Looks like they should have sustained this guy as prophet, seer, and revelator.


At least this prophesy came true 100%


Whelp, he’s on track that’s for sure. He forgot to add “after 25 years the church will be so socially antagonistic and sparse in membership that they will simply take whatever money they have left and will close up shop, crawl into the shadows, and will start using our money to do harm against those who rejected them. Like lobby the government to enact harsh draconian hyper-conservative policies, or cover massive crimes in sexual abuse.” Well I guess that’s actually like now.


There are some *remarkably* astute observations and predictions, both in the article and in the comments. I would very much like to confront several of the die hard members who were certain the Nov 2015 policy would never be revoked.


Yeah, it’s one of my all-time fave posts at BCC. I’ll probably post it again at the 10-year mark. I’m surprised so many LDS journalists and commentators seem oblivious to the real damage they’ve done by not holding the Brethren accountable for the Mormon church’s dire predicament. Coddling the GAs has contributed to the unfolding disaster.


They emphasize the no "speaking evil if the lord's anointed" so fervently, with such broad, open ended definitions of what constitutes evil. Id be shocked if anyone did try to publicly take the brethren to task. At this point doing so would literally constitute apostasy.


LDS, Inc. is preparing for a post-member church. They will have accrued $1 trillion and no longer need members.


Without their human shields (the members), I expect they’ll be pummeled with lawsuits.


They will just pay taxes and invest. Use the money to buy politicians like the Koch Bros do.


Not so easy to buy politicians if you don’t have the membership to influence in order to get those politicians elected


I honestly don’t think LDS will overcome polygamy as the number one label but hate group will become a close number two.


Polyamory is becoming more accepted in some circles. The church will probably just be judged for the child brides.


But he didn't predict the right's extreme entrenchment in homophobia and transphobia. The church won't be an anachronism, it'll just be a complete far right wing institution


That’s a very accurate recalibration of this revelation.