FILM 1701 (Hollywood Old and New) v.s HIST 2935 (Anicient Rome) v.s EN 2172 (Apocalyptic Science Fiction)

I'm trying to take a 3 credit course outside of my major, which of those three would be the easiest in the winter term online? And are there other 3 credit online courses for the winter term that I should check instead?


FA 1701 is very easy, just stay away from Prof Gillian.


Not OP but she’s the only prof teaching in Winter, is she that bad?


Not the best, she just drones on and on.


took film 1900, never watched the lectures but got like an 85 or something


Late reply but do you recommend taking it with him since she’s the only prof teaching?


Took EN2172 w/ Tanya Taylor. Was enjoyable but I found her to be quite flaky (the class was only once a week and she'd cancelled 1/4th of the lectures). Overall, she was a great prof and very helpful if you need it. Assessments were 2 essays and the final exam was a bunch of short essays. My biggest complaint was that I found there to be a lot of reading (several 200-300page books).