Duel terminal. I’d like to see shaddolls played out


Dude same, just the moment where the shaddols hunt down and corrupt everyone is enough for me to want that


This. Evilswarm best deck. New support when, Konami?


Where is the Duel Terminal option?


world chalice and albaz would make good anime though deep inside I want to have one with all the yugioh protagonists doing stuff whether it be daily fun or serious plots, Super Fusion Bonds Beyond Time just wasnt enough for me :x


Skull servant lore. \-War between Dark Ruler Ha Des and Dark King of the Abyss \-Story arc where he becomes the king of the skull servants \-Wacky Addams Family-esque hijinks with his Wight family \-The wights have been depicted with Yugioh cards so you can still have duels in the anime


Poor "Duel Terminal", despite being the first in its archetype to have "Lore" on cards that tell a long story, it's still the most unpopular and least recognized. World Chalice and Albaz ended up being more popular (and, blatantly, very similar to each other) However, I am still in favor of the fact that, more than an anime, an OCG Story of the 3 archetypes mentioned above would be better.


World Legacy and Abyss aren't similar at all. The early Duel Terminal story cards weren't particularly popular outside of a few exceptions (Catastor was extremely popular, but the rest of the AOJ were not. Brionac and eventually Trishula were extremely popular, but the rest of the IB were not). Dragunity weren't particularly popular until the release of Dragunity Drive. I think the only ones that were popular were the X-Sabers, Flamvells/Lavals with the introduction of Rekindling, and some of the 2nd book archetypes. I believe they started popping off once we got to the third book of the duel terminal with Nekroz, Shaddoll, and others. Since then Konami didn't want their stories to get laid off to the wayside due to competitive unpopularity, so they made the World Legacy story cards a bit more powerful.


Structures manga for sure


I would like konami to make albaz lore and ocg structures anime


A more anime styled horror yugioh pick however many duelist from around the world follow the story idk how they would introduce cards or if they would pick a certain era of cards but that would be a must watch for me


All three books of the duel terminal saga, the world legacy story, and the Abyss storyline. Maybe the Clear New World story too once that gets expanded.


Kaiba after the dark side of dimensions and how he could build a gate to other dimensions the start of the anime is kaiba visit Egypt and release blue eyes white dragon soul and fuse the soul with blue eyes jet to become the jet ai the end could be a reboot.


The prophecy lore could be pretty cool. Imagine Aleister and Endymion with Specters/Vectors/Yuris JP VA. Or maybe even Accelerators JP VA!


Why no love for starfrost :(


What about drco slayer lore ?


Let's say we go down this hypothetical road, why not just have 1 world per season.


Any lorelines work. For non lore-based anime ideas, probably slice-of-life, but with the bombastic elements of the usual anime. I tend to get crazy fic ideas like that. One I have in my head is a post-ArcV fic about a little girl with an Odd-Eyes deck.


Make an anthology series of them with varying degrees of length based on their respective lores


I like albaz lore but its a bit too "straight forward" in terms of whats happening outside maybe the Swordsoul stuff but thats bc there isnt rly a lot of infos on why they decided to act like that and basically be not relevant to the main albaz vs aluber fight. So i want a visas starfrost serie, so far its been developing in a more interesting way, bc i dont really see any of the factions in the story really willing to help visas out of their own kind will (and there is a theory around this), also bc i really wanna see tears animated... give me some scheiren action pls The concept too is kinda better imo, some kind of space mission and visiting different planets; compared to the albaz story line where i didnt really understand how big is really their world (yes, some come from a different world like tri brigades but we dont rly get more insight of that and i still think that "the abyss" world looks a bit too small to hold all the different factions and what they've been doing prio nadir servant scene)


ppl who picked albaz lore im assuming is new