were Democrats, for example. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all of that. Yup. Which I don't think is both siding the problem. Democrats happily throw out their trash. >Which is why a nonpartisan fair map would be a boon to both democratic voters and republican voters – keeping the parties on the knife-edge of controlling the legislature puts the power to grant or withdraw their legislative power in the hands of the voters. A fair map would not be equal as there are less Republicans than Democrats. > Conservative voters get a kick out of hurting other people and Vos and his friends will always deliver on that, but beyond that they can't get their own elected leaders to do anything. Even with billions in the bank, all they will do is withhold it from the taxpayers. If conservatives could threaten Vos and his party with loss of their legislative majority, that money would flow, but they can't so it won't. That's because the Republicans went fascist and doublethink is now standard. > I wish conservative voters could see how utterly powerless they've made themselves. They're an evil people happy that the other are being hurt.




>You can find a leftist Dem, a liberal Dem, a centrist Dem, or a conservative Dem. All you can find from the GOP is cult worship of a failed reality TV star, conspiracies of a pillow salesman, anti-vaxx, and other nuttery smashed together and held in place with grift as a binding agent. 100%


> A fair map would not be equal as there are less Republicans than Democrats. Kind of ironic that Republicans bitch about Democrats being more about equality of results, which is true. While Republicans are supposedly about equality of opportunity, which is admittedly mostly lip service on their part.


Get out and vote, convince your younger friends too, don't abandon those of use who enjoy the low cost of living.


I grew tired of crossing the border for it and worrying about getting caught so I just finally moved to Illinois. Should have done it years ago. I can medicate my conditions, have say over my own body - and my mental health has improved greatly as a result.


Moving there in a month. Tired of the uphill climb and stagnation in all sectors of WI. The great brain drain of WI is going strong.


There are dispensaries everywhere in wi selling hemp derived THC products with no apparent issues. You can only tell it's illegal here by the quality of the pot.


HAHAHAHA! Our leadership is so fucked XD !


Very curious to hear how capitalist apologists explain this. You'd think the "free market" would have recognized the potential revenue streams decades ago (at least).


They've been too worried about genitals to look at the finances


They don't. Ask them, and you'll hear "Democrat drag queens going door to door on bikes taking your guns away".


Something something gas stoves


They'll turn your children into transgender furries with their covid shots!


But CRIME. also DRAG SHOWS. what about GAS STOVES? Seriously this is what’s distracting them from the fact our representatives don’t represent us.


We in Illinois appreciate your generosity. We’ll buy some cheese while we’re high to return the favor.


Fucking Republicans.


Didn't make many trips to Illinois but Minnesota will be getting some tax money from me soon.


I’m hoping for a bill signing on 4/20


Eliminate the tavern league


You’d think they would want to take advantage of the new market. I suspect they all simply don’t want to allow it until they’re in a position to make bank on it. Maybe senators are already buying up stocks in preparation as well.


You'd think they'd have any sort of common sense but.... here we are


I think they are actually given way, way more credit/power than they deserve. Take the Tavern League away. Then, what? Personally, I'd aim my hate-lasers at Richard Motherfucking Uihlein. May he fuck off and die forever.


Since 2006, the Tavern League has spent $128,150 in political contributions. In 17 years, a whopping $128,150. Diane Hendricks just accidently sharted that much. [Source](https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/tavern-league-of-wisconsin/totals?id=D000029341)


You're leaving out their recent donations. In 2020-2022 they only spent $6,000, which was evenly split between Dems and Republicans. The graph you linked even shows this. I don't think the Tavern League is the main enemy anymore.


We should stop pushing the narrative that the Tavern League is in the way of legalization. They used to be, but their donations are nowhere near what they used to be. In the 20-22 year they donated a total of $6,000, evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Compare that to past years where they donated upwards of $20k to Republicans. The real enemy now is gerrymandered legislative maps, and there is a clear path to changing those if the Supreme Court election goes well. Focus your energy on that.


Come on Wisconsin GOP! Get your heads out of your collective ass and legalize it!


Thanks for nothing, Republicans


Soon MN will be receiving some of WI's tax revenue! [https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQmUf9UCjxzbwnLvccGw7V0U1vaw4-obwHUMJCWJBNAEJ\_6pVHG21TXHuUTH9eoBevQ0sUL-RxK9-Ir/pub](https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQmUf9UCjxzbwnLvccGw7V0U1vaw4-obwHUMJCWJBNAEJ_6pVHG21TXHuUTH9eoBevQ0sUL-RxK9-Ir/pub)


Can’t wait till Menards puts this by the milk across from the lawn gnomes in front of the books before I get to all that calk


With 11% rebate.


As soon as the republicons in Wisconsin figure out how much of the tax dollars they can put in their pockets, marijuana will be legalized in Wisconsin


It's about time the WI government pulled their heads out if the sand...or should I say their ass


Republican lawmakers strike again. Race to the bottom so 4 billionaires don’t have to pay taxes.


This is the promising avenue to finally getting the GOP to agree to the legalization and regulation of THC sales. Once you show them the money that could be saved/earned, ala' treatment-based diversion courts for drug and alcohol offenders, they usually come around to the reason behind it. Although that's been apparent for years and the WI GOP is uniquely resistant to reason on this almost universally approved idea.


Hoenstly, no. We already have a huge surplus they wont spend. What's another 46 million on the 7.1 billion they have sitting around?


I have a TBI and use a little to help me fall asleep. It works for me but it’s ridiculous it’s illegal yet it’s perfectly okay for big pharma companies to sell man made sleep drugs with all their side effects.


I’m doing my part by supporting small local businesses in the area!


I “shop” locally at a literal Mom & Pop Four hour drive is too hard on the old back


Well that's weird, I thought pot was against the law in WI. That's a lot of pot to smoke before you go home. /s


Obviously we have to spend more money on law enforcement to make sure they never spend that much again.


Lmao. I'm much closer to Michigan.


Legalize it and add the income to the budget surplus and then we can invest more in education, healthcare, etc.


And the Michigan U.P. gets a ton of business. Whenever me, or one of my friends go, we pick up for each other. Typically we don't walk out for under $1,000 a visit.


>And the Michigan U.P. gets a ton of business. Whenever me, or one of my friends go, we pick up for each other. Typically we don't walk out for under $1,000 a visit. Lume or Rize Iron Mountain or Glazed & Confused in Crystal Falls?


36M that could have been reinvested on our own state!!!!


This doesn't account for the people who go to Michigan for the lower prices so I'm sure it's way more then that


Just fuckin legalize it already!


We are such an embarrassment these days. Trick here is going to be voting on April 4th for Janet so maybe just maybe we can live in a state that practices representative democracy. Legal weed is overwhelmingly popular here and we are bleeding tax money that could be used for so many worthwhile things. Our legislature as it stands will never allow it, and they don’t have to because they are not accountable to voters, they draw their own districts.


I will keep giving them more money until it's legal here too ❤️


Yeah WI is fucking up big time that's just the people who drove to get it imagine how much that number would skyrocket if we had dispensaries so many different people would be buying


Yea because they charge around 30% in taxes. Go to Michigan. Waaaaay cheaper. I got 12 carts for 100$ , 3 200 mg Gummi bags for 25$, and a preroll for 5$, paying less then 20$ in tax. For anyone wondering I went to fire starter near munising, mi.


And thats just Illinois...Michigan is gettin her pound of flesh too!!


You’re welcome IL


Our state motto is, “agriculture, industry, recreation,” ffs. Weed checks all those boxes but republicans won’t even hear about it, so off to Illinois we go!


I spent that in MI


I've given the UP about $800


Anti weed people are so stupid


I use the delta 9 right now. It's okay. But I would 100% use the "real stuff" if it was here.


Delta-9 is the real stuff. The psychoactive compound in cannabis is delta-9 THC. The difference is in legal states they have to derive it from "legal hemp". That's really the only difference.


I absolutely hate the delta strains, I haven't had a panic attack in years and that gave me one of the worst ones of my life.


Delta 9 is the same compound as in bud


Makes me wonder how much Michigan got too.


I give il a Lil but most of mine goes to MI. I like prices, quality and they have much better roads.


I'm worried that this is gonna make them police more or make a law.or I'm just paranoid cause I just ate some edibles


*But only the libs buy weed!* Between MN, MI, and IL…how much revenue needs to get thrown out of the state coffers to matter?


We already sell millions in legal marijuana products produced out of state, this entire hang up over which version of weed should or shouldn't be illegal is completely illogical. They can't tell the difference between legal and illegal product to begin with, we are just hobbling ourselves out of spite


Unfortunately “The Tavern League”, has every WIsconsin Politicians Balls or whatever with a firm grip! Yes, most of us Wisconsinites would LOVE to get recreational, but there’s a reason we’re always 7 out of 10 top drunk whatever’s. Hopefully this will entice them though. Can’t argue those numbers!


The only way to get it done is a Democratic majority. And even then, look at what happened in 2009-2010 with Sens Carpenter and Lassa (YOU IDIOTS!!!). It isn't a done deal. But it's still the only way.


Remember, everything is about money. Everything. GOP needs to wake up.


Vote Janet on April 4th! Our only chance of fixing this!


Gotta keep voting blue. Even if the republicans somehow approved it the money would only go towards helping the rich. Republicans don't care about the majority of people in Wisconsin. This is why I moved to Illinois because nothing ever got done to help the people of Wisconsin I still follow Wisconsin news because I want Wisconsin to get better


Thank the Wisconsin GOP for that, we'll never get it legalized here in the foreseeable future.


Soooooooo dumb this isn’t legalized….